QNET review focuses on the production process of aspIRe magazine

Prominent network marketing company, QNET, is known for its unique product lines and effective offerings. It also educates people on the potential of this profession in a novel and interesting way. One of them is its magazine, aspIRe. It contains different kinds of write-ups and increases awareness on the lucrative opportunities offered in this profession. Reading this magazine is a great experience but understanding the production process is fascinating, too.

It all begins with the brainstorming sessions. People from all departments gather to discuss ideas for themes, content, designs and other aspects. These sessions are quite exciting as teammates come up with some of the most unique and unconventional ideas.  Ms Sheena Flannery, Editor-in-Chief says, “The creative sessions are fun. It’s exciting because it really could go in any direction.”  I have come across a QNET review in which the writer had praised the interesting topics covered in the magazine.

Once the basic idea is in place, a dummy list is created. This consists of all the articles and the person responsible for particular write-ups, too. A brief summary is given as well. Articles have to be submitted on a pre-scheduled deadline. An editorial team looks through the content. The quality is fine tuned. Grammar, spellings and punctuations are closely observed. The team also writes some of the articles and the designers create a layout.

This magazine is a delight to the eye, and this is due to the genius of the design team. QNET review has appreciated the new look of the magazine that was released during this year’s V-Con.

This network marketing company believes in the power of digital media. Once the design has been looked into, electronic copies are released. People are able to enjoy the experience of reading this magazine on their tablets. After this stage in the entire process, production begins. This requires constant coordination between the editorial and the design teams. The idea is that the copy has to be flawless in every way. After the designing is completed, a mock copy is arranged. Necessary approvals are required from department heads and the directors of this company.

This MLM enterprise seeks to spread smiles and they accomplish this goal in different ways. The next stage is one of the thrilling ones. Mr Sarayoot Teparos, Production Manager says, “One of the most exciting parts of each issue is choosing new printing technology to amaze our readers.” In this stage too, accuracy and the overall look has to be reviewed.

This multilevel marketing company delivers perfection to readers in the form of this magazine. The team puts in efforts to come out with this delight. Its quality has been appreciated by the readers, and the new look has certainly widened their smiles. The content of the magazine covers diverse topics and has given a good insight into the working of this industry. So, if you have been pondering upon the opportunities offered by this profession, this magazine will provide you with the answers to all your questions.

QNET review presents the company’s 15-year achievements

Network marketing is giving individuals lucrative opportunities that are changing lives. Popular network marketing company, QNET has put a smile on people’s faces with its unique range of products. It is enhancing the quality of life of people all across the globe. This year, the company completes15 years and continues to augment people’s standard of living with every passing day. This has been possible because of change. In a span of 15 years, it redefined the attitude of people towards network marketing. Individuals are pursuing successful careers in this profession and are fulfilling their dreams.

Its outlook towards change has been one of the biggest reasons for the success of this MLM Company. It is open to adjust to the signs of the timesand the alterations made in its compensation plan attest to the truth in the above mentioned statement. The improved compensation plan has aided in its growth. This change was important as it forms an integral part of network marketing. It was a magnanimous task, but it was the need of the hour.  Because of this amendment, most of the Independent Representatives were able to accomplish their go alsat a faster pace. The journey towards their success was a memorable one.

This year, a new edition of aspire magazine was released during V-Malaysia 2013. It was different from the previous ones in terms of design. It was given a complete make-over. I happened to read a QNET review in which the writer had praised the new look. This is another example of one of the changes embraced by the company.

It has appreciated the hard work that has been put in by the Independent Representatives. For some, a beginning in this profession was a significant change. With their dedication and commitment, these individuals have moved forward in this profession and benefitted from the potential filled opportunities. The Managing Director of this company, Mr JR Mayer has appreciated the efforts of all Independent Representatives. He said that their success anecdotes have played a vital role in the progress of this company.

This multilevel marketing enterprise seeks to spread smiles with its offerings. People have been able to improve their lifestylesby using its products. For instance, HomePure was an apt solution to the water woes faced by the people of Egypt. In this way, it has contributed to the wellbeing of the society. I came across a QNET review in which the customer was praising the efficacy of its offerings. Through such wellness products, health ailments are kept at bay and people are able to lead a happy and healthy life.

This network marketing company has brought in a wave of transformation. Cutting edge technology in the designs of their products is one of the noteworthy changes. Long gone are the days when people were uncertain about a product’s efficiency. The change in lifestyle is a strong proof of their success. Such offerings have aided people in cutting down on medical expenses. It has truly been a boon to the society. The company continues to cater to the needs and requirements of individuals by expanding its product lines.

QNET review reflect the happy lifestyles its IRs lead

Direct selling has helped to stabilize the economy in a number of countries in past few years. Many companies across the globe have got intothis form of marketing but only a few of them have survived to tell the tale. One company in particular has enjoyed good support from its customers and representatives and has come out on top, creating its operations base in many countries and is growingeach year. This was possible due to the huge number of genuine quality products the company has been selling worldwide through their direct selling model. The independent representatives (IRs) of the company are enjoying fruits of their labour being entrepreneurs and an amazing work life balance. That’s the reason behind the many QNET review one can find on the Internet.

This Asian direct-selling giant has been around for a few decades now. The main reasons behind the company’s achievements are competent Independent Representatives that have established the direct selling business in their respective networks and a plethora of products across many sectors of market. Right now the company boasts a presence in markets including Energy, nutrition, personal care, home care, holiday packages and has recently made its way in weight management market, too. One can easily find numerous QNET review on the Internet, written by the customer of the company as many of them have actually aidedby using their products. Due to the popularity of the products, many IRs even find them approached by customers to acquire the products. No other company provides its representatives with as much support as this MLM giant does. The IRs is able to sample and use the products to be sold in order to provide them with the first-hand experience of the benefits of the products. It helps them while explaining these benefits to the customers when performing the actual sale of these products. A number of workshops are also arranged by The V, the global training and network management partner of the company. These workshops enable the IRs to network in a more efficient way and maintain a positive attitude toward their work.

The direct selling business turns one into an entrepreneur, answerable only to himself. This helps take off the tremendous pressure of a typical job off your shoulders. IRs is encouraged to set their own goals and then work hard towards attaining them. Thus, one can easily take care of his work-life balance while working with this multi-billionaire MLM Company. Many of the IRs is enjoying a happier and content life that aids them in being further prosperous in the business. It is no wonder that many IRs also write QNET review on various websites on the Internet, describing what an easy ride their life has become.

The company focuses on providing products useful to the people. This in turn has made all the products very popular in the global market. Because of the global exposure, the quality of products has been maintained according to the international standards. In some countries, the company has even launched new products manufactured towards the need of the populace. While launching its operations in Egypt which faces a problem of polluted water, HomePure, a seven stage portable water purification system was launched by company. Each stage in the system is aimed towards filtering out a particular type of contaminant, making the water perfectly safe for drinking and other purposes. There are many direct selling companies out there which are selling products that are of no practical use to the consumer, at a higher price. No wonder consumers have shown their support towards QNET making it one of the biggest players in the direct selling industry.

QNET Review paints a picture of company’s progress

Network marketing has become popular over the years, because of the exceptionalwork of companies such as QNET. Individuals have been provided with recession proof opportunities to explore the delights of entrepreneurship. Through its E-Commerce direct selling platform, many Independent Representatives have retailed products that have been successful in enhancing lifestyles all across the globe.

SHARP, one of the biggies in the field of technology innovation collaborated with this network marketing company to market its proprietary Plasma cluster Ion Air Purifiers. This partnership will aid in the cause of reducing health ailments.

It has been decided that two models, Indoor air treatment units and Car air treatment units have been placed in this company’s redemption e-store. This digital portal is part of this company’s novel rewards program. Customers can use their points to claim a gift.

I came across a QNET review in which a writer had praised the company for using cutting edge technology in its products. True to its words, this MLM enterprise will be retailing a product that uses SHARP’s Plasma cluster Ion Technology. This product will ensure that the interiors are fresh due to the generation of negative and positive ions. These destroy harmful substances like viruses, pollen dust, allergens et al. Air will be purified and we will not breathe the contaminated one that leads to different kinds of health ailments.

The efficacy of this technology has been proven by more than 22 research organisations. This technology has received appreciation in Japan in the form of the ‘Invention Award’ in 2002. The company has sold more than 4000 core units. It is certainly a novel Air purification system.

The internet is flooded with praise for this network marketing company in the form of QNET review. Suresh Thimri, CEO of the franchisee of this MLM giant in India says, “…Both being companies that place importance on delivering innovative and quality products, our individual strengths complement each other.”

Commenting on the association, Mr Sunil K Sinha, Managing Director CEO India Region of Sharp Business Systems (India) Limited said, “Purifiers are the need of the day, as we buy Mineral Water, RO or even better water filters. For what? To save us from some petty diseases like upset stomach etc. But what about airborne diseases? H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Tuberculosis, and so many others are killing millions in India every year. We are blissfully ignoring this, while taking 20,000 odd Breaths every day! Just consider, 1.34 million premature deaths occurred in 2008 as per WHOM from respiratory diseases! This partnership is expected to provide SHARP the needed impetus for users to experience its benefits , since we also believe that this latest technology needs to be experienced, before it can be confidently promoted and therefore what better medium ,than the word of mouth publicity , which the direct selling offers.”

This is another accomplishment of this network marketing company that has proven the fallaciousness of all fake scam stories and rumours. They have retailed products that have spread smiles and diminished anxieties and frowns.

QNET review rates the company fairly well

Critics are harsh decision makers since their work involves criticizing and telling the readers or viewers the minus points of a product more than the positive points. Hence, rarely will one come across a review of a positive nature wherein the pros far outweigh the cons. The rarity recently occurred when the evaluation of the products of QNET was published and the network marketing company got two thumbs up.

This company utilises the direct sales business model on a proprietary eCommerce platform to market and distribute its exclusive products. A lot of research goes into the making of all of these products and services which have been crafted with patented technology that make each of them. It is one of a kind. One of the hits of the company has been the Amezcua Energy Shell. Who would have thought that the water that we bathe with everyday could affect our lives to a great extent. Well this popular direct selling business did and hence this product came about. This curious looking piece of machinery is actually a steel shell contains various healing properties. When attached to a domestic shower hose, it has the ability to charge the water that passes through it and make users feel refreshed and harmonized than ever before.The QNET reviewhas praised the exhaustive selection of goods and services related to nutrition, home care, luxury items and collectibles, energy, personal care, accessories, education and holiday packages are put up on offer for customers to indulge in.

The business enterprise is a multifaceted one and selling is just one aspect of it. Giving back to society is one of the major functions of this hugely successful MLM as can be seen with its latest good deed which involved the granting of USD 10,000 each to three philanthropic causes in India, Uganda and Egypt. The grants were given as part of The Pitch!, a contest launched at the direct selling firm’s annual convention in September last year, giving the company’s distributors an opportunity to make a difference in their communities.

“Projects proposed had to fall under any of RF’s four main pillars – Education, Community Development, Arts and Culture, and Environment. We also considered the sustainability and impact to the community. We were not looking for big, complex projects, but simple ideas that can make a difference” said Ms Donna Imson, Executive Chairperson and Trustee of RYTHM Foundation.

To participate, contestants had to pitch an idea to RYTHM Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the company, to be implemented in collaboration with a charity or Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) of their choice. The QNET review has aptly given this unique company a fairly good rating and the pros highlighted in the article have made many people curious about the business enterprise.

Besides making such generous moves for the benefit of society, this online enterprise which boasts of a loyal customer base of more than 6 million people all over the world, also helps the environment in many ways. For their environment preservation initiatives, it was recently felicitated with the Carbon ‘less’ award in the Hong Kong awards for environment excellence (HKAEE).

QNET review talks about the niceties of network marketing conferences

V- Malaysia 2013 is here and it’s truly creating a splash all over digital media.   I have been following QNET’s social media pages, and the excitement is building. The posts, tweets and the images are replete with infectious enthusiasm and energy. This is the flagship event of this global direct selling enterprise. This convention is incomplete without the sharing sessions. Influential network marketing personalities address Independent Representatives, who have come from different parts of the globe. It is truly a one-of-a-kind celebration.  The primary purpose of this event is to inspire IRs to push their limits and open their vision to opportunities, which will lead them to the pinnacle of success and growth.

Literatures about this network marketing company are present in abundance. Various articles talk about the different aspects of this MLM enterprise.  I came across a QNET review in which a very basic aspect related to multilevel marketing conferences was underlined. Most of the Independent Representatives are a part of such conferences, but they are unable to optimise it to its fullest. This write-up outlined some points, which must be kept in check by all Independent Representatives.

Using pens and books to make notes is slowly becoming passé. This is the era of smart phones and tablets. You can use your mobile device to take pictures and take down notes, without missing out on any important point. This can also help IRs to connect with people and follow up after the event. This is the key to building lasting relationships.

The executives of this company have promised a great dose of motivational training sessions, so do not make the mistake of missing out on these interesting sessions. These will engage you throughout the convention.

Reputable names are part of this event, and to etch on your mind the stories and lessons they’ll share, you should exchange your opinions with them. Productivity is a result of two-way thoughts.

Interaction with your fellow IRs will help you broaden your vision. It is always helpful to remain connected with the people you meet in these conferences. You should not hesitate to share your knowledge with others. Such an interaction may lead to some insightful thought, which can help you in accelerating your pace towards the destination of progress.

I read a QNET Review that detailed the importance of being open minded. After such sessions, you should indulge in introspection. This will help you process the learnings, which should have remained with you and struck a chord. Following this opinion will aid you in attaining your dreams.

After attending conferences like V-Malaysia 2013, you should make a sincere attempt to implement the learning in your business. A plan of action is always helpful and make sure you set a target. So, be part of V-Con and you will be in for some delightful surprises and lessons, which will certainly give you the head start in your business. You will be en route towards the most exciting phase of your life.

QNET review praises company’s Pinterest page

Pinterest is an interesting and a unique image sharing platform that allows us to pin some of the beautiful images that are found in the big world of Internet. I am a daily pinner and I love discovering some interesting boards on this platform. While browsing the internet, I came across a QNET review. The writer had described the company’s page on Pinterest. He had mentioned some of its boards, which ignited my curiosity.

This MLM Company’s page has 30 boards and 595 pins. It covers various kinds of topics. My favourite is their board on style and a board titled ‘Bling Bling’. The board on style is all about different kinds of looks. Some of them are for men. I love the look that was designed for Valentine’s Day. It is a chic look and the Himalayan Crystal Love earrings are a complete delight to the eye. Their old world charm elevates the beauty of the ensemble. I came across a QNET review in which the lady had suggested these earrings. They were perfect to go with all kinds of clothes. This board was like a complete style guide for men and women.

The images pinned onto this board are striking. I like the one which features two exquisite gowns. One of them was designed in hues of cream and the other one is black in colour. It showcases the gorgeous Floret Impress Set from the Umayal collection. The designs of this company’s accessories and clothing are appealing. In a QNET Review, a woman said that she had felt a strong urge of spending some of her money on these splendid creations. The quality of their accessories is such that they can enliven the charm of any outfit. Heads are sure to turn in the direction of the wearer.

The rest of its page had some interesting boards that engage me. For instance, I love the board ‘Watches for fab ladies.’ It includes the images of some exclusive time pieces. In that board, my favourite image is that of the Stella watch. It symbolises confidence and reflects class and panache. It is armed with an antireflective coating of sapphire glass. The quality of your watch will remain flawless.

I am impressed with all the boards on the page of this network marketing company. They all denote some kind of a message or meaning. Some of the boards emphasises the ideals and values of this MLM enterprise. The board titled ‘RYTHM’ focuses on its successful CSR initiatives.  This brings me to the point that presence on such kinds of platforms helps in building a community experience. People can interact with the brand in an intimate way. Their queries and complaints can be addressed effectively. A presence on such image sharing platforms also gives a person a glimpse into the beliefs of the company. It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words. The images on these boards convey the story of this MLM Company’s exceptional success.