QNET Review spotlights company’s sponsorship of school libraries in Ladakh

In the contemporary world, an organisation is perceived not only by its profits but also the responsibility it shares with the environment. Companies that take an active role in promoting their corporate social responsibility programs are generally viewed more favourably than those that do not have highly visible programs. Having goals and a vision for a company that go beyond products and profits definitely provides a warmer image of one’s business that consumers will be more eager to engage with. QNET Review portrays the positive contributions and achievements of the company.

QNET has decided to support the Avalokitesvara Trust’s work in Ladakh as part of its ongoing CSR initiatives in India. Avalokitesvara Trust is an effort to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh, including those on the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-China borders. Through the company’s CSR arm, RYTHM Foundation, it has planned to open libraries in 15 rural schools in Ladakh.

The project will see the installation of libraries and spaces for effective learning in existing private, government, and monastic schools. QNET Review highlights the company’s sponsorship of school libraries in Ladakh.

Some of the key initiatives under the project include:

  • Sourcing and collection of children’s books for libraries in schools;
  •  Designing, installing and furnishing reading spaces in existing schools;
  •  Conducting learning modules, art and drama workshops in schools;
  • Providing children with games, toys, sports equipment, art and stationery supplies;
  • Medical camps for vaccinations and treatment for respiratory and skin infections;
  • Sponsorship of individual children, including tuition fees, annual and boarding expenses;
  • Empowering Ladakhi teachers with educational resources, teaching aids and training opportunities.

Additionally, this multilevel marketing companybagged gold and two silvers at the recent Asia Pacific Contact Centre World Awards 2013 held in Singapore. The company’s Global Head of International Support Centre, Pushpalatha Balan, received the gold award for Best Small Contact Centre while the silver awards were bagged by Michael Sia for Best Operations Manager and Kelvin Chin for Best Supervisor.

An elated Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr Dave Osh said that winning the gold and silvers at the Asia Pacific awards 2013 is yet another testament to the company’s continuous commitment to revolutionising the customer experience. He also added, “We have a unique culture of service. We engage our customers at the deepest level and provide a suite of proactive services that cannot be necessarily measured objectively using the usual standards of service level agreements, KPIs etc. We focus on developing a group of professionals whose main aim is to help make our customers successful.”

Apart from the recognition and social welfare activities, this network marketing company has recently hosted a five-day mega gathering at the Malawati Indoor Stadium in Shah Alam, Malaysia. QNET Review observes that it was akin to a United Nations’ conference which brought together some 6,000 entrepreneurs from around the world to Malaysia. The five day convention was an energy-packed, fun-filled, experience as the IRs vowed to ‘Raise the Bar Higher’, which was the theme of this year’s convention.

QNET Review highlights company’s contributions to global progress

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays a major role in developing the economy of a country. It can be defined as the way in which a company manages various business entities to produce a desirable impact on the society. Companies with high CSR standards are able to demonstrate their responsibilities to the stockholders, employees, customers, and the general public. Asia’s premier network marketing firm, QNET, aimed to bring about a positive metamorphosis globally, in myriad spheres of life, including education and environment. According to a QNET Review, this company has embraced the true meaning of corporate conscience, and has implemented excellent programs that collectively promise to bring about a radical transformation in people’s lives.

This Asian direct selling giant has decided to support the Avalokitesvara Trust’s work in Ladakh as part of its ongoing CSR initiatives in India. Avalokitesvara Trust is an effort to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh, including those on the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-China borders. Children in these schools have very limited access to reading materials and their lives are typically limited to the remote, mountainous terrain where they live. With the establishment of the RYTHM libraries, the company and Avalokitesvara Trust aim to empower these children with the gift of learning, by providing access to previously-unavailable learning materials. QNET Review highlights the company’s contribution to global progress.

The key initiatives under the project include:

  • Sourcing and collection of children’s books for libraries in schools;
  • Designing, installing and furnishing reading spaces in existing schools;
  • Conducting learning modules, art and drama workshops in schools;
  • Providing children with games, toys, sports equipment, art and stationery supplies;
  • Medical camps for vaccinations and treatment for respiratory and skin infections;
  • Sponsorship of individual children, including tuition fees, annual and boarding expenses;
  • Empowering Ladakhi teachers with educational resources, teaching aids and training opportunities.

This multilevel marketing company has recently hosted a five-day mega gathering in Malaysia. The five-day mega gathering that was akin to a United Nations’ conference brought together some 6,000 entrepreneurs from around the world to Malaysia. It was an energy-packed, fun-filled, experience as the IRs vowed to raise the Bar Higher, which was the theme of this year’s convention.

“Events like our V-Convention are geared towards meeting global standards of direct selling. QNET sees training as investment in attracting, retaining, and growing world-class entrepreneurs who will achieve greater success in this legitimate multi-billion dollar direct selling industry,” said Mr. Pathman Senathirajah, Managing Director of The V, the global training and network management partner of the company.

Additionally, this network marketing company showcased its most popular products at the annual Malaysia-Indonesia Business Expo (MIBEX). QNET Review observes that the event aimed to forge cooperation and enhance trade relations between Malaysia and Indonesia.

“This is an excellent initiative by the Malaysian and Indonesian governments in promoting bilateral trade between the two countries. Indonesia is fast emerging as an important market in the global economy and QNET sees great potential in developing our business here,” said Mr JR Mayer, Managing Director of the company.

QNET review spotlights the launch of Skin Care and Wellness products in Egypt

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-Commerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet. For many businesses, e-commerce is becoming the only option, as companies have become increasingly interested in expanding their online operations.

There are certain benefits of E-commerce namely,

  • Convenience,
  • Wide variety of choices,
  • Savings, and
  • Accurate information on products.

QNET is a prominent network marketing company that uses an e-Commerce platform, which aide sin retailing life enhancing products to people across the globe. It introduced the newest addition to its InShape product line – the InShape Courses, now available in the company’s e-Store.The intensive and interesting lessons in each course serve as stepping stones that will help attain the desired weight management goals. QNET review informs that those who successfully complete their course will also be rewarded with a certification.

“With the InShape Nutrition course, you will be introduced to vital nutritional facts, allowing you to make wise food choices. Broken down into 3 easy-to-follow modules and a quiz at the end of each topic, you will learn everything from basic information about nutrients, what you can get from food, what your body needs, to the roles of nutrients in optimal health and other health-related issues that will allow you to become a nutrition expert,” says Dave Osh, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

He also adds, “The InShape Fitness course can help turn you into a fitness guru. Learning and staying fit has never been easier and more fun. Guiding them from the fundamentals of fitness to professional training programmes, the courses are comprehensive guides to staying fit! They can find exercise regimes that can be easily incorporated into their hectic schedule.”

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), global retail sales from direct selling in 2012 grew 5.4 percent, year-on-years, rising to US$166.9 billion. Of this figure, the Asia Pacific region’s share was 44 percent. Vietnam was ranked 14th in Asia, with total retail sales of US$292 million. Keeping this in mind, this Asian direct selling gianthas penetrated the Vietnamese direct selling sector by opening a new office at the Ho Chi Minh City. It will act as the main support centre for thismultilevel marketing company’s presence in Vietnam. Additionally, it will also help to raise the profile of its business in neighbouring Cambodia and Laos. The office will act as a training centre for the company’s Independent Representatives (IR).

Most of us know that the Egyptian society suffers from environmental factors such as pollution and harsh weather conditions. In order to protect Egyptians from such external factors, the company has launched its skincare and wellness products in this nation. Olé, Physio Radiance, and BioSilver 22, are the three Nutrition and Personal Care products from this direct selling enterprise. QNET review discusses these products. The productscontain natural ingredients to regulate and protect the body from external contaminants.

The paraben and preservative-free Physio Radiance skin care range promises to stimulate the regeneration of the skin cells, bringing back more youthful and radiant skin. What sets it apart from similar products in the market is its patented micro encapsulation technology.

QNET shows why training is important for IRs

Several people who are intrigued by network marketing have false notions about the business. It is a general belief among people that multilevel marketing or network marketing is a short-cut to earn millions of dollars. Indeed, it is true that the business provides unlimited opportunities for growth; you must know that just like any other business, success doesn’t come easy in MLM. The key to be successful in this profession is you must be willing to put in hard work consistently and be ready to walk that extra mile if need be. Also, it is important that you find the right company to be a part of. The company you choose to be associated with must provide you the right training as well the tools to help you grow.

The importance of IRs training is discussed below:

As a network marketer or an IR (independent representative) you would surely want to be on top of your game always and the training sessions conducted by the company provide you the perfect opportunity to keep improving. Training also helps you get the right tools and theories to move ahead on a successful career path. As the network marketing community is growing worldwide, the technological knowledge is growing too. Today, there are plenty of new and innovative training methods that allow the company to train a wide network of IRs at lower cost. The use of internet technology has not only made the training for IRs more cost effective for the companies but also it has allowed the IRs to gain the best knowledge from the best trainers by defying the geographic location barrier. There are plenty of MLM software programs that allow you to interlink with the company.

The companies must conduct training in way that the trainers are easy to contact for the IRs. No matter, the kind of training platform is employed be it offline or live online training the mentor should be easily approachable in case the IRs have any queries. The experts in the network marketing industry suggest that it is best to provide video based training materials to everyone since it allows the company to communicate their message in a better way. Also, it allows the IRs to assimilate the message quickly and effortlessly. The video training should be promptly supported by power-point presentations, articles and other printed materials.

Some of the most important aspects of network marketing are leadership skills, administrative skills, creative thought process and many more. The training process must inculcate all these skill and values in the IRs. These basic values are essential for all business settings and are not limited only to network marketing field.

For IRs it is vital that you gain maximum knowledge from your mentor or trainer. You must not hesitate to ask questions to him/her and get insights on various aspects of the business.

Thus, training plays a crucial role in the success of IRs in the network marketing business. Leading multilevel marketing company like QNET are well aware of this fact and they constantly provide training to their IRs to  keep them updated with the latest trends and marketing strategies.

QNET is one of the few network companies in the world that shares its knowledge with people so that they view network marketing from a different perspective.

Egypt F1 car show gets positive QNET Review

QNET, a prominent international multi level marketing company specializes in offering top class lifestyle and wellness products to its huge network of customers. This direct selling company is also the official sponsor of the F1 Marussia team. The company is immensely popular around the world and it has presence in almost all parts of the globe. The company has a huge reputation of being one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the direct selling industry. However, recently, the image of the company received a setback with various false claims that questioned the credibility of the company; however, the loyal customer base of the company was left unaffected. Amidst the noise, the company that had earlier kicked off its F1 car world tour reached Egypt and the journey is scheduled to move up from the capital city, Cairo to Alexandria. The car show has not only drawn immense support from the customers but also it has attracted positive QNET review.

During the car show, ardent F1 car racing lovers, the team fans and supporters came in large numbers to get a close view of the F1 car. The whole event was sponsored by the company and the car show is scheduled to run for four days. For the first leg of the car show in Egypt, the racing beauty is scheduled to be put for public display at the Sun City Mall in Cairo. The visitors of the mall can have the dual benefit of shopping and at the same time get up close and personal with the speed machine.

For the second leg of the car tour in Egypt, the show would move to the city of Alexandria and the car would be put for the public view at the Alexandria City Centre Mall. The event sponsors are expecting a great response and public attendance at the mall. The motor racing enthusiasts in the Alexandria would get a rare opportunity to get closer to the car than they would at the racing event. The show organisers are hoping that a large number of people would turn up to get a close view of the design and the overall makeup of the car.

Earlier, the car show was held in various countries across the globe including Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait and Lebanon. The events in all the countries were entirely sponsored by the company. In every country, the event received great support from the people and it also attracted great positive QNET review from the people.

The F1 car world tour gives the company a great opportunity for the company to connect with their millions of customers across the globe at a personal level and establish a strong rapport with them. The fans visiting the car show were given the full liberty to take their photographs with the racing machine. From Egypt the tour is slated to move to Central Asia where millions of fans are expected to be part of the show. Thus, the car show has been a huge success so far and it has received positive QNET review from all quarters.

QNET review spells good news for the company

Network marketing has been progressing by leaps and bounds because of the work of companies like QNET. Their growth has certainly proven the falsity behind scam and fraud stories. This company has offices in different countries, and the UAE region has shown an increase in its growth by 23% in the second half of 2013. This has happened because the company reported a boost of 12% in global sales from 2012.

In the first half of the year, the product sales of this company were reaching an average of 1000 per month in the region of North Africa and the Middle East. An increase of 11,200 was recorded in the second half. Nearly 48% of sales generated by this company are attributed to the progress of this region.  This is also because the company provides an array of offerings that belong to different product lines. QNET review has stated that these products have been successful in enriching lifestyles all across the globe. Top selling products of this company are Bernard H Mayer watches & jewellery and HomePure water filtration system.

HomePure water filtration system has been a hit in this region because of the paucity of drinking water, especially during summers. Most of the people consume polluted water and this leads to health ailments such as vomiting, kidney failure, etc Because of these reasons, this product has fared well in the UAE and the MENA region, too. Watches have done well, too, because it is the marker of an influential lifestyle. The collection provided by this company reaches another level of sophistication and elegance. This company endeavours to make people realise the potential of entrepreneurship and eventually succeed in the profession.

The company has not lost its momentum and keeps developing unique offerings and product lines. This has resulted from the growing urbanisation and the penetration of technology in our lives. I read a QNET review in which the writer had highly spoken of the company’s aim of introducing unique product lines. It has enriched lifestyles. People have not stopped praising the quality of these offerings. They have made a substantial difference to their health and wellness.

Shocking statistics have come to light. In a report, World Health Organisation has stated that by 2015, 2.3 billion people will be overweight. From these, 700 million people will be obese. This company has always believed in enriching lifestyles. It will be introducing the people of UAE to the InShape Weight Management programme.

Because of the potential-filled opportunities offered by this company, nearly 2 million people from the Middle East and MENA region have had entrepreneurial success. This network marketing company has strived ahead successfully and tackled all kinds of difficulties. They have set an example for their contemporaries and truly raised the bar. 2013 is proving to be a great year for this company. Its growth has been exceptional, and this is also evident with the recent foray of this company into the European markets. It is truly living up to its status of being a ‘network of success.’

Support for CASE, DSAS collaboration earns positive QNET review write-ups

Direct selling has faced the brunt of people’s anger because of various scams committed by counterfeit companies. However, companies like QNET have striven to provide people with products that have enriched their lives and uplifted their lifestyle quality, too. This is one of the known advantages of being in a profession like direct selling.

It is brimming with opportunities and has boosted the economies of several nations. To ensure that fraudulent companies do not spoil its credibility, several strong steps have been taken in the positive direction.

One of the schemes that will put an end to scams is the accreditation of several direct selling companies. This will ensure that complaints are reduced to zilch and customers will be able to enjoy quality products and the worthwhile opportunities offered by this profession. Companies that are a part of this proposition and are qualified as trustworthy will help customers get rid of fraudulent sales men. They sell products that cannot add value to any individual’s life. In the wake of this announcement, writers have praised such a move in different kinds of QNET review write-ups.

Most of the false companies retail products that are simply based on claims and do not make a difference to an individual’s life. Because of the above mentioned proposition, practices by such companies will come to a definitive end. A beneficial partnership between Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS) will make sure that such organisations cannot thrive and cheat people of their hard earned money.

Within the next nine months, this partnership will be implemented. According to other clauses, companies will be evaluated every two years. This will also involve surprise checks by officials. Legitimate organisations will be provided with a logo. This will help the customers recognise the honest ones. This is a step for the betterment of this profession and it will aid in the realisation of its potential. The success of such a plan will increase the trust of people in this profession. This is already evident with the number of increasing positive QNET review articles.

The strongest point is that customers will be able to conduct transactions with companies that are part of this scheme and provide effective products. Out of 22 companies, 19 have chosen to be part of this proposal. Because of the successful implementation of such plans, people will get to experience proper direct selling and it will certainly be a good investment of their money. Last year, 24 complaints were received by the association against direct sellers indulging in practices such as pressure selling and false claims.

The process of accreditation will require the companies to pay a fee. This aspect is being finalised. It has been ensured that all loopholes are covered. Some of the customers posed the doubt that rogue companies can use the logo without any authorisation. However, this query has been solved, too. Customers can check the portal of CaseTrust to get a list of accredited companies. The execution of this plan will certainly clean the profession and customers can enjoy the delightful experience of being part of it.