The hoopla called QuestNet fraud

Train conversations often reveal a lot of things. While I was coming back to Mumbai from Ludhiana, I happened to talk to a gentleman who was a QuestNet member. I was a little surprised considering the fact that I had heard the company was shut down due to legal issues. After speaking to him and upon reaching home, I decided to find out the truth behind the QuestNet fraud.

Money makes the world go around. In a modern world, maintaining a luxurious lifestyle has forced people to look at alternative ways of earning an additional income. One looks at various schemes possible to increase income so as to go beyond just fulfilling their basic needs. That encouraged the growth of network marketing businesses.

QuestNet is a famous network marketing business, ranked by Direct Selling News as the 5th most successful in Asia. However, with all the success come controversies – like the QuestNet fraud. That the company has a huge network of customers across the world is exactly what has made these upcoming rival companies jealous. .

The net has thousands of articles about the QuestNet fraud. But would you believe anything just based on face value?  One must do a good research before deciding if these reports are true or not. It is very important to verify them and not believe what ‘anonymous’ says. If you see the reality, the complaints and scam reports have not even an ounce of truth to them. They are strategies of either rival companies or those big companies who fear the growth of this business. The problem is that when such reports are spread, the masses think twice before investing. This leads to a loss of customers.

QuestNet complaints are false and just aim to do that. These complaints advise people as if they are concerned for them and ask them to avoid investing their hard earned money. One can however never ignore the fact that this very company helped to increase a person’s income. It’s all merely an attempt to destroy the company’s image. Unsuccessful Independent Representatives are also a part of this entire blame QuestNet scam.

To clear the air, investigations were started to extract the truth. The evidence suggested that the allegations made against the enterprise were a hoax started by rival companies and unhappy members to tarnish the image of the enterprise.So the next time you read an article about QuestNet fraud, make sure the writer has genuine interests. A balanced argument is extremely necessary before jumping to conclusions.