Quest International University Perak

Education is vital for everyone, the fact which is commonly not to be denied by any. It’s education which transforms and helps a person to live a good life. Education caters us with all the needed attributes in leading life. Education transforms a person’s personality. Education is the only thing that provides us the thrust in getting ahead and doing something constructive in the future. Realizing the importance and value of education the QI Group of Companies, which include QuestNet, Qnet, GoldQuest and other related entities, a mega corp. have set up an Educational university called the Quest International University Perak (QIUP).

Quest International University Perak is a university accredited and affiliated by ‘Malaysia Higher Education Board’ and has been registered in Malaysia under the “Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996”.The Quest International University Perak is a private and comprehensive research-led University established by Blair Education Services in the state of Perak, Malaysia on 12th June 2008 with the State Governments equity participation. The QIUP University is committed to global standards of excellence in scholarship and research. The university aims to become a leading academic centre for learners from Malaysia, nearby region, and the international community who wish to further their education at the tertiary level. The university strives to build a global knowledge economy and society, welcoming students from various backgrounds and cultures into the rich learning environment through an equal opportunity for all policy, combined with affordable tutoring fees and an uncompromising stand on entry qualification.

Catering for the manpower needs of the region (Perak, Malaysia) as a whole, the university offers a number of professional as well as distinctive academic programs at the undergraduate level such as Medical and Allied Health Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Computer Technology, Business and Management, and Social Sciences; fields that impact the local and global knowledge-economy overall. The comprehensive range of quality programs with bench-marked curricula helps QIUP provide for the holistic development of the young minds.  The academic programs and degrees offered by QIUP are Foundation in Business, Foundation in Science, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computer Science.  Below is the detailed information of the programs catered at QIUP.

Foundation in Business (KA 9505): The Foundation in Business (FB) program will provide students with a general understanding of business organizations and their structures along with wider considerations such as the markets and process and how all of these work together to contribute to organizational success. The foundation program enables students to analyze how businesses are organized, strategized, decision making and how these factors merge in business and commerce.

Foundation in Science (KA 9504): The Foundation in Science (FS) program is designed for students who wish to take upon a challenging academic pursuit in the medical and health or the pure applied sciences. Basic science branches such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics form the main thrust of this program. However, subjects like IT, English and sociology have also been incorporated into the program to provide students an opportunity to develop essential skills and also to open up their mind to other issues about the social world.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) (KN 10306): The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) program will enable the students with an in-depth understanding of how businesses are organized, strategized, how decisions are made and how these factors affect competiveness in business and commerce. Students go through an intensive industrial training which will help them to adapt to the working environment and give them sufficient amount of exposure to the technicality and approach used in the workplace.

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (KN 10305): The Bachelor of Computer science (Hons) program is a mainstream computing program focused at producing graduates capable of managing information and information systems in a wide range of IT environments and in the field of application development. Major highlight of this program is its innovative curricula balancing out theory and application. Students will go through extensive lab practices of technical subjects and even intensive industrial training giving them an extra edge. Students will even be given the option to complete their industrial training within the country (Malaysia), or at identified centers abroad such as the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad.

Quest International University Perak is committed to international standards of excellence and is a institution of higher learning embracing diversity, engaging society and uniquely fostering in its students ethical and humanitarian values, responsible citizenship, analytical thinking, entrepreneurship and creativity. Its graduates will be the most sought-after in the region and worldwide, professionally competent to handle challenges and opportunities in a fast-changing world and with leadership qualities to build a better future for the society and nation they serve.