Vijay eswaran is an entrepreneur in the true sense

Starting a business in the year 1988, Vijay eswaran tasted dizzying heights of success by channelizing his energy in the right directions and building a conglomerate e-commerce company with his individual efforts. He is an entrepreneur in the true sense. He is someone who has turned the ordinary into extra ordinary, thought of apt solutions when his company faced a hitch, converted each given situation to his benefit, adjusted to different situations or conveniently adjusted different situations according to his needs etc. And truly after facing a number of different situations, he has truly emerged successful and victorious in all glory.

QNET employees consider themselves to be really lucky to be working under an able chairman like Vijay eswaran since he is not only concerned about his own growth and that of his company but also conducts regular seminars and workshops which will help his employees to reach the zenith of their potential. He also invites a number of other people who have benefitted a great deal due to the MLM method. This also provides a lot of inspiration to those who wish to make quick money to have an additional income.

Vijay eswaran run a conglomerate which has created a niche in a plethora of sectors like technology, education, wellness, health care products, watches, leisure, travel and living, communication, retail and corporate investments too. But what has remained constant in all these services and products provided is the quality. The QNET team which has its chain in over twenty two nations across the globe is very particular about the standard of goods they provide. All their products are scrutinized under stringent quality check procedures. This has ensured that the customers are more than pleased with the services received and come back for more.

Vijay eswaran has tasted tremendous success and has been able to spread the business in over twenty two countries because he understands the diversity of cultures in different countries and has a lot of patience to deal with each individual too. He is very analytical also which helps him take the right decisions thus accelerating his success.

Donna Marie Glenn Imson founded Quest Net in the year 1998

Donna Marie Glenn Imson is a very famous personality in the field of marketing. Women who want to be successful entrepreneurs can learn a lot from her. She is not only a great entrepreneur but a hardworking person too.

Donna Marie Glenn Imson founded Quest Net in the year 1998. She was then a single mother of three. To support her three children she had to do something. She had no financial assistance. So she decided to try network marketing. Network marketing was new then and it was believed to be very lucrative if you could do well. A lot of marketing skills were required. But she decided to go for it. She had to provide a good education to her three children. This is when she found Quest Net.

Donna Marie is the executive chairperson of Qnet. From being a founder to being the one who is responsible for one of the fastest growing networking companies, she has achieved a lot in her young age. This all has happened because of her never say no attitude. She has worked hard for what she has achieved and she is an inspirational personality today.

Donna Marie struggled a lot in her previous days. Not everything was simple for her. She faced her share of obstacles. But through her immense dedication, perseverance and passion, she was able to achieve what she had dreamt of. In one of her interviews she said that initially she did not make any profits. The money that was coming was just enough for the food and fee of children. After putting so many efforts only she could live a luxurious life.

Donna Marie is an inspiration for many women, since she started out as a single mother achieving so many milestones. She made Qnet very famous. Today Qnet deals in fields like wellness products, skin products, holiday packaging, accessories etc.

Donna Marie also gives motivational talks. She is the trustee of RHYTHM foundation where she reveals her philanthropic side. Every year she donates magnanimously and generously. She is truly a personality on can consider his or her idol.

Vijay eswaran is a household name globally today

Creating a niche for oneself and doing something that will make people look up to you is something that every individual aspires for. However, doing this isn’t a cakewalk and not everybody can successfully achieve this. However, it is not because it is tough to achieve. It is mainly because one doesn’t know how to do it right. It isn’t about doing things out of the blue which might be highly extraordinary. It is simply about doing regular, normal and ordinary things in a different way that will show extraordinary results. It is only by doing small things that one can achieve something big. One person who has seen the wisdom behind this and made complete use of the same is vijay eswaran.

Today vijay eswaran is a household name and there are numerous qualities in him that help him stand apart from the rest and yet he is looked up to like no other. He is one of the humblest and the most down to earth individuals you will come across who thinks not only of his benefits but also of the larger good of others. He is also a great orator. The power of his words is measureless and it is this one quality that ensured success to him. He can inspire people tremendously and all those who hear him talk are thoroughly impressed ad inspired by it. In fact, there are people who say that his words resonate in their years even months after hearing him speak.

Vijay eswaran established QNET on his own accord and it was nothing but his hard work, sincerity and dedication that helped him. His main goal was to reach out to a larger number of people and today QNET is a brand name that is found in almost every sector. You name it and you can find QNET products in that sector. He strived hard to reach to the position that he is at today and this paid off since QNET is a household name in over twenty two nations across the globe. Vijay eswaran created numerous job opportunities for people and enabled them to become entrepreneurs in their own rights too.

Vijay eswaran is one of the most popular names, globally

There are a large number of people who wish to achieve something and carve a niche for themselves. This, however, isn’t easy. There are a number of times one wonders how to reach the top. The trick however, is no mean feat. The key to success lies not in creating extraordinary things out of the blue but in doing small little ordinary things in a way that seem extraordinary and show us the final result of something novel, unique and extraordinary. This is something that was well understood by vijay eswaran and making use of this policy he climbed the ladders of success and he today is one of the most popular and successful men across the globe.

Vijay eswaran worked hard and with his sincerity and dedication, climbed the ladder of success. He established QNET which is a company that dabbles in a variety of sectors today. You name it and you can find that particular sector having products from the esteemed QNET. This is a company that has created a benchmark not just in India or a handful of countries but in over twenty two nations across the globe, including superpowers like the U.S.A. This is a thing of great pride and prestige and this in itself shows the quality and class of QNET.

Vijay eswaran is one of the simplest human being and has a completely down to earth attitude. He has a number of additional qualities that has highlighted his growth and enabled him to perform extremely well in this market. He is one of the best orators you will ever come across. The power in his words in beyond comparison and he definitely creates an impact on all those who hear him speak. The power of his words remains with people for a long time and there are people who claim too remember his words even months after hearing him.

Vijay eswaran created a number of job opportunities for people and this is definitely helped a large number of individuals who were seeking jobs. He not only created job demand but also helped people to unleash their ideas completely helping them to become entrepreneurs in their own right.



Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

Kuala Lumpur, June 25, 2011:Malaysian entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of the QI Group Vijay Eswaran features among the top 48 philanthropists in Forbes Asia‘s annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy in the region. The list features some of Asia-Pacific’s most high-profile and interesting givers to society. Four philanthropists were picked from each of the 12 markets in the region. Vijay Eswaran features as one of the four from Malaysia along side Vincent Tan, Koon Yew Yin and the husband & wife team of Angela &HijjasKasturi.

Vijay Eswaran, who comes from a family of philanthropists, has been deeply involved in a number of charitable projects worldwide through his two foundations – RYTHM Foundation and its Malaysian chapter Vijayaratnam Foundation. While RYTHM Foundation, registered in Hong Kong has been involved in various initiatives globally in the areas of education, disaster relief, children and community development, its Malaysian Chapter, Vijayaratnam Foundation that Eswaran established in honour of his father is involved in youth and women empowerment, arts & culture, child mentoring and environment protection projects in Malaysia.


RYTHM Foundation has been involved in rehabilitation projects for some of the most devastating natural disasters in recent times such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, the Central Java earthquake in Indonesia in 2006, the Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines in 2010 and most recently the floods in coastal Sri Lanka. Vijayaratnam Foundation is most well known for its projects Footprints, a mentoring program for children in orphanages, Maharani, a series of educational & empowerment camps focused on adolescent girls from under privileged backgrounds and Taarana, a centre for children with learning disabilities.


“ I am deeply humbled by this honour. I come from a family where philanthropy has been a way of life. My parents have instilled in me the value of being in service to others from a young age. And one of my icons is Mahatma Gandhi whose teachings form the basis of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, which led to the inception of the RYTHM Foundation.


The Foundation was conceived not to primarily be a donor or a charity, but instead to be a catalyst to innovate, inspire and implement new synergies that would allow people to stand on their own feet as opposed to looking for aid. Which is why we focus on the time and effort we are able to give people in need, as opposed to the size of the cheque.  This honour is ultimately a recognition of 13 years of being in RYTHM.”  Says Vijay Eswaran on being chosen as one of the 48 Heroes.


“Some are big tycoons, even billionaires, who have a large vision of how best to help society and have donated millions of dollars to back up that vision. Others are little-known citizens who are extremely generous with their limited funds,” said Forbes Asia Senior Editor John Koppisch.


He said the magazine’s goal is not to rank the biggest givers by dollar amounts or percentage of assets, as those figures would be impossible to collect. “Instead, the aim is to call attention to a mix of notable people and causes throughout the region and to encourage more giving,” he added.


About Vijay Eswaran

Dr.VijayEswaran, the Executive Chairman of the multinational conglomerate, QI Group of Companies, is a successful entrepreneur, a bestselling author, well-known speaker and committed philanthropist. He is the author of the highly successful book In the Sphere of Silence, translated into 6 languages and three other books on life management – In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones and On the Wings of Thought.


A highly respected motivational speaker, Dr.Eswaran lectures around the world on a variety of subjects ranging from spirituality to business at leading universities, management and business leadership forums. Most recently he was a panelist at the WEF’s East Asia Summit in Jakarta and the Commonwealth Business Forum of the CHOGM in Trinidad & Tobago.


In late 2006, he was conferred with the honorary title ‘Dato’ by His Royal Highness The Sultan of Pahang in Malaysia and is hence known as Dato’ Vijay Eswaran in Malaysia. He is the recipient of the International Excellence in Business award from GOPIO (Global Organisation for People of Indian Origin) and was conferred with an honorary doctorate in management by SMC University in Switzerland.

Donna Imson – lots of real talent

Time is always going to change. It is up to us how we mould our self to face the change and make our self best in what we do.

Donna Imson started her career in a very young age and was determined to be successful in MLM business. She gave herself time in MLM business and as time passed, she specialized her skills to motivate all the IRS. The motivation has helped the IRS to perform better in the MLM business.

She joined The V in 1998, as a V Partner and from then has evolved with the company and today plays various strong and senior management roles in the QI group.

Her main motive is to help the team {IRS} to change, grow and develop them to perform better and efficiently in MLM business.

Attending her training sessions has helped various people to improve their performance in network marketing, as she has actually helped people to transform from within which have helped them to get success.

Network marketing demands the person to be hard working and have patience to be successful. Patience along with confidence is the key which will lead to success.

Donna Imson is a live example, for those who want to make the best out of network marketing, as she has made the best of her career in network marketing.


Donna Imson has had a peaceful and decent life, and has made efforts to give the best education to her three kids as she is a single parent for them.

She choose network marketing as a career, because she wanted to work for herself as an entrepreneur and at the same time her kids were her priority.

Her dedication and commitment has made her from a common woman to an uncommon woman.

She is also the Trustee for RYTHM Foundation, QuestNet’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, where she pursues her tireless passion for philanthropy.

Examples of her most recent and kind initiatives included, participation in World Vision’s Sponsorship Program, monetary donation to help several autistic children in Hong Kong and giving aid to victims of Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines, where Donna herself personally helped with the distribution.

She is surely a woman with lots of real talent and a real human being with great values.

Vijay eswaran is an eminent speaker

The year 1988 saw the birth of one of the largest conglomerate in the world that is the QNET. Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of this multimillion dollar conglomerate which has spread across the globe. This e-commerce company offers a diverse range of products to their clientele ranging from corporate investment, technology, education and training, wellness, luxury items, watches, telecommunication, leisure, travel and retail.

Vijay Eswaran is a humble and down to earth individual and by putting in a lot of efforts and hard work, he has helped QNET reach the dizzying heights of success it sees today. MLM business has benefitted not just QNET as a company but also a number of other people who got employed, became independent, and raised their standard of living.

Vijay Eswaran ensures that those associated to him also grow while the company grows. To make this possible, he arranges for special training sessions. These sessions help the IRS to know how they can perform better than they already are. He also gets people who have benefitted from MLM businesses in these sessions. This is really beneficial as people learn from the mistakes that others commit and use the tips that they provide to grow themselves.

Vijay Eswaran has created a mark not just as an entrepreneur but is also an extremely renowned writer and speaker. He is known to speak on a wide range of subjects which are as diverse as business and spirituality when he had visited different universities across the globe or has been invited to address a group in different countries. As a speaker, he has addressed a number of huge events too, all of which have been definite successes.

For those who idolize him or are simply interested to know the man behind the big scene, he has penned a book known as “in the sphere of silence”. This book talks about his philosophy and principles which he follows to lead his life. Another book is “in the thinking zone” which compiles his reflections in quotations and this is basically meant to assist the readers to develop a positive attitude while dealing with different situations on a daily basis.