QuestNet fraud, totally untrue

There is a huge number of network marketing companies in the world. Some are genuine while others are not. It is said that the good always wins over evil, but I guess that’s just limited to stories. In real life though, the ones following rules and regulations end up falling prey to so many controversies that one may wonder, is it always right to follow the rules? QuestNet, which has figured in numerous QuestNet Fraud articles online, is actually an example of a company which has operated legally and ethically to attain success and has been pulled down by rumours.

QuestNet is a direct selling company that offers a variety of products from segments like watches, nutrition products, energy products, vacation packages etc. Network marketing may be conceived as a risky business, mainly due to the misconceptions that people possess because of the QuestNet fraud stories that have been spreading.

The Internet opens new doors of communication and information acquisition, but unfortunately some people tend to misuse this service by writing false information and stories about companies, services, products and people. Due to the advancement of technology and availability of all the information with justa click, people are turning into passive thinkers and listeners. They immediately believe all that they see or read on the web. People spreading such rumours know that no one is actually going to question their allegations or try to find the truth. No one is looking for first hand information; rather they are banking on information put up by unknown or uncredible sources.

It is this information that customers rely on, henceshunning fruitful business opportunities. The only people benefitting from this are the ones spreading the stories. We, by believing the false stories about the QuestNet fraud, are just making their tasks simpler and being unfair to the company that has worked hard to attain success. In fact, being a part of QuestNet is actually an incredible opportunity for all those who have what it takes but need a little direction to starting their venture.

How does QuestNet help? You invest an initial amount and become an independent representative. They then guide you through their training programmes to groom you into network marketing professionals. Your marketing skills are tested and enhanced.

With the focus just on making money, people tend to forget that the business is like any other business: it needs time, dedication and hard work to succeed. Failing to do so is definitely not going to work in your favour. The result is such that the company gets blamed for the losses that the individuals incur. This is how the stories of QuestNet fraud came into existence. It is time people take charge of their own actions instead of blaming others.

Goldquest Complaints are a marketing tactic to say QNet Fraud

With the expenses of daily life mounting in today’s date, it isn’t surprising to find a large number of people trying hard to make the ends meet. However, this rising prices of merchandises has also not bent people from wanting to live a lavish and luxurious lifestyle and has all that they think is necessary for the wherewithal. For this particular reason, a large number of people are looking at many of alternative sources of earning additionalrevenue since certain times the monthly or annual income of people is not always just about sufficient enough to enable them to lead a life of affluence and stateliness. Among many different methods used today, investing in MLM companies has become a great way to earn an additional income. One of the best MLM companies is Goldquest and this is considered to be the best not just in India but in many nations across the globe. However, it isn’t really surprising to come across Goldquest scam reports, but we need to first research about the reports on our own.

Goldquest is a global multilevel marketing megacorp and a subsidiary of Qi group of companies. Goldquest is a part of Network marketing industry which is a 75 years old and $170 billion industry.  Goldquest was established in the year 1998 with its headquarters in Hong Kong. When the megacorp started, Qnet exclusively offered high value minted coins and medallions, and quickly established themselves as one of the world’s leading numismatics Company. Goldquest fraud reports are generally by rival companies that want to reach the heights that have been attained by Goldquest today. They understand that this is a marketing strategy and if they spread negative reports about Goldquest, people will think before investing in this company and might think it is better if they invest in the rival companies thus fulfilling the strategy of these other companies.

One needs to understand the intention of the writers before believing Goldquest fraud reports. One should verify if these are reliable enough and not simply believe them. If Goldquest was a fraud company, it wouldn’t have been one of the most successful and sought after companies in over twenty two nations across the globe including the U.S. Goldquest fraud reports are generally by those who haven’t succeeded in earning a good return. This is because they haven’t paid any heed to the flow of their money in the market. All that they have done is simply invested initially. These people do not understand the functioning’s of MLM marketing and if they haven’t succeeded using the binary scheme offered by Goldquest, they won’t succeed anywhere else either.


Confrontation can be pre-emptive step to thwart conflicts.

SERI KEMBANGAN: Confrontation may not be the approach most take in dealing with colleagues but it can be the pre-emptive step to thwart conflicts in an organisation, QI Group executive chairman Datuk Dr Vijay Eswaran revealed.

Eswaran believes that leaders in a company needed to be “open to the idea of confronting and being confronted in order for everyone to arrive on the same page at the end”.

“Taking a leaf from Sun Zi’s Art of War, I believe that one should confront before you conflict,” he said at a session on how industry leaders drive successes for their companies at the World Chinese Economic Forum.

He said although the strategy would take a longer time to bear fruit as it required leaders to have multiple discussions before they could come to an agreement, the results of such practice usually meant a team of leaders who were capable of speaking out and standing up for their opinions.

“I come from a traditional management school of thought where leaders were not suppose to challenge existing practices. Just because something has been in place for a long time doesn’t mean it has to be (continued),” he said of conventional management practices.

As for company strategies, Philippines TA Trade Advisory Group managing director Anthony Amunategui Abad said organisations needed to realise that they had to “think global, operate regional and act local”, adding that a company’s business depended a lot on how the management dealt with local issues.

He said there were still companies that did not see the necessity to move into the global arena but “the sooner you accept that the world is getting smaller, the less frustrated you will be”.

Abad’s advice was to focus on building a niche without sacrificing economic openness and competition and to be familiar with policy-legal-regulatory framework in the countries the businesses want to operate in.

“Often, promising companies suffer losses because they do not know the policies and regulations of the countries they want to engage with,” he said, citing examples of countries rejecting goods due to non-compliance of import regulations or the losing of intellectual property when companies do not register their innovations properly.


Quest International University Perak (QIUP)

KUALA LUMPUR: Quest International University Perak’s (QIUP) permanent campus will be a completely environmental friendly one when it is completed in the near future, said QIUP university council chairman Datuk Vijay Eswaran yesterday.

For starters, the 101ha campus to be constructed in Gua Tempurung, Perak, will be carbon neutral.

Vijay said students would be encouraged to get around on bicycles.
“Students and staff will also be using electric buggies and buses to move around,” he told the New Sunday Times.

QIUP, which was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Oct 27, will also incorporate new water acquisition technologies in the campus, such as the “Water from Air” (WFA) system, where the buildings will harvest moisture from the surrounding atmosphere to be processed into drinking water.

“Other water sources are rain and lake water, since the campus will share an area with seven major lakes,” said Vijay.
“The location’s scenic and calming properties will be conducive for studying,” he added.

The decision to take green initiatives was a win-win scenario for the university — greenhouse gas emissions would be kept at minimal levels and at the same time, QIUP will be able to showcase advanced environmentally friendly technologies.

Vijay said the university’s green initiatives and technological showcase was a reflection of its mission, where students not only gain academic knowledge, but also take on a new level of awareness outside of niche boundaries.

“We do not want to build just another university which churns out graduates and degrees on conveyor belts, like in factories.”

He said innovative courses would be offered to students.

“For example, a student taking up medicine as their major will have the chance to take up other studies which complements the main subject.”

The permanent campus will be built in multiple phases. Its first buildings will be occupied as early as the end of next year.

Alexis works directly with some of Asia

Alexis works directly with some of Asia’s most prominent network marketers, including global direct selling company QNet’s leaders, Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark and Donna Imson.

QNet is a wellness and lifestyle company with an Asian heritage, established in 1998. Through innovative, high-quality and exclusive products, as well as strong support and services, the company aims to enrich the lives of its customers. QNet provides its Independent Representatives with a proven business opportunity, whilst offering a promising and rewarding profession for entrepreneurs, whether to earn additional income or start their own business full-time.

At the heart of QNet is a corporate heartbeat “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM)”, based on the philosophy of serving others to create a better future for everyone. Through our corporate social responsibility arm, RYTHM Foundation, our widespread philanthropic initiatives span the areas of: children and education; youth and women empowerment; health and well-being; sports and culture.

Over a decade, the company has built a strong global presence, with millions of customers and independent representatives around the world. Qnet is the main subsidiary of international conglomerate, the QI Group, which holds businesses in direct selling and e-commerce; lifestyle and leisure; investments and property management; training and conference management; telecommunications; and luxury and collectibles.

Qnet promoting entrepreneur’s all around the world

In today’s time everybody wants a little extra money so they can live a luxurious life and maintain a lavish lifestyle. Most of the people are uncertain of where to invest money in order to get the desired results, and end up investing in different plans and schemes either in the share market or in different companies which provide a person with investment plans that proves to be very effective. There are many companies and a lot of them keep up to their word, but it is always preferable to research well before one invests as I have done that.

One of the many ways to make a little extra income is MLM. There are many companies in the market that operate on the MLM course. One of such companies that I have been associated with is the Qnet Ltd. It is one company that has reached unmatched heights of success in the last decade. Qnet has introduced some of the finest product and has also expanded its business operations in over 22 countries worldwide. Qnet was established in 1998 with the head quarter in Hong Kong. The company has helped a lot of people including myself in growing and living the life I always dreamed off.

Qnet simply operates and follows on the philosophy of “Raise Yourself to help mankind”. It simply signifies that firstly you grow your business and then help other grow with you too. This philosophy is reflected in many widespread educational, cultural, environmental and disaster relief philanthropic initiatives.  Qnet has been associated with a lot of commendable brands and companies all around the world. Recently Qnet has officially become the member of the prestigious organization of Honk Kong Health Food Association (HKHFA). Qnet is also the official sponsor of the Asian Football Confederation till 2012. The company also owns a F1 team in the Monaco grand prix. One of the most remarkable achievements to its long list of success is the company being accepted as a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) therefore becoming a cooperation partner of the Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM). Qnet is also been recognized with the Caring Company Logo awarded by Honk Kong Council of Social Services.

Through innovative and exclusive products that generate high brand loyalty and satisfaction, Qnet has established itself as a global direct selling company with a proud Asian heritage. By offering a proven business structure and opportunity to promote the company’s products, Qnet also represents an ever growing, and rewarding profession for entrepreneurs like me to work for them, earning additional or sole income. Qnet has spent a lot of time in researching and developing a strong global reach, with millions of satisfied retail customers and independent distributors all around the world. The company is the main subsidiary of international megacorp, the QI Group. The Group has varied business interests, including direct selling and e-commerce, lifestyle and leisure, investments and property management, training and conference management, telecommunications, and luxury and collectibles.

Review on QNET SCAM | شاهد هذا قبل ان تستعرض استعراضا لكيونيت

Qnet is a MLM megacorp and a subsidiary company of the Qi group of companies. Qnet has seen major success in all around the world and still functioning after 10 years of initiation. Qnet enables people to cultivate an independent monetary outlook, and connects people on a whole new level like never before. Qnet boosts a unique way of working pattern; ‘RYTHM’; to raise you (yourself) to help mankind. The megacorp is one of the most trusted and reliable MLM companies we have around today and any association with itare sure to give good returns hands down. Qnet acts as a helping hand and enables people to reach for the sky. Qnet trulyredefines your future.