QNET Review highlights company’s contributions to global progress

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays a major role in developing the economy of a country. It can be defined as the way in which a company manages various business entities to produce a desirable impact on the society. Companies with high CSR standards are able to demonstrate their responsibilities to the stockholders, employees, customers, and the general public. Asia’s premier network marketing firm, QNET, aimed to bring about a positive metamorphosis globally, in myriad spheres of life, including education and environment. According to a QNET Review, this company has embraced the true meaning of corporate conscience, and has implemented excellent programs that collectively promise to bring about a radical transformation in people’s lives.

This Asian direct selling giant has decided to support the Avalokitesvara Trust’s work in Ladakh as part of its ongoing CSR initiatives in India. Avalokitesvara Trust is an effort to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh, including those on the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-China borders. Children in these schools have very limited access to reading materials and their lives are typically limited to the remote, mountainous terrain where they live. With the establishment of the RYTHM libraries, the company and Avalokitesvara Trust aim to empower these children with the gift of learning, by providing access to previously-unavailable learning materials. QNET Review highlights the company’s contribution to global progress.

The key initiatives under the project include:

  • Sourcing and collection of children’s books for libraries in schools;
  • Designing, installing and furnishing reading spaces in existing schools;
  • Conducting learning modules, art and drama workshops in schools;
  • Providing children with games, toys, sports equipment, art and stationery supplies;
  • Medical camps for vaccinations and treatment for respiratory and skin infections;
  • Sponsorship of individual children, including tuition fees, annual and boarding expenses;
  • Empowering Ladakhi teachers with educational resources, teaching aids and training opportunities.

This multilevel marketing company has recently hosted a five-day mega gathering in Malaysia. The five-day mega gathering that was akin to a United Nations’ conference brought together some 6,000 entrepreneurs from around the world to Malaysia. It was an energy-packed, fun-filled, experience as the IRs vowed to raise the Bar Higher, which was the theme of this year’s convention.

“Events like our V-Convention are geared towards meeting global standards of direct selling. QNET sees training as investment in attracting, retaining, and growing world-class entrepreneurs who will achieve greater success in this legitimate multi-billion dollar direct selling industry,” said Mr. Pathman Senathirajah, Managing Director of The V, the global training and network management partner of the company.

Additionally, this network marketing company showcased its most popular products at the annual Malaysia-Indonesia Business Expo (MIBEX). QNET Review observes that the event aimed to forge cooperation and enhance trade relations between Malaysia and Indonesia.

“This is an excellent initiative by the Malaysian and Indonesian governments in promoting bilateral trade between the two countries. Indonesia is fast emerging as an important market in the global economy and QNET sees great potential in developing our business here,” said Mr JR Mayer, Managing Director of the company.

One comment on “QNET Review highlights company’s contributions to global progress

  1. Rohit says:

    The firm has established itself as a credible name in several countries, making it a globally known organization. QNET endeavors to make the world a better place not just via its products, but also through social service initiatives, and having been a part of them, I can vouch for the deeply gratifying feeling that one gets from a simple good deed. The general notion is that is you are involved in business, then it’s not likely that you’ll be very peaceful – at QNET, it’s absolutely the contrary. Working with QNET implies engaging in the work that you love, with a community that shares the same level of commitment and dedication.

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