QNET review spotlights the launch of Skin Care and Wellness products in Egypt

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-Commerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet. For many businesses, e-commerce is becoming the only option, as companies have become increasingly interested in expanding their online operations.

There are certain benefits of E-commerce namely,

  • Convenience,
  • Wide variety of choices,
  • Savings, and
  • Accurate information on products.

QNET is a prominent network marketing company that uses an e-Commerce platform, which aide sin retailing life enhancing products to people across the globe. It introduced the newest addition to its InShape product line – the InShape Courses, now available in the company’s e-Store.The intensive and interesting lessons in each course serve as stepping stones that will help attain the desired weight management goals. QNET review informs that those who successfully complete their course will also be rewarded with a certification.

“With the InShape Nutrition course, you will be introduced to vital nutritional facts, allowing you to make wise food choices. Broken down into 3 easy-to-follow modules and a quiz at the end of each topic, you will learn everything from basic information about nutrients, what you can get from food, what your body needs, to the roles of nutrients in optimal health and other health-related issues that will allow you to become a nutrition expert,” says Dave Osh, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

He also adds, “The InShape Fitness course can help turn you into a fitness guru. Learning and staying fit has never been easier and more fun. Guiding them from the fundamentals of fitness to professional training programmes, the courses are comprehensive guides to staying fit! They can find exercise regimes that can be easily incorporated into their hectic schedule.”

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), global retail sales from direct selling in 2012 grew 5.4 percent, year-on-years, rising to US$166.9 billion. Of this figure, the Asia Pacific region’s share was 44 percent. Vietnam was ranked 14th in Asia, with total retail sales of US$292 million. Keeping this in mind, this Asian direct selling gianthas penetrated the Vietnamese direct selling sector by opening a new office at the Ho Chi Minh City. It will act as the main support centre for thismultilevel marketing company’s presence in Vietnam. Additionally, it will also help to raise the profile of its business in neighbouring Cambodia and Laos. The office will act as a training centre for the company’s Independent Representatives (IR).

Most of us know that the Egyptian society suffers from environmental factors such as pollution and harsh weather conditions. In order to protect Egyptians from such external factors, the company has launched its skincare and wellness products in this nation. Olé, Physio Radiance, and BioSilver 22, are the three Nutrition and Personal Care products from this direct selling enterprise. QNET review discusses these products. The productscontain natural ingredients to regulate and protect the body from external contaminants.

The paraben and preservative-free Physio Radiance skin care range promises to stimulate the regeneration of the skin cells, bringing back more youthful and radiant skin. What sets it apart from similar products in the market is its patented micro encapsulation technology.

2 comments on “QNET review spotlights the launch of Skin Care and Wellness products in Egypt

  1. Saumya says:

    On a friend’s recommendation, I turned to QNET’s Olé, and I am so happy I made that decision! Enriched with the goodness of olive leaf extract, this is one product that can truly transform your life. With a completely scientific basis for the formulation, Olé is a fantastic treasure trove of antioxidants that are able to scavenge free radicals that are in turn responsible for the damaging effects in the body. Within a fortnight of regular usage of Olé, I could see the vitality and glow reappearing. I recommend using the product. QNET has truly changed my life!

  2. Nisha Rai says:

    I invested in QNET’s BioSilver 22 Gel after trying several creams and ointments. This was going to be the last experiment on my skin. Thankfully, this one product lived up to my expectations. This was the first time I realized my skin did not react negatively. BioSilver 22 claims to have antibacterial properties, and honestly, I can vouch for it. BioSilver gel incorporates the goodness of silver that is inherently able to destroy bacteria. It has been three months since I have been using this product, and so far I am impressed. I have not experienced any irritation or skin issues. I would recommend this to all of those who have skin problems.

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