Egypt F1 car show gets positive QNET Review

QNET, a prominent international multi level marketing company specializes in offering top class lifestyle and wellness products to its huge network of customers. This direct selling company is also the official sponsor of the F1 Marussia team. The company is immensely popular around the world and it has presence in almost all parts of the globe. The company has a huge reputation of being one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the direct selling industry. However, recently, the image of the company received a setback with various false claims that questioned the credibility of the company; however, the loyal customer base of the company was left unaffected. Amidst the noise, the company that had earlier kicked off its F1 car world tour reached Egypt and the journey is scheduled to move up from the capital city, Cairo to Alexandria. The car show has not only drawn immense support from the customers but also it has attracted positive QNET review.

During the car show, ardent F1 car racing lovers, the team fans and supporters came in large numbers to get a close view of the F1 car. The whole event was sponsored by the company and the car show is scheduled to run for four days. For the first leg of the car show in Egypt, the racing beauty is scheduled to be put for public display at the Sun City Mall in Cairo. The visitors of the mall can have the dual benefit of shopping and at the same time get up close and personal with the speed machine.

For the second leg of the car tour in Egypt, the show would move to the city of Alexandria and the car would be put for the public view at the Alexandria City Centre Mall. The event sponsors are expecting a great response and public attendance at the mall. The motor racing enthusiasts in the Alexandria would get a rare opportunity to get closer to the car than they would at the racing event. The show organisers are hoping that a large number of people would turn up to get a close view of the design and the overall makeup of the car.

Earlier, the car show was held in various countries across the globe including Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait and Lebanon. The events in all the countries were entirely sponsored by the company. In every country, the event received great support from the people and it also attracted great positive QNET review from the people.

The F1 car world tour gives the company a great opportunity for the company to connect with their millions of customers across the globe at a personal level and establish a strong rapport with them. The fans visiting the car show were given the full liberty to take their photographs with the racing machine. From Egypt the tour is slated to move to Central Asia where millions of fans are expected to be part of the show. Thus, the car show has been a huge success so far and it has received positive QNET review from all quarters.

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