QNET review talks about the revolutionary InShape Courses

The internet has now become an important part of life not just for teenagers but for people all over the globe. Web use has increased tremendously in the past few years with e-commerce enabled sites growing in huge numbers.  A properly designed e-commerce website helps in converting visitors to potential customers. The strategy of marketing linked to proper e-commerce enabled sites results in maximum return of an investment. In fact, there is a growing trend in this direction because of the convenience and benefits e-shopping offers.QNET review talks about the company’s success stories that have wiped out all baseless and misleading scam reports.

This Asian direct selling giant has been awarded with gold and two silvers at the recent Asia Pacific Contact Centre World top ranking performers annual awards 2013 held in Singapore.Pushpalatha Balan, the company’s Global Head of International Support Centre was awarded with gold for Best Small Contact Centre while the silver awards were bagged by Michael Sia for Best Operations Manager and Kelvin Chin for Best Supervisor.An elated Dave Osh, Chief Executive Officer of the company said that by winning the gold and silvers at the Asia Pacific awards 2013, the company has ensured itscontinuous commitment to revolutionising the customer experience.

Similarly, this multilevel marketing company has penetrated the Vietnamese direct selling sector by recently opening a new office in that region. The company, which uses an e-commerce platform, hopes to gain a strong foothold in one of the region’s fastest growing markets. According to QNET review, it believes that the direct selling market in Vietnam has showed a 12 percent increase in the retail sector. The country’s market has tremendous potential for growth. With its exclusive lifestyle and wellness products , this company is confident that the Vietnamese people will both appreciate the products and the business opportunities of the company.

This direct selling enterprise has introduced the newest addition to its InShape product line – the InShape Courses, now available in the company’s e-Store.With its online platform, the InShape Courses give an insight to the individuals with in-depth courses and a variety of articles penned down by experts in the fields of fitness, health, nutrition and wellness. As more and more people focus their efforts on losing weight, getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle, this product was launched for everyone who wants to breakaway from the cycle of dieting and extreme weight loss programs.

“With the InShape Nutrition courses, you will be introduced to vital nutritional facts, allowing you to make wise food choices. Broken down into 3 easy-to-follow modules and a quiz at the end of each topic, you will learn everything from basic information about nutrients, what you can get from food, what your body needs, to the roles of nutrients in optimal health and other health-related issues that will allow you to become a nutrition expert,” Osh adds.

QNET review also observes that In-Shape is the first product line which will bring this company into the Weight Management Market, showcasing a gel, a toning belt, meal shakes, and energy jelly.

QNET shows why training is important for IRs

Several people who are intrigued by network marketing have false notions about the business. It is a general belief among people that multilevel marketing or network marketing is a short-cut to earn millions of dollars. Indeed, it is true that the business provides unlimited opportunities for growth; you must know that just like any other business, success doesn’t come easy in MLM. The key to be successful in this profession is you must be willing to put in hard work consistently and be ready to walk that extra mile if need be. Also, it is important that you find the right company to be a part of. The company you choose to be associated with must provide you the right training as well the tools to help you grow.

The importance of IRs training is discussed below:

As a network marketer or an IR (independent representative) you would surely want to be on top of your game always and the training sessions conducted by the company provide you the perfect opportunity to keep improving. Training also helps you get the right tools and theories to move ahead on a successful career path. As the network marketing community is growing worldwide, the technological knowledge is growing too. Today, there are plenty of new and innovative training methods that allow the company to train a wide network of IRs at lower cost. The use of internet technology has not only made the training for IRs more cost effective for the companies but also it has allowed the IRs to gain the best knowledge from the best trainers by defying the geographic location barrier. There are plenty of MLM software programs that allow you to interlink with the company.

The companies must conduct training in way that the trainers are easy to contact for the IRs. No matter, the kind of training platform is employed be it offline or live online training the mentor should be easily approachable in case the IRs have any queries. The experts in the network marketing industry suggest that it is best to provide video based training materials to everyone since it allows the company to communicate their message in a better way. Also, it allows the IRs to assimilate the message quickly and effortlessly. The video training should be promptly supported by power-point presentations, articles and other printed materials.

Some of the most important aspects of network marketing are leadership skills, administrative skills, creative thought process and many more. The training process must inculcate all these skill and values in the IRs. These basic values are essential for all business settings and are not limited only to network marketing field.

For IRs it is vital that you gain maximum knowledge from your mentor or trainer. You must not hesitate to ask questions to him/her and get insights on various aspects of the business.

Thus, training plays a crucial role in the success of IRs in the network marketing business. Leading multilevel marketing company like QNET are well aware of this fact and they constantly provide training to their IRs to  keep them updated with the latest trends and marketing strategies.

QNET is one of the few network companies in the world that shares its knowledge with people so that they view network marketing from a different perspective.

Egypt F1 car show gets positive QNET Review

QNET, a prominent international multi level marketing company specializes in offering top class lifestyle and wellness products to its huge network of customers. This direct selling company is also the official sponsor of the F1 Marussia team. The company is immensely popular around the world and it has presence in almost all parts of the globe. The company has a huge reputation of being one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the direct selling industry. However, recently, the image of the company received a setback with various false claims that questioned the credibility of the company; however, the loyal customer base of the company was left unaffected. Amidst the noise, the company that had earlier kicked off its F1 car world tour reached Egypt and the journey is scheduled to move up from the capital city, Cairo to Alexandria. The car show has not only drawn immense support from the customers but also it has attracted positive QNET review.

During the car show, ardent F1 car racing lovers, the team fans and supporters came in large numbers to get a close view of the F1 car. The whole event was sponsored by the company and the car show is scheduled to run for four days. For the first leg of the car show in Egypt, the racing beauty is scheduled to be put for public display at the Sun City Mall in Cairo. The visitors of the mall can have the dual benefit of shopping and at the same time get up close and personal with the speed machine.

For the second leg of the car tour in Egypt, the show would move to the city of Alexandria and the car would be put for the public view at the Alexandria City Centre Mall. The event sponsors are expecting a great response and public attendance at the mall. The motor racing enthusiasts in the Alexandria would get a rare opportunity to get closer to the car than they would at the racing event. The show organisers are hoping that a large number of people would turn up to get a close view of the design and the overall makeup of the car.

Earlier, the car show was held in various countries across the globe including Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait and Lebanon. The events in all the countries were entirely sponsored by the company. In every country, the event received great support from the people and it also attracted great positive QNET review from the people.

The F1 car world tour gives the company a great opportunity for the company to connect with their millions of customers across the globe at a personal level and establish a strong rapport with them. The fans visiting the car show were given the full liberty to take their photographs with the racing machine. From Egypt the tour is slated to move to Central Asia where millions of fans are expected to be part of the show. Thus, the car show has been a huge success so far and it has received positive QNET review from all quarters.