Support for CASE, DSAS collaboration earns positive QNET review write-ups

Direct selling has faced the brunt of people’s anger because of various scams committed by counterfeit companies. However, companies like QNET have striven to provide people with products that have enriched their lives and uplifted their lifestyle quality, too. This is one of the known advantages of being in a profession like direct selling.

It is brimming with opportunities and has boosted the economies of several nations. To ensure that fraudulent companies do not spoil its credibility, several strong steps have been taken in the positive direction.

One of the schemes that will put an end to scams is the accreditation of several direct selling companies. This will ensure that complaints are reduced to zilch and customers will be able to enjoy quality products and the worthwhile opportunities offered by this profession. Companies that are a part of this proposition and are qualified as trustworthy will help customers get rid of fraudulent sales men. They sell products that cannot add value to any individual’s life. In the wake of this announcement, writers have praised such a move in different kinds of QNET review write-ups.

Most of the false companies retail products that are simply based on claims and do not make a difference to an individual’s life. Because of the above mentioned proposition, practices by such companies will come to a definitive end. A beneficial partnership between Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS) will make sure that such organisations cannot thrive and cheat people of their hard earned money.

Within the next nine months, this partnership will be implemented. According to other clauses, companies will be evaluated every two years. This will also involve surprise checks by officials. Legitimate organisations will be provided with a logo. This will help the customers recognise the honest ones. This is a step for the betterment of this profession and it will aid in the realisation of its potential. The success of such a plan will increase the trust of people in this profession. This is already evident with the number of increasing positive QNET review articles.

The strongest point is that customers will be able to conduct transactions with companies that are part of this scheme and provide effective products. Out of 22 companies, 19 have chosen to be part of this proposal. Because of the successful implementation of such plans, people will get to experience proper direct selling and it will certainly be a good investment of their money. Last year, 24 complaints were received by the association against direct sellers indulging in practices such as pressure selling and false claims.

The process of accreditation will require the companies to pay a fee. This aspect is being finalised. It has been ensured that all loopholes are covered. Some of the customers posed the doubt that rogue companies can use the logo without any authorisation. However, this query has been solved, too. Customers can check the portal of CaseTrust to get a list of accredited companies. The execution of this plan will certainly clean the profession and customers can enjoy the delightful experience of being part of it.

One comment on “Support for CASE, DSAS collaboration earns positive QNET review write-ups

  1. Gyaan says:

    I have a personal experience with QNet as I am associated with them. Direct sellers in QNET often find lasting value far beyond their original goal or motivation. This is because QNET offers one of the finest entrepreneurial skill building opportunities in the world. Many people find that what they learn from creating their own home-based business with QNET serves them throughout their lives in ways they never would have dreamed. Hence if you doubt its credibility, know from the members they won’t mislead.

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