QNET review outlines the company’s performance at the APCSC Leadership Summit

Network marketing has been in a buzz, because of the exceptional work of companies such as QNET. They seek to deliver the best and this has been appreciated on global platforms. At the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium’s 2013 Leadership Summit held in Hong Kong, the company received positive reception for their awareness of advanced technology and new cloud, mobile, social CRM solutions.

In the present day, customer care is of utmost importance. ‘Customer is the king’ is the mantra. This summit is a great opportunity for the prominent names in the industry to share helpful inputs on augmenting the quality of customer service and customer relationship management. Executives from the company, social media expert Rita Suttarno and development expert, Sinamar Reyes were part of the event.

This network marketing company has reinvented itself over the years. It has embraced technology and the results are for everyone to see. At this convention, the officials from this company discussed the experience of using a technology such as cloud. I happened to read a QNET review in which the writer had appreciated the company for the convenience which was a result of the use of cutting edge technology.

In the present day, people have become tech savvy, and this is evident with the increasing number of smart phones and tablets in every household. This development has worked in the favour of companies like the above mentioned one. People can easily read about the developments taking place in the company and the entire industry. They have an easy access to the social media pages of the company on their phones and tablets.

The executives from this multilevel marketing company also shed light on the role of mobile and social media in customer relationship management. Visit the social networking page of this company and you will certainly increase your knowledge about the potential of this profession. Queries of customers are answered promptly and presence on such platforms reduces the distance between a brand and its consumers.

These officials also laid emphasis on content and the process of amalgamating different kinds of literature. This is featured on different social media channels. The purpose is to increase awareness amongst customers regarding the developments in the industry. The idea is to accomplish some business goals as well. If you read any QNET review, you will be able to understand the credible body of work of this company.

The officials from this multilevel marketing enterprise also provided a glimpse into the future plans of this company. There are some exciting plans in store for its social media and technology enthusiasts that will certainly widen their smiles.

It was certainly an interactive session as the executives were a significant part of a panel discussion. They spoke about the different aspects of social media. The company has a consumer base of more than 6 million. This points out to the training that is given to the customer service teams to manage such a huge number of loyalists and supporters.

Being a part of this convention was a great achievement for this company. Some of the prominent companies from the Asia Pacific region were part of the convention. Presence in such events lays emphasis on the falsity in scam stories circulated against this network marketing company.

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