QNET review focuses on the production process of aspIRe magazine

Prominent network marketing company, QNET, is known for its unique product lines and effective offerings. It also educates people on the potential of this profession in a novel and interesting way. One of them is its magazine, aspIRe. It contains different kinds of write-ups and increases awareness on the lucrative opportunities offered in this profession. Reading this magazine is a great experience but understanding the production process is fascinating, too.

It all begins with the brainstorming sessions. People from all departments gather to discuss ideas for themes, content, designs and other aspects. These sessions are quite exciting as teammates come up with some of the most unique and unconventional ideas.  Ms Sheena Flannery, Editor-in-Chief says, “The creative sessions are fun. It’s exciting because it really could go in any direction.”  I have come across a QNET review in which the writer had praised the interesting topics covered in the magazine.

Once the basic idea is in place, a dummy list is created. This consists of all the articles and the person responsible for particular write-ups, too. A brief summary is given as well. Articles have to be submitted on a pre-scheduled deadline. An editorial team looks through the content. The quality is fine tuned. Grammar, spellings and punctuations are closely observed. The team also writes some of the articles and the designers create a layout.

This magazine is a delight to the eye, and this is due to the genius of the design team. QNET review has appreciated the new look of the magazine that was released during this year’s V-Con.

This network marketing company believes in the power of digital media. Once the design has been looked into, electronic copies are released. People are able to enjoy the experience of reading this magazine on their tablets. After this stage in the entire process, production begins. This requires constant coordination between the editorial and the design teams. The idea is that the copy has to be flawless in every way. After the designing is completed, a mock copy is arranged. Necessary approvals are required from department heads and the directors of this company.

This MLM enterprise seeks to spread smiles and they accomplish this goal in different ways. The next stage is one of the thrilling ones. Mr Sarayoot Teparos, Production Manager says, “One of the most exciting parts of each issue is choosing new printing technology to amaze our readers.” In this stage too, accuracy and the overall look has to be reviewed.

This multilevel marketing company delivers perfection to readers in the form of this magazine. The team puts in efforts to come out with this delight. Its quality has been appreciated by the readers, and the new look has certainly widened their smiles. The content of the magazine covers diverse topics and has given a good insight into the working of this industry. So, if you have been pondering upon the opportunities offered by this profession, this magazine will provide you with the answers to all your questions.

One comment on “QNET review focuses on the production process of aspIRe magazine

  1. Rhehaan K. says:

    Hey I was certainly looking for something of this kind to know more about Qnet. Well it’s good to know that they have magazines that would give better insights about the company. This article was of great help, thank you !

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