Positive QNET review leads to company’s strong Twitter presence

Social media is growing with every passing day. It encompasses various social networking platforms. Amongst all of them, Twitter has become increasingly popular. I can use the phrase ‘Short and sweet’ to describe the platform.  You may wonder what the big deal about 140 characters is. Well, if used in a proper way, Twitter can lead to some constructive results. To attain that phenomenal success, it is crucial to have an ideal Twitter account. It is essential to understand the content of the tweets as well. I follow quite a lot of companies. But, I enjoy reading QNET’s tweets. It is a popular network marketing company with a massive fan following on the social media portal. At the moment the company has more than 10,000 followers and a high engagement rate!

The company’s Twitter page shows that throughout the day, nearly 24 tweets are posted on average. This is an appropriate number and ensures optimal social media presence. So, if you want to enjoy a good presence, you know the number. It is important to strike a balance between quantity and quality. You would not want to tweet something that may not appeal to your followers. It would be quite a disappointment to tweet something meaningful, but to discover that your followers have decreased. The company has struck the right balance. Their tweets are informative and witty as well. The engagement aspect should not be compromised in a tweet. These points were brought out in a QNET review. The writer had done a comprehensive study of the company’s twitter page.

Retweeting good content is an excellent idea. It is like sharing a good thought with your followers. Some companies use it purely for promotional reasons, which can work against their favor. It is important to initiate a dialogue on various other issues as well. Recently, the company began a discussion on an upcoming Blackberry phone. A QNET review states that the company has utilized the potential of the micro-blogging platform to its fullest. For people who are new to social media, Twitter is also known as the micro blogging platform.  The interesting part about this social networking medium is that it is quirky and lends a vibrant touch to any individual or a brand. You have to visit their page to get an idea of the brains behind the profile. Lastly, I would like to bring out the importance of visual content. When you visit the company’s page, the background image is very eye catching. It is a collage of all the memories that they have captured since their inception in 1998. It is a great thought as it brings out the strength of the company’s community. The appearance of the image is a complete delight to the eye.

I am sure after reading these suggestions and visiting the network marketing company’s page; you’ll be inspired to jazz up your own profile. You will enjoy the advantages of having a profile on one of the most popular social networking platforms.

5 comments on “Positive QNET review leads to company’s strong Twitter presence

  1. Monil Deshpandey says:

    QNET has a worldwide presence and I must say they have connected with all the members on different social platforms very effectively. They have lived up to their reputation and have maintained their presence felt worldwide. Now-a-days companies are to busy making profits that they forget to keep their members/ customers updated, but QNET doesn’t fall in that category. I am impressed how they have maintained their social media and would be more impressed if they keep it up the same way!

    • lalitha says:

      would like too know more aabt this qnet. besides joining and investing and making 2 more members and follow up, have we to do marketing allso, i am confused. pl let me know and Ihave also heard that both A and B line should match in bringing members, otherwise, the company will not pay. say supposing in one line we have 8 and the other 2 then 2 plus 2 that is for four members amount will come into our account, is it so if then how to match A and B. I find it odd . please explain

  2. Jaspreet Bharot says:

    I am from the social media field, and I know exactly how Important it is to have presence on the social media platform these days. Almost the entire world is active on one or the other form of social media. It is the most interactive way to get in touch with your members and customers. Also it gives you an idea what they are expecting and how they react to your activities. QNET, by becoming fully active on social media front is taking a huge step towards strengthening their customer/ members relations even more. I believe this is the only MLM company to do so.

  3. Pritesh Vyas says:

    Hello! I am a QNET member. I just joined a few months back and my journey so far has been superb. I am aware of some negative reviews on the net surrounding QNET but as I am working with this company, i have the knowledge to falsify these claims with reason. QNET has been a boon for me and I will continue to support this company with my heart and soul.

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