Customers shower praise on MLM companies in the QNET Review

As a part of growing up, we all loved to create fancy boards and put up the images of our favourite celebrities on to them. This habit has stayed with some of us and now we delight ourselves with virtual pinning. Social Media has expanded with the introduction of Pinterest. It has a lot to offer to dynamic industries like Multilevel marketing, which strive on factors like an escalating consumer base. This visual sharing portal has rolled out some fascinating features for commercial organisations. Network marketing companies like QNET have utilised them to their fullest.

Social media has surpassed the phase of being the next big thing. Businesses and enterprises have realized its value in quickening the growth of their ventures. The perpetual interaction with consumers has enhanced the quality of their offerings. Pinterest allows individuals and companies to pin relevant visuals. This further allows the customers to have a glimpse into the ideology of the organisation. Network marketing companies have picked up the drift of this trend. Social media analysts have predicted that customers would easily prefer purchasing products found on Pinterest. In March 2012, the site displayed 2.3 billion page impressions to 4 million unique visitors on a regular basis.  Articles like QNET Review that talk about supposed frauds should be put to rest. A page on this platform allows MLM companies to display attractive visuals of their products. They can even put up videos detailing the use of these products. This social media network also helps in driving traffic to the web page of a particular company.

If Pinterest has caught the attention of social media enthusiasts, then Instagram is not far behind! Multilevel marketing companies have extended their presence on this image sharing platform. Network marketing firms use the enticing effects of Instagram to increase the appeal of their products. To know its impact, you need to understand some statistics. Approximately 7 million users on a global level use this platform and upload 1.3 million pictures on a daily basis. On an estimate, 78 million likes on pictures has been enjoyed by Instagram.  I came across a QNET Review in which the writer had spoken highly of the personalised feel, which the company’s page reflected through their photos. Sharing of pictures builds a community experience. Network marketing companies can capture some memorable moments and directly send them to Facebook. It is a fascinating way to spread some positive and infectious vibes.  In contemporary times, companies have realized the relevance of images. They play an important role in building a consumer’s opinion about a product.

Personally, I think Pinterest is a better platform as it is able to build an interaction between the company and the customer. People can pin images on open boards created by the company and communicate their views and opinions. The space between the customer and MLM companies has completely reduced. These image sharing networks have strengthened their bond. They have completely redefined the entire experience of a brand connecting with the customers.

4 comments on “Customers shower praise on MLM companies in the QNET Review

  1. Viral Kapadia says:

    I feel that today is an age when all the major interactions are done on the net. Meeting new people, dating, building business relationships, searching for dealers and whole-sellers, everything is done on the net! Social networking plays an important role of supporting business models like the MLM model. It helps to build the platform for relations that have great value in the field of MLM. Now that social media is so popular, the positive outcomes of the MLM companies have increased even more giving people a reason to enjoy!

  2. Shravan Joshi says:

    I must say, A brilliant piece of writing. This article is full of facts, unlike the fake articles throwing negativity on QNET. such articles which are based on truth are the need of the moment. Just as negative articles and news try to hamper the company, such positive articles and views try and support the good work that QNET is doing. People who choose to stand against the negative news surrounding QNET have a reason to celebrate as they know what is right and what is wrong.

  3. Prachi Patani says:

    MLM is a model that deserves praises. Companies like QNET who know exactly how to implement this model do a very good job in developing its members and customers base into a strong one. I am happy to be a part of QNET and bask in its glory.

  4. Richa Patel says:

    Looking at the current economy, with prices rising everywhere, MLM is the way to go! This business is such that it won’t be affected recession. QNET offers a range of good products and this is beneficial to the company as well as its members, as good products never go out of demand. MLM combined with the brilliance of QNET is a recipe for success.

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