The Business Model of QNET Egypt

There are mixed opinions on the business of multilevel marketing. Some people are in favour of it while some are not. QNET is an MLM company. It has given millions of people all over the world a unique business opportunity and sold quality products to its wide base of customers. The company thrives because of its Independent Representatives who promote the company’s products to potential customers.

Because of these Independent Representatives doing the marketing of the products, all the costs associated with middle men are eliminated. IRs earns commissions depending on the number of sales they make. The company has a robust commission engine that computes the IRs’ commissions on a weekly basis. In a nutshell, word-of-mouth marketing is what makes QNET tick. The reach of of word-of-mouth marketing is unlimited and boundless as it doesn’t discriminate against race, creed or religion.

This business model works for people who have good marketing skills. Each time they promote the products and with every sale they make, their skills are improved. Network Marketing companies’ massive growth is primarily attributed to their effective business model.

Becoming an Independent Representative is simple and easy. An individual becomes an IR of the company by paying an enrolment fee. The IR, in order to qualify to earn, has to either buy a product or sell a product to a prospect. All purchase transactions are done on the company’s online store. MLM companies like QNET Egypt use secure and foolproof tools and methods to maintain transparency and integrity. All purchases and referrals of the IRs are tracked by the unique and robust commission engine of the company. Multilevel marketing offers many benefits. Companies connect with their customers through a personal or direct approach. This helps in creating and maintaining a close and strong rapport with the customers. The range of products offered by network marketing companies, are wide. Every year, new products are invented or formulated then offered to their markets. These companies keep abreast of global and technological trends. They want to give nothing but the finest to their customers. The quality of the products is what makes the customers cement their trust in these brands. What differentiates a good company from a fraudulent one is its motive and intention. Some MLM companies like QNET Egypt fulfil their responsibilities towards their customers and the society, which is indeed remarkable.

Network marketing is a very powerful business concept that has come a long way. It has evolved in various ways, complaints have been reduced and praises have increased. Companies maintain the transparency of their systems in different ways. They make sure that they do not give their rivals or the regulatory authorities the chance to point fingers at them. The growth potential of this business model is unlimited. It definitely is worth a try!

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  1. […] a good company from a fraudulent one is its motive and intention. Some MLM companies like QNET Egypt fulfil their responsibilities towards their customers and the society, which is indeed […]

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