QNET complaints – A hurdle in the growth of multilevel marketing companies

Being a student, I need to have a source of income to meet my expenses. Imagine asking for money at the age of 21! It is an age where the need to be self-sufficient increases with every passing moment. I came to know about multilevel marketing companies from a friend, who was a member of one. The style of working and earning money intrigued me. I wanted to give it a proper try. It was one of my good decisions. I experienced a different form of freedom. While researching about these companies, however, I stumbled upon many online pages that discuss something called QNET complaints. This caught my attention. I wanted to analyse the situation from all perspectives.

QNET complaints, as I have found out, are the workings of rival companies that use articles that talk about false scams. This is done to tarnish the image of multilevel marketing companies. It is an indirect way to slow down or completely cut the industry’s progress. The MLM industry has proven to be the dark horse in the race to financial success. They have steadily flourished and this is evident with the growing fascination of people with MLM companies.

Marketing strategies have always been my area of interest. The level of competition increases and so does the level of aggressiveness needed for these strategies. Companies leave no stone unturned in strengthening their positions in the market. Consumers nowadays have a lot of options before them so companies deem it is necessary to have a strong presence in a consumer’s mind. Companies cannot afford to be ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ For MLM companies, the increasing scepticism is an additional challenge. One company that has been a victim of false notions is QNET. I have read a lot of QNET complaints on the internet and most of them are results of the lack of knowledge on multilevel marketing companies. People need to be educated about this industry. Their contribution to the society is not just in terms of helping people earn money but these companies play a key position in the global economy. In their own ways, they promote entrepreneurship, leadership, tourism, etc. which benefits the economy of various countries.

I think multilevel marketing companies are a welcome change from typical jobs. It is a change, which should be embraced. Rather than basing conclusions on falsely reported facts, people should speak to individuals who are members of such companies. Nothing can beat personal experience. Only when you give it a shot will you understand the essential details of such business model. If you continue believing in such fraudulent write-ups, you are losing a potential opportunity to earn well. Multilevel marketing companies are here to stay and definitely will for a long time!

4 comments on “QNET complaints – A hurdle in the growth of multilevel marketing companies

  1. Tejas Tanna says:

    The best way to find the truth about a company is to speak to its members of customers. I know many QNET members and till date I have never found anyone who was against QNET. Many people who are jealous will spread rumors which is natural, but what to believe and what to not is the important thing. I know that QNET is a genuine company and I am aware of the good it does for its members and customers.
    I know where I am headed, QNET is my guide.

  2. Monil Bharmat says:

    Its a fact that every company has its downfall, but to overcome the negativity is the sign of a strong company. The company has to be determined to surface above the waters and stay true to the members, backing them in this period of tribulation. QNET has always remained true to its values, never deviating from the fact that it is a company dedicated to its members. No matter what the false rumors say, QNET has always continued the good work that it does.

  3. Kajal says:

    I do agree with the blogger that speaking to people who are members of QNet actually helps in coming to a better conclusion about the company. Even when I was planning to become an IR and came across negative blog posts, it did affect my mindset. But once I spoke to some IRs, it was a completely different picture. I am happy that I made a right decision by being part of Qnet. It follows a business model that helps its IRs excel in all aspects of their life.

  4. Tony says:

    Guys, have conscience and inform new people about the company and how the business model works. I had to withdraw myself in the first instance, after getting initiated in QNET membership, since no scientific evidences are provided to the clients or the next new member joining, about the quality of products claims. Verbal claims cannot be substantiated.

    It is not fair for the IR’s to misrepresent or hide the factuals to newcomers and send them to an abyss of hopeless return to their normal life. In fact several countries have banned QNET.

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