Why one should not believe the QuestNet fraud

QuestNet, is a Hong-Kong based company that offers a wide range of products pertaining to nutrition, regaining energy, vacation packages, jewellery sets, and more, for the betterment of their customers’ lives. The company was established in 1998 and now has customers worldwide in almost every continent.. The business has a large customer base in countries like Indonesia, India,Ivory Coast and Egypt.

QuestNet independent representatives sell products directly to customers and receive returns depending on their volume of sales, much like with any company. The representatives of QuestNet work hard and the company provides them with motivation which boosts them to shine in their work. Since it was established, it has gained a lot of success and became a global household name.

However the company has had its fair share of controversies too, likethe QuestNet fraud. Google this term and you will get many reviews, blogs and discussions on it. One wonders what exactly is the fraud about? Why are there so many contradicting reports?

Success is a hard thing to digest especially if it is not yours. The more successful you are, the more people will talk, and sometimes invent stories about you that are totally untrue. Stories like QuestNet fraud. Using online tools like social media, they spread wrong ideas about the company.

Even failed distributors are looking to blame QuestNet for their failures and losses. It is something that they have encountered because of their poor marketing skills. They don’t really have any right to blame the company for that saying that the company has cheated them!  The claims of being cheated only seems like they sat back doing nothing but when no profits came they decided to blame the company. This only gave the rival company some more encouragement as they convinced those IRs that the company had duped them.

While the QuestNet fraud is still debated upon, one needs to understand that the so-called fraud is a fraud in itself. It is a manufactured concept that has come across due to the wrong perception of the network marketing industry. People considered it as a fraud company only because it was portrayed in that manner by a host of frauds themselves.

It is necessary to research about the company and look at how it functions. This is important to know because only then can you  know if QuestNet Fraud is really true or just a made up concept.

One comment on “Why one should not believe the QuestNet fraud

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