QuestNet Egypt, a company with a goal

Much has been said about network marketing companies. When the multi-level marketing structure was first established, numerous companies sprouted up; an unethical few took advantage of this and promised get rich quick schemes, now known as Ponzi schemes. But as fast as they popped up, the illegitimate ones crashed just as fast. This left only the legitimate businesses standing, such asQuestNet. It sustained because it didn’t promise quick money, rather money through a gradual process involving hard work and dedication.  QuestNet Egypt opened its door to the nation a few years back.

QuestNet is a direct selling company which has been around for more than a decade. It offers a huge variety of products from segments like nutrition products, energy products, vacation packages, watches to name a few. It follows the structure of multi-level marketing where one can become a member by investing a certain amount in the beginning. Hereon, upon every sale these members known as independent representative are compensated. This business model is a profitable opportunity for people who wish to run their own business or earn extra income.

During the recession in Egypt, a lot of people lost their jobs. They had to then look out for alternatives to earn their living. That’s when QuestNet Egypt helped them get their life back on track. The innovative marketing strategy and unique ideas that this company possessed made it so popular among people. Unfortunately, the company’s success didn’t really go well with the rivals, whotook to maligning the company’s reputation by spreading false rumours. A lot of false stories were published online. This led to rise of negative sentiments in the minds of distributors and customers alike. Eventually all the claims were proven untrue because of the lack of proof stating otherwise.

During these troubled times, the loyal distributors and customers stayed true to the company, as they had witnessed the legal and ethical functioning of the company, but they did lose out on some of the potential customers. The damage was done, but the company who had not done anything wrong stood against the untrue allegations and rose again.  QuestNet Egypt now enjoys a base of millions of satisfied customers from more than 200 countries. It proved to the world that it was not a fly-by-night company and is here for the long haul.

All said, one must understand that even though network marketing businesses can be very profitable, you cannot be successful without hard work or the proper skills. Therefore, one could say that QuestNet Egypt is an ideal example for a company that succeeded in spite of baseless allegations. This was possible only because of their ethical business practices, hard work and a loyal customer base.  They need a pat on their back, don’t you think?

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