Questnet review – a global company

There are many people in this world who lead middle class lives wishing they could earn way more. I was one of them too. And that was the case till I came across QuestNet – a company that changed millions of middle class lives like mine. This QuestNet review aims to tell you what the company is all about.


Gaining trust of the public sector is not an easy task. Marketing is a very fast industry and when it comes to commercial business, one often finds it very difficult to create a niche. The identity of any company depends upon its marketing. You may have the best product possible but if your marketing is poor, there is no guarantee that it will last in the market.


Product innovation is always the key to a successful business. And as an independent representative of QuestNet and through this QuestNet review, I assure you that as a business it has done very well. It has evolved with time and produced some extremely great products. It functions as a multi-level marketing company and has been in the industry for more than a decade. It dealt with initial struggles like all businesses did  but it grew as a company in a slow but sure pace. It provided people with the option of earning additional income. This led to them being able to lead more luxurious lifestyles.


 The QuestNet business plan became a success story with a lot of positive reports favouring it. Very soon it expanded over many countries across the globe. Once you become the member of the company like I did, you can actually become the face of the company as you will market the company and its products to the masses. The products are extremely good and add a lot to the lifestyle of the masses.


An independent representative besides selling products also enrols new members. As he does this, he gets compensated Thus, this exactly is the business model of multi-level marketing.


One also needs very good marketing and communication skills. One doesn’t need to have an MBA or be an engineer to be involved with this company. There is complete freedom for the members to carry out the business as they wish. One could even take this up part-time or choose to do it full time.


Despite extreme competition, QuestNet managed to create a very good name for itself. It was booming in the market and was generating a lot of customers. It was a glorious time till the QuestNet scam controversy raised its ugly head and spoilt the company’s initial success.


But every coin has two sides. There were rival companies who got jealous and sceptical of the success of QuestNet and so, they spread these baseless allegations against it. The company’s credibility was questioned as a result of which people were hesitant to join the company. A lot of negative write-ups were posted and spread on the Internet.

This QuestNet review aims to provide you the truth as I saw it. Hope it makes you see it, too.

The hoopla called QuestNet fraud

Train conversations often reveal a lot of things. While I was coming back to Mumbai from Ludhiana, I happened to talk to a gentleman who was a QuestNet member. I was a little surprised considering the fact that I had heard the company was shut down due to legal issues. After speaking to him and upon reaching home, I decided to find out the truth behind the QuestNet fraud.

Money makes the world go around. In a modern world, maintaining a luxurious lifestyle has forced people to look at alternative ways of earning an additional income. One looks at various schemes possible to increase income so as to go beyond just fulfilling their basic needs. That encouraged the growth of network marketing businesses.

QuestNet is a famous network marketing business, ranked by Direct Selling News as the 5th most successful in Asia. However, with all the success come controversies – like the QuestNet fraud. That the company has a huge network of customers across the world is exactly what has made these upcoming rival companies jealous. .

The net has thousands of articles about the QuestNet fraud. But would you believe anything just based on face value?  One must do a good research before deciding if these reports are true or not. It is very important to verify them and not believe what ‘anonymous’ says. If you see the reality, the complaints and scam reports have not even an ounce of truth to them. They are strategies of either rival companies or those big companies who fear the growth of this business. The problem is that when such reports are spread, the masses think twice before investing. This leads to a loss of customers.

QuestNet complaints are false and just aim to do that. These complaints advise people as if they are concerned for them and ask them to avoid investing their hard earned money. One can however never ignore the fact that this very company helped to increase a person’s income. It’s all merely an attempt to destroy the company’s image. Unsuccessful Independent Representatives are also a part of this entire blame QuestNet scam.

To clear the air, investigations were started to extract the truth. The evidence suggested that the allegations made against the enterprise were a hoax started by rival companies and unhappy members to tarnish the image of the enterprise.So the next time you read an article about QuestNet fraud, make sure the writer has genuine interests. A balanced argument is extremely necessary before jumping to conclusions.

QuestNet fraud, totally untrue

There is a huge number of network marketing companies in the world. Some are genuine while others are not. It is said that the good always wins over evil, but I guess that’s just limited to stories. In real life though, the ones following rules and regulations end up falling prey to so many controversies that one may wonder, is it always right to follow the rules? QuestNet, which has figured in numerous QuestNet Fraud articles online, is actually an example of a company which has operated legally and ethically to attain success and has been pulled down by rumours.

QuestNet is a direct selling company that offers a variety of products from segments like watches, nutrition products, energy products, vacation packages etc. Network marketing may be conceived as a risky business, mainly due to the misconceptions that people possess because of the QuestNet fraud stories that have been spreading.

The Internet opens new doors of communication and information acquisition, but unfortunately some people tend to misuse this service by writing false information and stories about companies, services, products and people. Due to the advancement of technology and availability of all the information with justa click, people are turning into passive thinkers and listeners. They immediately believe all that they see or read on the web. People spreading such rumours know that no one is actually going to question their allegations or try to find the truth. No one is looking for first hand information; rather they are banking on information put up by unknown or uncredible sources.

It is this information that customers rely on, henceshunning fruitful business opportunities. The only people benefitting from this are the ones spreading the stories. We, by believing the false stories about the QuestNet fraud, are just making their tasks simpler and being unfair to the company that has worked hard to attain success. In fact, being a part of QuestNet is actually an incredible opportunity for all those who have what it takes but need a little direction to starting their venture.

How does QuestNet help? You invest an initial amount and become an independent representative. They then guide you through their training programmes to groom you into network marketing professionals. Your marketing skills are tested and enhanced.

With the focus just on making money, people tend to forget that the business is like any other business: it needs time, dedication and hard work to succeed. Failing to do so is definitely not going to work in your favour. The result is such that the company gets blamed for the losses that the individuals incur. This is how the stories of QuestNet fraud came into existence. It is time people take charge of their own actions instead of blaming others.

QuestNet fraud, untrue claims

Network marketing as an industry has flourished in the past decade or so. Many new companies have come up with the claim that you could earn some extra money to supplement your current income. Some even go ahead and state that people could make a meaningful career in network marketing. It was true I would say till the claims of QuestNet fraud sowed seeds of suspicion in the minds of people. Here is the truth behind the claim.

QuestNet is a direct selling company which has been around for more than a decade. It offers a huge variety of products from segments like nutrition products, energy products, vacation packages, watches to name a few. It follows the structure of multi-level marketing where one can become a member by investing a certain amount in the beginning. Hereon, upon every sale these members known as independent representative are compensated. This business model is a profitable opportunity for people who wish to run their own business or earn extra income.

A lot of people turned to these companies to add to their income. The company was doing very well, then the QuestNet fraud rumours hit the Internet. It claimed that the company was illegal and was mistreating its members by not paying their dues. This was like an unexpected twist to the success story of this company and the company was suddenly looked upon with suspicion. A number of questions were thrown at the company with the sole aim of finding out the truth.

Who would suddenly try to defame the company? Direct selling is not a magic potion to earn extra bucks. Though the concept of network marketing is simple, it requires one to spend a lot of time and effort to make it big. There were members who did not put in enough efforts and hence were not as successful as they hoped to be. Irrespective of the industry, no company will pay you for not achieving. Then how can one blame the company and call it a con? So you see this is how stories about the QuestNet fraud surfaced the internet.

With the aim of taking their revenge, the unhappy distributors used the web to get back at the company. It also worked in the favour of the rivals who wanted to defame the company. To sum it up, it could easily be said that the claims of the QuestNet fraud were baseless and the doing of jealous rivals and unhappy members who just wanted to get back at the company for their loss. But as they say the truth triumphs, so did QuestNet!

The story of the QuestNet fraud

The moment someone does well, instead of appreciating the efforts, everyone is either busy pointing out faults or trying to pull him/her down. It doesn’t change whether it’s a person, company, service or a product.  If it’s a direct selling company, well God save them. With the hype made about their fraudulent practises, the good ones suffer.  It doesn’t take time for negative sentiments to penetrate the minds of people. The QuestNet fraud stories are an example of the misconception of direct selling companies.

QuestNet is a direct selling company that offers a variety of products from segments like watches, nutrition products, energy products, vacation packages etc. Though there are many network marketing companies, some people doubt their legitimacy. This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge or even misinformation that people possess about the industry. To add fuel to the fire, the rise of stories relating to the QuestNet fraud had made people avoid such companies.

The Internet is a great medium to find and share information. But the purpose is lost when people use it to bad-mouth someone. It is not a space for personal rivalry. Surprisingly people are turning into passive thinkers and listeners. As a result, they believe stories without really trying to find out the source. Not just that, they believe that what they’ve heard is the ultimate truth and live by it. Unfair, isn’t it? The stories that go around are usually the doings of rivals who want to pull down their competitors. Instead of working hard, they try to damage the image of the company through false claims and steal their customers. The best way to do this is by tuning in to the World Wide Web. There are numerous forums and WebPages where they can log in and post stories or start discussions. These stories eventually turn into trending articles and become the talk of the town. People around read them and believe them as these articles are found on various websites. Once people believe them and boycott the company, the rivals’ mission is accomplished. The only one benefiting here are the rivals. The ones losing out are the company as their efforts are washed out and the people because they miss out on an opportunity. QuestNet fraud stories have been started in this way and have affected people as mentioned.

QuestNet has been around for more than a decade now. It has taken them years of hard work and effort to reach the position they are at. The rival companies do not have an efficient workforce to get them there and are hence trying to pull down their competitor to get there. What services can such unethical companies possibly offer? They might pull QuestNet down through false stories of QuestNet fraud but they cannot get the minds behind the success of the company. As they say, if you are true, troubled times will pass.  Who else would understand that other than QuestNet? For them, they’vebeen there, suffered and bounced back again.

Why one should not believe the QuestNet fraud

QuestNet, is a Hong-Kong based company that offers a wide range of products pertaining to nutrition, regaining energy, vacation packages, jewellery sets, and more, for the betterment of their customers’ lives. The company was established in 1998 and now has customers worldwide in almost every continent.. The business has a large customer base in countries like Indonesia, India,Ivory Coast and Egypt.

QuestNet independent representatives sell products directly to customers and receive returns depending on their volume of sales, much like with any company. The representatives of QuestNet work hard and the company provides them with motivation which boosts them to shine in their work. Since it was established, it has gained a lot of success and became a global household name.

However the company has had its fair share of controversies too, likethe QuestNet fraud. Google this term and you will get many reviews, blogs and discussions on it. One wonders what exactly is the fraud about? Why are there so many contradicting reports?

Success is a hard thing to digest especially if it is not yours. The more successful you are, the more people will talk, and sometimes invent stories about you that are totally untrue. Stories like QuestNet fraud. Using online tools like social media, they spread wrong ideas about the company.

Even failed distributors are looking to blame QuestNet for their failures and losses. It is something that they have encountered because of their poor marketing skills. They don’t really have any right to blame the company for that saying that the company has cheated them!  The claims of being cheated only seems like they sat back doing nothing but when no profits came they decided to blame the company. This only gave the rival company some more encouragement as they convinced those IRs that the company had duped them.

While the QuestNet fraud is still debated upon, one needs to understand that the so-called fraud is a fraud in itself. It is a manufactured concept that has come across due to the wrong perception of the network marketing industry. People considered it as a fraud company only because it was portrayed in that manner by a host of frauds themselves.

It is necessary to research about the company and look at how it functions. This is important to know because only then can you  know if QuestNet Fraud is really true or just a made up concept.

QuestNet Egypt, a company with a goal

Much has been said about network marketing companies. When the multi-level marketing structure was first established, numerous companies sprouted up; an unethical few took advantage of this and promised get rich quick schemes, now known as Ponzi schemes. But as fast as they popped up, the illegitimate ones crashed just as fast. This left only the legitimate businesses standing, such asQuestNet. It sustained because it didn’t promise quick money, rather money through a gradual process involving hard work and dedication.  QuestNet Egypt opened its door to the nation a few years back.

QuestNet is a direct selling company which has been around for more than a decade. It offers a huge variety of products from segments like nutrition products, energy products, vacation packages, watches to name a few. It follows the structure of multi-level marketing where one can become a member by investing a certain amount in the beginning. Hereon, upon every sale these members known as independent representative are compensated. This business model is a profitable opportunity for people who wish to run their own business or earn extra income.

During the recession in Egypt, a lot of people lost their jobs. They had to then look out for alternatives to earn their living. That’s when QuestNet Egypt helped them get their life back on track. The innovative marketing strategy and unique ideas that this company possessed made it so popular among people. Unfortunately, the company’s success didn’t really go well with the rivals, whotook to maligning the company’s reputation by spreading false rumours. A lot of false stories were published online. This led to rise of negative sentiments in the minds of distributors and customers alike. Eventually all the claims were proven untrue because of the lack of proof stating otherwise.

During these troubled times, the loyal distributors and customers stayed true to the company, as they had witnessed the legal and ethical functioning of the company, but they did lose out on some of the potential customers. The damage was done, but the company who had not done anything wrong stood against the untrue allegations and rose again.  QuestNet Egypt now enjoys a base of millions of satisfied customers from more than 200 countries. It proved to the world that it was not a fly-by-night company and is here for the long haul.

All said, one must understand that even though network marketing businesses can be very profitable, you cannot be successful without hard work or the proper skills. Therefore, one could say that QuestNet Egypt is an ideal example for a company that succeeded in spite of baseless allegations. This was possible only because of their ethical business practices, hard work and a loyal customer base.  They need a pat on their back, don’t you think?