The joys of being a questnet employee

Questnet or Qnet, as the company is sometimes referred to, is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong. It is a company that works solely on the principle of networking and multi-level marketing. A proud and established name in the MLM arena, Questnet had to face a lot of criticism recently, for a few fake questnet complaints. Despite being in the limelight for the wrong reasons, the company bounced back and till enjoys great fame and trust.

The questnet reports accused the company of being conniving and conning the people of their rightful products and services, and its own members of their rightful payments. As per its ‘refer to a friend’ principle, its Independent Representatives (IRs) refer the company products to consumers and try to enlist more people into the scheme. These IRs are then compensated on the basis of their referrals and enrolments. However, there were reports freely circulated over the internet of Questnet being nothing but fraud and a scam.

There are many benefits of working with this MLM company. The first of many is that you could work at your own sweet time and take your own time to make sales and referrals. Secondly, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Questnet took you on and gave you a way of becoming financially independent so you could make your dreams come true. Thirdly, there is no pressure and deadlines from any authority figure from the company. This guaranteed that the members would work in peace and generate profits for the company as well as themselves. But apparently, some members took this the wrong way and decided that Questnet was an instant money-making mechanism. And this is one of the reasons that led to the company’s bad predicament.

No one ever said that Questnet would provide for its members even if they didn’t work. This business is like any other; you work fastidiously and patiently, and you will get your compensation. If you do not work hard, why will anyone give you any compensation? But some people failed to understand this simple work process and became dissatisfied. At the same time, rival companies and competitors took advantage of this situation and added fuel to the fire by leaking fake questnet complaints and reviews on the internet and print media. Fingers were pointed and names were taken, and the company faced a lot of issues.

But what no one understood was why would a company as established as Questnet try to jeopardize its good name? Why would the company try to adopt malpractices when it already had all the fame and glory it needed? For trivial profits? Another issue that was used to their disadvantage was that most MLM companies have always been seen in a bad light. And since one apple is said to spoil the whole bunch, Questnet was counted as one among the many conning MLM companies. But despite being hounded with such bad publicity and forged questnet reviews, the company has stood back up on its feet and is doing well. I think it is truly a company that delivers on its promises of excellence and goodwill. 

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