Qnet and its popularity as a business community

Based in Hong Kong, Qnet is a direct selling company that sells personal care products. It also sells energy products, jewelry and vacation packages.  It is a company owned by the QI group.


When we talk about health and lifestyle, Qnet, even known as Questnet, enhances the lives of many people across the globe. The company follows a unique marketing strategy. The strategy is called multi-level marketing. If you aren’t aware about what multi-level marketing is, then it means that the strategy depends on the representatives of the company (they work on an independent basis) referring it to other people. The other people may even include their friends, colleagues and family. The representatives will receive their pay depending on the sales of their products and enrolling new people as representatives of the company. In this manner a chain is formed with levels of representatives. 


Malaysia and Singapore have a direct selling association, which is basically a trade association. Qnet is a member of that association. It even has offices in Asian countries. It is quite a popular company that is gaining mileage in India too. 


When one researches about the company, there maybe a few scams that may come up related to the company. But it has managed to come strong and clear off them, thereby, retaining its huge consumer database. Today the company has managed to grow a successful online business community too. It has grown leaps and bounds thanks to the growth of online shopping. 


The diversity of the company offers a wide range of lifestyle products to its customers. It is has a very beneficial range of products for retail customers, basically. The distributors of this company also have the flexibility to modify their own product mix to meet the needs of the market as well as the organization. 


The company works with the best experts of the industry, which includes everyone from researchers to distributors. The products are of high quality and extremely innovative. The company even produces nutritional supplements, which are very popular among the youth population today. It even offers high luxury watches and beautiful jewellery. The company has also started offering holiday packages, which can be booked online for reasonable prices.

There are many companies of this sort in the market today. But one has to be careful and trust the one that has been there for a long time. Qnet has been a part of the market since 1998. No company would cheat you after almost 14 years of its service. It is time that people make the most of this business opportunity. Housewives and the ones retired can be a part of this business community too. Qnet has been working hard to meet the demands of the masses through its quality products. The common man can not only enjoy these products but earn money himself through them as well. It is your chance to extract as much as you can from the company that has a lot to offer. It’s your time to be the master salesman as well as the consumer king.

One comment on “Qnet and its popularity as a business community

  1. Reem Surendra says:

    I agree with you! Qnet is responsible for enriching the lives of many across the globe. I recently read an article online on how the fake news about Qnet fraud and scam was spread in the market to hamper Qnet’s growth and i felt so agitated. Can’t any business be successful without people or competitors spreading negative rumors about them? I find this disgusting. People should know what is true and what is not before believing any news. Qnet is a genuine company and the work it does for its members is just great!

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