The joys of being a questnet employee

Questnet or Qnet, as the company is sometimes referred to, is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong. It is a company that works solely on the principle of networking and multi-level marketing. A proud and established name in the MLM arena, Questnet had to face a lot of criticism recently, for a few fake questnet complaints. Despite being in the limelight for the wrong reasons, the company bounced back and till enjoys great fame and trust.

The questnet reports accused the company of being conniving and conning the people of their rightful products and services, and its own members of their rightful payments. As per its ‘refer to a friend’ principle, its Independent Representatives (IRs) refer the company products to consumers and try to enlist more people into the scheme. These IRs are then compensated on the basis of their referrals and enrolments. However, there were reports freely circulated over the internet of Questnet being nothing but fraud and a scam.

There are many benefits of working with this MLM company. The first of many is that you could work at your own sweet time and take your own time to make sales and referrals. Secondly, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Questnet took you on and gave you a way of becoming financially independent so you could make your dreams come true. Thirdly, there is no pressure and deadlines from any authority figure from the company. This guaranteed that the members would work in peace and generate profits for the company as well as themselves. But apparently, some members took this the wrong way and decided that Questnet was an instant money-making mechanism. And this is one of the reasons that led to the company’s bad predicament.

No one ever said that Questnet would provide for its members even if they didn’t work. This business is like any other; you work fastidiously and patiently, and you will get your compensation. If you do not work hard, why will anyone give you any compensation? But some people failed to understand this simple work process and became dissatisfied. At the same time, rival companies and competitors took advantage of this situation and added fuel to the fire by leaking fake questnet complaints and reviews on the internet and print media. Fingers were pointed and names were taken, and the company faced a lot of issues.

But what no one understood was why would a company as established as Questnet try to jeopardize its good name? Why would the company try to adopt malpractices when it already had all the fame and glory it needed? For trivial profits? Another issue that was used to their disadvantage was that most MLM companies have always been seen in a bad light. And since one apple is said to spoil the whole bunch, Questnet was counted as one among the many conning MLM companies. But despite being hounded with such bad publicity and forged questnet reviews, the company has stood back up on its feet and is doing well. I think it is truly a company that delivers on its promises of excellence and goodwill. 

Trustworthy Qnet review online

Often people have feared about companies that use the multi level marketing technique as their marketing strategies. Qnet or better known as Questnet has gone through the same too. There have also been reports of how the direct selling company is a farce and dupes its customers. All of that however has been cleared over the years – because no company can dupe its customers for more than 14 years!

This Qnet review is not to support this company or its products. It is purely written on basis of market observation. The company has been the pioneer of this kind of marketing strategy for many years. It has enabled many of its members to earn a lot of money through its reference practice. Even the sponsors for the company can be achieved through referrals or good promotion. The company operates differently in different countries. The company has also been a huge success in Asian countries.

This Qnet review also focuses on the product base of Qnet. The company has a base of diverse products ranging from wellness products, to personal care to even travel packages. As a company belonging to the QI Group, Qnet has won the hearts of consumers across the globe with its high quality and innovative products. Even though there have been discussions regarding the fraud claims, one doesn’t realise that these claims are strategies by other business communities that want to tarnish the image of not only this multi level marketing focused company but also many others like it. This Qnet review is to point out that one needs to see both sides of the viewpoints and not trust every source. 

I have even been a part of the company myself and have even had friends who have enrolled into this business. None of us have really suffered and have in fact, got enough returns and remunerations to be happy. There hasn’t been a scope of doubt or anything fraudulent from the company. If these rumours were true, then why aren’t the members complaining? Why is everything only being done online?

Fact of the matter remains that all these rumours haven’t impacted the business because of the trust level that people have maintained in the company. This Qnet review is to show people that Qnet manages to hold a strong member base. It has benefited many people and their friends and family members too. Anyone can do this if they have good salesmen skills. People have even started their own business based on this marketing model. They have earned a lot of sponsorships through the experience of this referral system. Even a country like India, which has many housewives and a huge population of the retired, and teenagers, used this business strategy to the maximum.

This Qnet review is to also propagate that the company has a very transparent working structure. Working for this company has been rewarding and fruitful. If there are negative reviews it clearly shows the jealousy of rival companies. Criticism is always welcome but baseless allegations aren’t.

Qnet and its popularity as a business community

Based in Hong Kong, Qnet is a direct selling company that sells personal care products. It also sells energy products, jewelry and vacation packages.  It is a company owned by the QI group.


When we talk about health and lifestyle, Qnet, even known as Questnet, enhances the lives of many people across the globe. The company follows a unique marketing strategy. The strategy is called multi-level marketing. If you aren’t aware about what multi-level marketing is, then it means that the strategy depends on the representatives of the company (they work on an independent basis) referring it to other people. The other people may even include their friends, colleagues and family. The representatives will receive their pay depending on the sales of their products and enrolling new people as representatives of the company. In this manner a chain is formed with levels of representatives. 


Malaysia and Singapore have a direct selling association, which is basically a trade association. Qnet is a member of that association. It even has offices in Asian countries. It is quite a popular company that is gaining mileage in India too. 


When one researches about the company, there maybe a few scams that may come up related to the company. But it has managed to come strong and clear off them, thereby, retaining its huge consumer database. Today the company has managed to grow a successful online business community too. It has grown leaps and bounds thanks to the growth of online shopping. 


The diversity of the company offers a wide range of lifestyle products to its customers. It is has a very beneficial range of products for retail customers, basically. The distributors of this company also have the flexibility to modify their own product mix to meet the needs of the market as well as the organization. 


The company works with the best experts of the industry, which includes everyone from researchers to distributors. The products are of high quality and extremely innovative. The company even produces nutritional supplements, which are very popular among the youth population today. It even offers high luxury watches and beautiful jewellery. The company has also started offering holiday packages, which can be booked online for reasonable prices.

There are many companies of this sort in the market today. But one has to be careful and trust the one that has been there for a long time. Qnet has been a part of the market since 1998. No company would cheat you after almost 14 years of its service. It is time that people make the most of this business opportunity. Housewives and the ones retired can be a part of this business community too. Qnet has been working hard to meet the demands of the masses through its quality products. The common man can not only enjoy these products but earn money himself through them as well. It is your chance to extract as much as you can from the company that has a lot to offer. It’s your time to be the master salesman as well as the consumer king.