The real truth about QNet. Why you should pay no heed to QNet Complaints?

QNet is an online direct selling company that has been popular amongst the masses for its distinguished product line and great deals on the products itself. It is a 13 year old MLM company that is a subsidiary of the Qi Group of Companies. QNET offers a business model, which makes a member establish his own business with the company and earn monetary benefits. However, off late there have been innumerable complaints and fraudulent claims that the company is cheating on its members with its selling strategy. Some members have even claimed that Qnet hasn’t remunerated most of the members adequately leading to losses in investments. As a member, I firmly believe that all such claims are preposterous and framed. The main reason why QNet complaints have been rising and the company receiving negative publicity is solely because of the rivalry of other MLM companies who wish to reduce the member base of QNet.              

The QNet complaints are indeed baseless. It anyway works on the MLM model which obviously removes out any sort of fraud possible. The main idea of QNet has always been to buy a specific product and sell it to people within your network. Thus most of the rumors tend to come from people who haven’t really been able to capitalize on this fact and instead opt to target the parent company. Also, there are innumerous business companies who are still dreaming about making it as big as Qnet in the MLM sector but so far haven’t been able to generate that much member response. Thus the rivals end up spreading false and baseless rumors about QNet itself to hurt the reputation built by the company over the past years.

Most of the complaints that are on the World Wide Web are created by members who haven’t really been satisfied with the presence and working of QNet. Such members have probably lacked the knowledge to know the basic functioning of QNet and have thus started spreading rumors that the company is conning people.

Another reason why QNet complaints are untrue is because the members of QNet themselves admit that the company has delivered what it had promised and so far it has been one of the most trusted MLM Company till date. Most of the satisfied members also feel that the complaints regarding QNet are pretty ridiculous considering the huge reputation of the company. They feel that such complaints only hamper the strong reputation and feel that members should be carefully chosen henceforth

QNet complaints are certainly a shocking thing to read on online portals especially because QuestNet has had a very transparent structure of working. Unlike the monotonous job that most of us are hooked on to which is clearly not that rewarding and fruitful when it comes to sharing the company’s profits, Quest is also offering you a handsome reward for putting your effort in it. And if such a company gets negative reviews for its working and delivery, its pretty apparent why the false claims are even being spread in the first place. 

One comment on “The real truth about QNet. Why you should pay no heed to QNet Complaints?

  1. Susan Sequira says:

    This is exactly why you should pay no heed to the false rumors about QNET complaints. I don’t know why people still believe t but these complaints are baseless. The sheer fact that competitors are resorting to such unethical measures proves that QNET is becoming successful. People should stop listening to such fake news and should be able to differentiate between whats good and whats bad.

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