Alexis works directly with some of Asia

Alexis works directly with some of Asia’s most prominent network marketers, including global direct selling company QNet’s leaders, Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark and Donna Imson.

QNet is a wellness and lifestyle company with an Asian heritage, established in 1998. Through innovative, high-quality and exclusive products, as well as strong support and services, the company aims to enrich the lives of its customers. QNet provides its Independent Representatives with a proven business opportunity, whilst offering a promising and rewarding profession for entrepreneurs, whether to earn additional income or start their own business full-time.

At the heart of QNet is a corporate heartbeat “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM)”, based on the philosophy of serving others to create a better future for everyone. Through our corporate social responsibility arm, RYTHM Foundation, our widespread philanthropic initiatives span the areas of: children and education; youth and women empowerment; health and well-being; sports and culture.

Over a decade, the company has built a strong global presence, with millions of customers and independent representatives around the world. Qnet is the main subsidiary of international conglomerate, the QI Group, which holds businesses in direct selling and e-commerce; lifestyle and leisure; investments and property management; training and conference management; telecommunications; and luxury and collectibles.

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