QUEST INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY PERAK (QIUP) taking a step towards upgrading teaching methods

TEACHERS must upgrade their skills to identify the underlying conditions that contribute to the rise in learning difficulties, said psychiatrist Dr Selvam Karuppiah.

“In today’s environment where it is common for both parents to work, schoolchildren spend more time interacting with their teachers than their families.

“At the same time, our schoolchildren face a lot of problems that have a direct impact on their learning abilities. Hence, teachers must upgrade their skills to identify the underlying conditions that contribute to the rise in learning difficulties,” he said.

Dr Selvam was speaking to 68 teacher-counsellors who attended a day-long workshop organised by the Klang District Education Office and Quest International University Perak (QIUP) at its Petaling Jaya office at QI Tower, PJ8, at Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya recently.

He said psychiatry was not all about “a state of madness”, and that some of the problems affecting school-going children were absenteeism, fear of books and exams, fear of certain teachers, nail-biting, drug abuse, alcoholism and bullying.

“One or more of these could be symptoms of more serious problems that ultimately contributed to learning difficulties,” said Dr Selvam, who is Ranbaxy Pharmaceutical’s head of medical affairs for the Asean region.

In his talk entitled “Straight Talk”, he also said some of the most pressing issues concerning students today included a decline in social etiquette, mutual respect and tolerance in a multiracial society.

Dr Selvam said the increasing number of cases involving self-harm and irresponsible behaviour among children, teenagers and young adults was also an indication of the toll that stress was taking on modern lifestyles.

“As schools are representative of the younger population in general, teachers are role models, pillars of future behaviour and prime instruments of moulding. So it is important for schools to form problem-solving groups to ensure counselling support is always there,” he said.

Quest International University Perak (QIUP) Associate Dean from the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Dr Shaharuddin Aziz, said the university, whose main campus is in Ipoh, would soon launch short-term certificate and diploma-level courses for teachers keen to upgrade their skills in counselling.

These courses, he said, would encompass adulthood development and transition, controlling anger and stress, dealing effectively with behavioural issues and counselling skills.


QNet Enables Growth by Building Cohesive, Global Customer Service Capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Established in 1998, QNet is a direct selling company that has seen tremendous growth from its strategy of combining the potential of the Internet and e-commerce with the powerful business model of network marketing. Effectively, QNet’s business has been borderless from the start. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has a presence in 17 countries and its key markets are Southeast Asia, South Asia, North and Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The company specializes in a wide range of exclusive products, including luxury goods, travel and leisure, and lifestyle and wellness products.


With a strong reputation for innovation, QNet has always regarded IT as a key business enabler. Rapid growth in recent years posed a challenge to the company’s ability to maintain its commitments to high customer service levels. As a result, QNet’s decision makers turned to IT for a solution.


“Previously, customer information was stored in disparate backend systems that we built in-house,” says Malick Aboobakar, chief information officer, QNet Ltd. “We had standalone systems that were not interconnected. Customer information was in one site, case management data in another, and so on. And each of our subsidiaries was using a different system. As our business and subsidiaries grew, it became more and more difficult to manage this from an IT perspective.” The silo effect was also hampering customer service performance because employees would have to engage in a time-consuming process of logging in and out of different sites to collect the data they needed to do their jobs. Malou Caluza, Chief of Network Services, QNet, further explains the challenge from a customer service point of view, “As our business grows and becomes more complex, our goal is to establish one service organization to serve all our subsidiaries and customers. However, the variety of different systems made it difficult for our worldwide customer service team to work as one unit, minimize service delays and meet service level agreements.”



In 2009, QNet decided to take action. “As our business grew, we addressed specific challenges as they arose by developing IT systems,” says Aboobakar. “But once our growth started to build more momentum, we realized it was time to take a more long-term holistic view and proactive approach to managing it. It was time to deploy a one-stop, global solution for customer services.”



(Left) Mr. Malick Aboobakar,

Chief Information Officer, QNet Ltd.

(Right) Ms. Malou Caluza,

Chief of Network Services, QNet Ltd.

QNet began to evaluate different products in April 2009 and decided on Microsoft® DynamicsTM CRM in June. “Dynamics CRM would allow high levels of integration with our infrastructure because our platform is based on Microsoft .Net,” says Aboobakar. “Also, with Dynamics CRM, we could opt for an on-premise solution – something we regard as important for security reasons. At the same time, the Microsoft platform allows for a hybrid solution, should we decide to take advantage of cloud computing in the future.”


In the first phase of deployment, the system was rolled out to 100 users over a one-year period. QNet is now in the second phase of deployment, extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM to its subsidiaries and customizing modules. By 2011, about 400 users will be on the same system.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped QNet meet the customer service challenges created by its rapid growth:


360-degree customer view; consolidating all customer data within one system, integrating the interface with Microsoft Office Outlook and empowering staff with powerful search functions are just some of the benefits that have made the greatest impact on QNet. “Dynamics CRM has helped us realize a decade-long dream to have a truly cohesive worldwide customer service team,” says Caluza. “It links the whole organization – from different departments, to subsidiaries and suppliers – to provide a 360-degree view of our customers. Now, our customer service professionals know everything that is happening across all our business, and can provide a much higher level of service than before.”


Improved data accuracy; the accuracy of customer data has been improved by eliminating information silos. “Previously, when working with several different systems, we had to go through lengthy processes involving numerous checks-and-balances to make sure the data we had was accurate,” says Caluza. “Now, we have immediate access to accurate data, which enables us to provide much faster service.”


Enhanced product marketing; improved accuracy of data has provided QNet’s customer service professionals with greater insights into the company’s business. “[Microsoft Dynamics CRM] has also increased our product marketing capabilities,” says Caluza. “With one set of reliable data, we have a better understanding of what are the best products to offer and the best times to offer them, and are better positioned for up-selling and cross-selling. We even recommended our Marketing Communications team to use Dynamics CRM for e-mail campaigns.”


Reduced IT admin; Microsoft Dynamics CRM has also benefitted QNet’s IT team. “It has allowed us to streamline our customer information applications into one unified system that is much easier to manage,” says Aboobakar. “The resulting reduction in manpower required for administrative support means we can refocus IT resources on projects that add more value to the business.”


Scaled for future growth; the system also provides QNet with room for future expansion. “Dynamics CRM is enterprise class – most of the functions we need are available out of the box and other functionality is easy to extend because of the wide availability of Microsoft .Net expertise in the market,” says Aboobakar.


Looking forward, QNet intends to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM to its Finance department and is exploring the possibility of integrating it with Microsoft® SharePoint®. At the same time, the company plans to deploy Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft® LyncTM 2010.


Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enables you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence. Microsoft Dynamics provides your people with the business software tools that work like and with the tools they use every day, such as Microsoft Office . Furthermore, as a Microsoft product, it integrates seamlessly with other technologies deployed by your organization. By automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes, Microsoft Dynamics brings together people, processes, and technologies, increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your business, and helping you drive business success.

Goldquest Complaints are a marketing tactic to say QNet Fraud

With the expenses of daily life mounting in today’s date, it isn’t surprising to find a large number of people trying hard to make the ends meet. However, this rising prices of merchandises has also not bent people from wanting to live a lavish and luxurious lifestyle and has all that they think is necessary for the wherewithal. For this particular reason, a large number of people are looking at many of alternative sources of earning additionalrevenue since certain times the monthly or annual income of people is not always just about sufficient enough to enable them to lead a life of affluence and stateliness. Among many different methods used today, investing in MLM companies has become a great way to earn an additional income. One of the best MLM companies is Goldquest and this is considered to be the best not just in India but in many nations across the globe. However, it isn’t really surprising to come across Goldquest scam reports, but we need to first research about the reports on our own.

Goldquest is a global multilevel marketing megacorp and a subsidiary of Qi group of companies. Goldquest is a part of Network marketing industry which is a 75 years old and $170 billion industry.  Goldquest was established in the year 1998 with its headquarters in Hong Kong. When the megacorp started, Qnet exclusively offered high value minted coins and medallions, and quickly established themselves as one of the world’s leading numismatics Company. Goldquest fraud reports are generally by rival companies that want to reach the heights that have been attained by Goldquest today. They understand that this is a marketing strategy and if they spread negative reports about Goldquest, people will think before investing in this company and might think it is better if they invest in the rival companies thus fulfilling the strategy of these other companies.

One needs to understand the intention of the writers before believing Goldquest fraud reports. One should verify if these are reliable enough and not simply believe them. If Goldquest was a fraud company, it wouldn’t have been one of the most successful and sought after companies in over twenty two nations across the globe including the U.S. Goldquest fraud reports are generally by those who haven’t succeeded in earning a good return. This is because they haven’t paid any heed to the flow of their money in the market. All that they have done is simply invested initially. These people do not understand the functioning’s of MLM marketing and if they haven’t succeeded using the binary scheme offered by Goldquest, they won’t succeed anywhere else either.


Vijay Eswaran takes home a Lifetime Regional Philanthropy Award

Vijay Eswaran, controlling shareholder of Sri Lanka blue chip Asia Capital, won the Lifetime Regional Philanthropy award, given by former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last week. The Award was given at the third World Chinese Economic Forum held on 3 and 4 November at the Palace of the Golden Horses, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran was only one of the two non-Chinese individuals to have been honoured with the lifetime achievement award at this event, among a total of 12 recipients that included prominent individuals of Chinese origin from the Asia Pacific region.

A renowned Entrepreneur, bestselling author and a well-known speaker Vijay Eswaran was featured amongst the top 48 philanthropists in Forbes Asia’s annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy in the region, earlier this year.  As part of his growing QI Group of companies, he has established the RYTHM foundation, registered in Hong Kong, that channels CSR activities of the QI Group around the world. In Sri Lanka, Vijay Eswaran has been actively involved in the Foundation of Goodness (FOG), an organisation that aims to narrow the gap between urban and rural life.

In 2007 he donated the only paediatric laparoscopy machine in Sri Lanka to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital.
His foundation also set up a team of volunteers to distribute relief material and over $5 million during the Tsunami rehabilitation efforts.  Most recently, his Foundation was involved with Sri Lanka Unites (SLU), a youth organisation, to bring relief to school children affected by the recent floods that wreaked havoc in the Eastern, North Central and North Eastern regions of Sri Lanka. He has also established a Malaysian chapter, Vijayaratnam Foundation, in honour of his philanthropist father that works on numerous initiatives in Malaysia towards youth and women empowerment, promotion of arts and culture, education and environmental protection.

Eswaran attributes his philanthropic activities to his upbringing, coming from a family where philanthropy was a way of life. His father, who passed away just a week before he received the award, was an important influence in that arena.
The World Chinese Economic Forum (WCEF) organised by leading think tank Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute, focuses on the emergence of the Global Chinese economic power, which is not only from China but also from the Chinese Diaspora worldwide. The theme for this year’ was “Linking East and West in a Globalised World.”

The third WCEF brought together prominent role-players from 25 countries and delegates from 31 countries along with top industrial players including policy makers, NGO’s, political leaders and the general public. It was supported by leading organisations that included the Chinese Professional and Business Association in Australia, The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Development Institute (CDI), China Association of Mayors, Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.

To Know more about Vijay Eswaran Click Here —->

Confrontation can be pre-emptive step to thwart conflicts.

SERI KEMBANGAN: Confrontation may not be the approach most take in dealing with colleagues but it can be the pre-emptive step to thwart conflicts in an organisation, QI Group executive chairman Datuk Dr Vijay Eswaran revealed.

Eswaran believes that leaders in a company needed to be “open to the idea of confronting and being confronted in order for everyone to arrive on the same page at the end”.

“Taking a leaf from Sun Zi’s Art of War, I believe that one should confront before you conflict,” he said at a session on how industry leaders drive successes for their companies at the World Chinese Economic Forum.

He said although the strategy would take a longer time to bear fruit as it required leaders to have multiple discussions before they could come to an agreement, the results of such practice usually meant a team of leaders who were capable of speaking out and standing up for their opinions.

“I come from a traditional management school of thought where leaders were not suppose to challenge existing practices. Just because something has been in place for a long time doesn’t mean it has to be (continued),” he said of conventional management practices.

As for company strategies, Philippines TA Trade Advisory Group managing director Anthony Amunategui Abad said organisations needed to realise that they had to “think global, operate regional and act local”, adding that a company’s business depended a lot on how the management dealt with local issues.

He said there were still companies that did not see the necessity to move into the global arena but “the sooner you accept that the world is getting smaller, the less frustrated you will be”.

Abad’s advice was to focus on building a niche without sacrificing economic openness and competition and to be familiar with policy-legal-regulatory framework in the countries the businesses want to operate in.

“Often, promising companies suffer losses because they do not know the policies and regulations of the countries they want to engage with,” he said, citing examples of countries rejecting goods due to non-compliance of import regulations or the losing of intellectual property when companies do not register their innovations properly.


Quest International University Perak (QIUP)

KUALA LUMPUR: Quest International University Perak’s (QIUP) permanent campus will be a completely environmental friendly one when it is completed in the near future, said QIUP university council chairman Datuk Vijay Eswaran yesterday.

For starters, the 101ha campus to be constructed in Gua Tempurung, Perak, will be carbon neutral.

Vijay said students would be encouraged to get around on bicycles.
“Students and staff will also be using electric buggies and buses to move around,” he told the New Sunday Times.

QIUP, which was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Oct 27, will also incorporate new water acquisition technologies in the campus, such as the “Water from Air” (WFA) system, where the buildings will harvest moisture from the surrounding atmosphere to be processed into drinking water.

“Other water sources are rain and lake water, since the campus will share an area with seven major lakes,” said Vijay.
“The location’s scenic and calming properties will be conducive for studying,” he added.

The decision to take green initiatives was a win-win scenario for the university — greenhouse gas emissions would be kept at minimal levels and at the same time, QIUP will be able to showcase advanced environmentally friendly technologies.

Vijay said the university’s green initiatives and technological showcase was a reflection of its mission, where students not only gain academic knowledge, but also take on a new level of awareness outside of niche boundaries.

“We do not want to build just another university which churns out graduates and degrees on conveyor belts, like in factories.”

He said innovative courses would be offered to students.

“For example, a student taking up medicine as their major will have the chance to take up other studies which complements the main subject.”

The permanent campus will be built in multiple phases. Its first buildings will be occupied as early as the end of next year.

Alexis works directly with some of Asia

Alexis works directly with some of Asia’s most prominent network marketers, including global direct selling company QNet’s leaders, Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark and Donna Imson.

QNet is a wellness and lifestyle company with an Asian heritage, established in 1998. Through innovative, high-quality and exclusive products, as well as strong support and services, the company aims to enrich the lives of its customers. QNet provides its Independent Representatives with a proven business opportunity, whilst offering a promising and rewarding profession for entrepreneurs, whether to earn additional income or start their own business full-time.

At the heart of QNet is a corporate heartbeat “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM)”, based on the philosophy of serving others to create a better future for everyone. Through our corporate social responsibility arm, RYTHM Foundation, our widespread philanthropic initiatives span the areas of: children and education; youth and women empowerment; health and well-being; sports and culture.

Over a decade, the company has built a strong global presence, with millions of customers and independent representatives around the world. Qnet is the main subsidiary of international conglomerate, the QI Group, which holds businesses in direct selling and e-commerce; lifestyle and leisure; investments and property management; training and conference management; telecommunications; and luxury and collectibles.