Donna Marie Glenn Imson founded Quest Net in the year 1998

Donna Marie Glenn Imson is a very famous personality in the field of marketing. Women who want to be successful entrepreneurs can learn a lot from her. She is not only a great entrepreneur but a hardworking person too.

Donna Marie Glenn Imson founded Quest Net in the year 1998. She was then a single mother of three. To support her three children she had to do something. She had no financial assistance. So she decided to try network marketing. Network marketing was new then and it was believed to be very lucrative if you could do well. A lot of marketing skills were required. But she decided to go for it. She had to provide a good education to her three children. This is when she found Quest Net.

Donna Marie is the executive chairperson of Qnet. From being a founder to being the one who is responsible for one of the fastest growing networking companies, she has achieved a lot in her young age. This all has happened because of her never say no attitude. She has worked hard for what she has achieved and she is an inspirational personality today.

Donna Marie struggled a lot in her previous days. Not everything was simple for her. She faced her share of obstacles. But through her immense dedication, perseverance and passion, she was able to achieve what she had dreamt of. In one of her interviews she said that initially she did not make any profits. The money that was coming was just enough for the food and fee of children. After putting so many efforts only she could live a luxurious life.

Donna Marie is an inspiration for many women, since she started out as a single mother achieving so many milestones. She made Qnet very famous. Today Qnet deals in fields like wellness products, skin products, holiday packaging, accessories etc.

Donna Marie also gives motivational talks. She is the trustee of RHYTHM foundation where she reveals her philanthropic side. Every year she donates magnanimously and generously. She is truly a personality on can consider his or her idol.

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