QNet expects higher growth in Central Asia

BISHKEK (Kyrgyzstan), Nov 19, 2010: QNet, the flagship international direct selling subsidiary of Hong Kong based QI Group of Companies, is expecting higher growth in Central Asia, its Executive Chairperson, Donna Imson said today.

“Central Asia has become a major market for QNet after we established agencies and representative offices in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

“Similarly, we have recognized the need for an agency office to be established here to support our Independent Representatives (IRs), and further promote and sustain our business in the region,” she said, adding that QNet operates in over 100 countries and has five million customers.

Her speech was read out during the opening of its agency office called Timson LCC, in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). Present at the event was Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Sanjar Mukanbetov and Advisor to the Head of President’s Administration, Almanbek Usubakunov.

Imson said Kyrgyzstan offered vast potential to develop human capital, and like the rest of Central Asia, it has a lot of motivated and entrepreneurial-minded people who find network marketing to be a good business option compared to seeking regular jobs.


On a global scale, she said network marketing sources attribute the industry to be currently worth USD 120 billion with over 60 million distributors.

Among QNet’s popular products, she said, are Amezcua harmonised energy wellness range, the Bernhard H. Mayer® luxury timepiece and jewellery collection, the natural energy Himalayan Crystal Collection™, and In-Voice, which provides all-in-one telecommunications solutions.

Others include Olé Olive Leaf Extract, FibreFit and NutriSky® from its nutrition range, and Physio Radiance from its skin care range, apart from its home care products which will further raise its turnover.

Imson said QNet had invested almost USD 200,000 to create brochures and a website in the Russian language, and produce product training videos to help its IRs develop their business.

However, she cautioned that the network marketing business is not a “get-rich-quick scheme”.

“Like those who have already achieved financial freedom through QNet, all our IRs must work hard, think smart, stay committed, prepare for initial challenges, and be dedicated to closely following our established and proven business plan to achieve success,” she said.

Earlier, in welcoming QNet to the country, Usubakunov said the Government had an open policy and consistently encouraged foreign companies to set up offices in Kyrgyzstan.

“As a reputable international company, the fact that QNet is investing in Kyrgyzstan will inspire confidence and encourage other companies to similarly do so,” he said.

Adding to this, Mukanbetov, said the country was in need of investment and manpower training to develop further.

“Direct selling is still a fairly new industry in the country. Training our people in such skills will allow them to earn an income without depending on available jobs. This is something to be encouraged as it will help the national economy to grow,” he said.

Those who wish to learn more about QNet can visit its website at www.qnet.net


For more information or clarification, please contact Batyr Komurzoev, Business Development Manager at +996551018783 (mobile), or write to batyr.komurzoev@qnet.net.

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