Questnet fraud is by those who haven’t succeeded

Money has become the most important part of an individual’s life today.  The price of every commodity keeps increasing and one has to earn a good amount of income to live a lavish and luxurious life. However, with expenses increasing constantly and people not settling for anything mediocre, it has become mandatory to earn an additional income on a monthly or annual basis. For this, a large number of people have started thinking of different means that will help them earn an additional income and maintain their luxurious lifestyle. Among different plans that have become extremely beneficial for those wanting to earn an additional income is investing in various MLM companies.

Questnet is one such MLM company that has given the market a few of the best products and enabled people to invest in different schemes that have proved to be highly rewarding. In spite of this, it isn’t difficult to find a lot of reports online labeling questnet fraud. But before you believe these reports understand the motive behind them and ensure if the writer has your best interests in mind or not.

Questnet fraud is generally reported by various other MLM companies. It is a smart marketing strategy used by a number of other companies so that they stay at the top or get to reach the top. Defaming another company this way ensures that people think twice before investing their money in the defamed company and this enables you to secure a stronger clientele as those who would have preferred questnet over others will now favor your company instead.

Another reason why questnet fraud is spoken about at length is because a handful of people investing in questnet claim that they have been cheated and have not received what was promised to them initially. But these people have to realize that simply investing money in a company is not enough. They need to put in efforts to ensure that their money grows. These people lack the effort and label questnet fraud. But in reality, these are people who wouldn’t succeed in any company when they invest money since they do not put in any effort on their part.

QNet expects higher growth in Central Asia

BISHKEK (Kyrgyzstan), Nov 19, 2010: QNet, the flagship international direct selling subsidiary of Hong Kong based QI Group of Companies, is expecting higher growth in Central Asia, its Executive Chairperson, Donna Imson said today.

“Central Asia has become a major market for QNet after we established agencies and representative offices in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

“Similarly, we have recognized the need for an agency office to be established here to support our Independent Representatives (IRs), and further promote and sustain our business in the region,” she said, adding that QNet operates in over 100 countries and has five million customers.

Her speech was read out during the opening of its agency office called Timson LCC, in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). Present at the event was Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Sanjar Mukanbetov and Advisor to the Head of President’s Administration, Almanbek Usubakunov.

Imson said Kyrgyzstan offered vast potential to develop human capital, and like the rest of Central Asia, it has a lot of motivated and entrepreneurial-minded people who find network marketing to be a good business option compared to seeking regular jobs.


On a global scale, she said network marketing sources attribute the industry to be currently worth USD 120 billion with over 60 million distributors.

Among QNet’s popular products, she said, are Amezcua harmonised energy wellness range, the Bernhard H. Mayer® luxury timepiece and jewellery collection, the natural energy Himalayan Crystal Collection™, and In-Voice, which provides all-in-one telecommunications solutions.

Others include Olé Olive Leaf Extract, FibreFit and NutriSky® from its nutrition range, and Physio Radiance from its skin care range, apart from its home care products which will further raise its turnover.

Imson said QNet had invested almost USD 200,000 to create brochures and a website in the Russian language, and produce product training videos to help its IRs develop their business.

However, she cautioned that the network marketing business is not a “get-rich-quick scheme”.

“Like those who have already achieved financial freedom through QNet, all our IRs must work hard, think smart, stay committed, prepare for initial challenges, and be dedicated to closely following our established and proven business plan to achieve success,” she said.

Earlier, in welcoming QNet to the country, Usubakunov said the Government had an open policy and consistently encouraged foreign companies to set up offices in Kyrgyzstan.

“As a reputable international company, the fact that QNet is investing in Kyrgyzstan will inspire confidence and encourage other companies to similarly do so,” he said.

Adding to this, Mukanbetov, said the country was in need of investment and manpower training to develop further.

“Direct selling is still a fairly new industry in the country. Training our people in such skills will allow them to earn an income without depending on available jobs. This is something to be encouraged as it will help the national economy to grow,” he said.

Those who wish to learn more about QNet can visit its website at


For more information or clarification, please contact Batyr Komurzoev, Business Development Manager at +996551018783 (mobile), or write to

Physio radiance is highly beneficial

Every individual is extremely particular about being in the best of shape. This enhances their confidence and boosts their morale as well. Products that enhance your beauty are continuously rising in demand in the market. It is something that is sold widely and almost every individual wants to try out the latest products in the market which claims to be better than any other launched before. There are numerous companies that provide the market with such products and each company tries to outdo the other. But one company that is leading in this sphere and provides the best products to the market by maintaining high standards and quality is QNET. This is one company that has given the market a few of its best products and one amongst them is physio radiance that can be used by both men and women.

In times when every individual wants to look young, fresh and youthful always, physio radiance works perfectly and meets all the requirements of the clients. This is because this product helps to check age lines on one’s face and reverts back the process of aging. This product was made after careful research and it is made in a fashion such that any individual across the globe can conveniently make use of this product and see the desired results. This is a product that can effectively be used on different skin types ranging from oily to dry. The basic concept used in this product was the fact that every individual has similar cells and this requires care.

Physio radiance is a product that is made using only the best products and using it regularly will give you the desired youthful, fresh look. It minimizes aging lines to a great extent enabling one to look their best always. Upon using this product, self repair and rejuvenation of cells take place, hypo allergic skin types are also cared for, all skin types can use this product and is thus very beneficial. It comes in a transparent air tight container that helps it to last longer. Regular use of physio radiance will enable you to see a definite change in your skin.

Physio radiance is effective on all skin types

Different products which help you to further enhance your beauty are always in demand and this demand never dies. There are a number of companies which are constantly trying to put themselves on the topmost slot by coming up with the best deals in the market. QNET is one such company and they take a lot of care to maintain their standards by conducting stringent quality checks on every product. They have recently launched their skin care products which can be used by both men and women.

Aging is a process almost every individual wants to curb today. If not that they at least want to prolong the process and not let the lines and wrinkles appear till a considerable amount of time passes. Physio radiance is one such product which can effectively help you curb the signs of aging from appearing on your face. It can be used by men and women both and thanks to the intensive research conducted before launching the product; those with every skin type can make use of this.

Physio radiance has an unique and different formula and the clients have seen tremendous improvement in their skin quality. They have taken nothing but the best ingredients, mixed them well and achieved the desired result. Physio radiance works effectively on the cells on the skin and enables them to work at the optimum level and this helps to check the aging process.

Making use of physio radiance is bound to show you the results you would love to see. A couple of them are mentioned below:

  • It effectively works on all skin types from oily to dry
  • Hypo allergic skin types are also taken care of and high standard are maintained while designing this product
  • It helps the skin to repair, rejuvenate and regulate itself.
  • Products used are the best and patented too so one does not have to doubt the quality of the product

An air tight and see through bottle helps the formula last longer

Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

Kuala Lumpur, June 25, 2011:Malaysian entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of the QI Group Vijay Eswaran features among the top 48 philanthropists in Forbes Asia‘s annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy in the region. The list features some of Asia-Pacific’s most high-profile and interesting givers to society. Four philanthropists were picked from each of the 12 markets in the region. Vijay Eswaran features as one of the four from Malaysia along side Vincent Tan, Koon Yew Yin and the husband & wife team of Angela &HijjasKasturi.

Vijay Eswaran, who comes from a family of philanthropists, has been deeply involved in a number of charitable projects worldwide through his two foundations – RYTHM Foundation and its Malaysian chapter Vijayaratnam Foundation. While RYTHM Foundation, registered in Hong Kong has been involved in various initiatives globally in the areas of education, disaster relief, children and community development, its Malaysian Chapter, Vijayaratnam Foundation that Eswaran established in honour of his father is involved in youth and women empowerment, arts & culture, child mentoring and environment protection projects in Malaysia.


RYTHM Foundation has been involved in rehabilitation projects for some of the most devastating natural disasters in recent times such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, the Central Java earthquake in Indonesia in 2006, the Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines in 2010 and most recently the floods in coastal Sri Lanka. Vijayaratnam Foundation is most well known for its projects Footprints, a mentoring program for children in orphanages, Maharani, a series of educational & empowerment camps focused on adolescent girls from under privileged backgrounds and Taarana, a centre for children with learning disabilities.


“ I am deeply humbled by this honour. I come from a family where philanthropy has been a way of life. My parents have instilled in me the value of being in service to others from a young age. And one of my icons is Mahatma Gandhi whose teachings form the basis of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, which led to the inception of the RYTHM Foundation.


The Foundation was conceived not to primarily be a donor or a charity, but instead to be a catalyst to innovate, inspire and implement new synergies that would allow people to stand on their own feet as opposed to looking for aid. Which is why we focus on the time and effort we are able to give people in need, as opposed to the size of the cheque.  This honour is ultimately a recognition of 13 years of being in RYTHM.”  Says Vijay Eswaran on being chosen as one of the 48 Heroes.


“Some are big tycoons, even billionaires, who have a large vision of how best to help society and have donated millions of dollars to back up that vision. Others are little-known citizens who are extremely generous with their limited funds,” said Forbes Asia Senior Editor John Koppisch.


He said the magazine’s goal is not to rank the biggest givers by dollar amounts or percentage of assets, as those figures would be impossible to collect. “Instead, the aim is to call attention to a mix of notable people and causes throughout the region and to encourage more giving,” he added.


About Vijay Eswaran

Dr.VijayEswaran, the Executive Chairman of the multinational conglomerate, QI Group of Companies, is a successful entrepreneur, a bestselling author, well-known speaker and committed philanthropist. He is the author of the highly successful book In the Sphere of Silence, translated into 6 languages and three other books on life management – In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones and On the Wings of Thought.


A highly respected motivational speaker, Dr.Eswaran lectures around the world on a variety of subjects ranging from spirituality to business at leading universities, management and business leadership forums. Most recently he was a panelist at the WEF’s East Asia Summit in Jakarta and the Commonwealth Business Forum of the CHOGM in Trinidad & Tobago.


In late 2006, he was conferred with the honorary title ‘Dato’ by His Royal Highness The Sultan of Pahang in Malaysia and is hence known as Dato’ Vijay Eswaran in Malaysia. He is the recipient of the International Excellence in Business award from GOPIO (Global Organisation for People of Indian Origin) and was conferred with an honorary doctorate in management by SMC University in Switzerland.

QNET biosilver is one of the best products in the market

Living a healthy life is of utmost priority to people these days since one is prone to diseases and gets infected very easily. Pollution is one of the major triggers for this and a number of people suffer a great deal due to the various health problems that occur because of the rapidly increasing pollution. In olden times, it was the pollution free environment that enabled people to have a healthy lifestyle, a great immunity system and disease free life. Today, a simple handshake can be the career of innumerable germs and diseases that might harm your physique. This needs to be taken care of urgently so that it does not prove to be detrimental.

To address to this need of the masses, ONET came up with one of its best product that is QNET biosilver to combat this problem after extensive research and after understanding the antibacterial properties of silver that were sworn by in the ancient times. QNET has truly benefitted a large number of people by producing this product in the market since it is one product that provides great aide and protects people against harmful germs and virus’s. Its antibacterial properties make it highly beneficial and a great remedy.

While producing QNET biosilver, it is the properties of silver that were given major priorities. This product ensures that you do not get affected by germs and bacteria or even transmit the same yourself. It works effectively on your body and protects the same while ensuring that your skin is not damaged in the least.

Silver sol property is effectively made use of while producing QNET biosilver. There were a number of tests and researches that were conducted to understand the use of using this property and results showed that the antibacterial element is what makes this a preferred hoice over many others to produce biosilver. This is a highly advantageous product and shows great results. It cleanses one’s skin effectively, it has antibacterial properties, it is alcohol free, and it is non-greasy and clear and thus doesn’t hydrate the skin. Everybody using this product is completely satisfied with the results and urges people to try the same as well.

Goldquest scam does not hold water

In today’s times, almost everybody wants to mint extra money so that they live a lavish and luxurious life. A lot of times one is unsure of where to invest. They invest in different plans and schemes either in the share market or in different companies which provides one with investment plans that can prove to be very effective. But it is important to run a research on the company you wish to invest in since a lot of times these companies do not provide what they promise to. There are a number of companies and a lot of them keep up their word too but there are a few companies that dupe people. In this light, it is always better to research well before you invest.

One company that has reached dizzying heights of success in the last decade is goldquest. It has given the market few of the best products and has also spread its business in over twenty two nations across the globe. This truly is an achievement and a lot of people vouch for this company. In spite of all this, there are a lot of reports doing rounds labeling Goldquest scam. But before buying these reports blindly, one has to make sure if they have any substance in them.

Goldquest scam generally is a smart marketing strategy used by a number of MLM companies who want to get on to the topmost position in the industry. Defaming another company which is at the topmost position proves to be beneficial for them as they can then attract the clients and customers who had keen interest to invest in goldquest but will think twice before doing so now. It is a technique used by almost every MLM company in today’s times.

Another reason as to why one reads a lot of reports labeling goldquest scam is because people who haven’t succeeded in the business techniques used by goldquest think that they have been duped. But it reality, these people will not succeed anywhere, let alone goldquest. This is because they think that once they invest money, they do not have to take care of it which is far from true. It is your money and till you do not put in efforts, you will not succeed.