Donna Imson – lots of real talent

Time is always going to change. It is up to us how we mould our self to face the change and make our self best in what we do.

Donna Imson started her career in a very young age and was determined to be successful in MLM business. She gave herself time in MLM business and as time passed, she specialized her skills to motivate all the IRS. The motivation has helped the IRS to perform better in the MLM business.

She joined The V in 1998, as a V Partner and from then has evolved with the company and today plays various strong and senior management roles in the QI group.

Her main motive is to help the team {IRS} to change, grow and develop them to perform better and efficiently in MLM business.

Attending her training sessions has helped various people to improve their performance in network marketing, as she has actually helped people to transform from within which have helped them to get success.

Network marketing demands the person to be hard working and have patience to be successful. Patience along with confidence is the key which will lead to success.

Donna Imson is a live example, for those who want to make the best out of network marketing, as she has made the best of her career in network marketing.


Donna Imson has had a peaceful and decent life, and has made efforts to give the best education to her three kids as she is a single parent for them.

She choose network marketing as a career, because she wanted to work for herself as an entrepreneur and at the same time her kids were her priority.

Her dedication and commitment has made her from a common woman to an uncommon woman.

She is also the Trustee for RYTHM Foundation, QuestNet’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, where she pursues her tireless passion for philanthropy.

Examples of her most recent and kind initiatives included, participation in World Vision’s Sponsorship Program, monetary donation to help several autistic children in Hong Kong and giving aid to victims of Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines, where Donna herself personally helped with the distribution.

She is surely a woman with lots of real talent and a real human being with great values.

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