QNet joins Virgin Racing as Official Direct Selling Partner

Abu Dhabi, November 10, 2010: International Direct Selling Company QNet, today announced an exciting new partnership with the Virgin Racing Formula 1 Team, hours before the 2010 F1 Grand Prix kicked off in Abu Dhabi.

The long-term partnership will see the QNet brand become the Official Direct Selling Partner of Virgin Racing.

QNet, a leader in Direct Selling in Asia and with a significant presence in the Middle East is the flagship subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies, an international conglomerate headquartered in Hong Kong.  QNet distributes a wide range of wellness and lifestyle products and services through its cutting edge e-commerce platform to millions of customers worldwide.

For QNet, which has been involved with motorsport through its sponsorship of teams in the Formula BMW, Formula V6 and the GP2 Asia series from 2004 to 2010, the move to Formula 1 is a natural progression, ensuring exposure for the brand on a global stage, in the highest of sporting arenas.

At the launch event, Vijay Eswaran, the Executive Chairman of the QI Group, Graeme Lowdon the CEO of Virgin Racing, and Sir Richard Branson expressed their delight at this new partnership:

Vijay Eswaran:
“The way I see it, it is the coming together of two dynamic lifestyle Groups – Virgin and QI. For us, it was a decision made easy by the commitment and dedication shown by the Virgin Racing team. Plus, of course there is always the Richard Branson factor, which is undeniably a major plus point for us!

It is rare for me to come across another individual, especially one of Sir Richard’s stature, who has the same viewpoint on life as I do. I see this as the beginning of a journey between the QI Group and the Virgin Group with QNet and the Virgin Racing F1 Team kicking off the journey.”

Graeme Lowdon:
“It is very exciting to be able to announce QNet as a new long term partner for Virgin Racing at the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Much like our team, QNet is young and progressive company with an aggressive development strategy for success. We are looking forward to 2011 with confidence and QNet, along with all our partners, can be assured that we will be relentless in pursuit of our racing objectives. We look forward to working together with QNet in the years ahead.”

Sir Richard Branson:
‘I am absolutely delighted by this news. Having been personally involved in the partnership discussions, it’s particularly pleasing for me to see this come to fruition. I look forward to working with QNet on this project and hopefully many others.’


Redefining success and failure

To a person who struggles every day just to make the cut, meet someone else’s expectations and earn a name in the future, a man calmly and effortlessly gives assurance that it is no shame to keep on trying and fail in the process for it only humbles that person to reach his or her destination that is success.

For Joseph Bismark, author of The Gem Collection A Compilation of Wisdom and group managing director of Qi Group of Companies, the biggest failure would be not trying.

“Discouragement or otherwise, is purely a matter of perspective,” Bismark said.

He recalled that when he was just starting to play baseball, every time he picked up the bat, he was sure that he would strike out. The realization that each swing he missed was not a failure, but merely one step closer to a successful hit, to a home run, helped him to rise in every challenge. Bismark admitted that though he may have his share of failed attempts in business, there was never a time he thought of quitting. He never sees misfortune as a scapegoat not to succeed.

“So too, it is in business. Some ventures can fail, but all you need is that first home run. The others follow naturally, easily and in quick succession. When you look at your business ventures from this perspective, the question of discouragement doesn’t arise at all. Each situation becomes a learning process, and learning is fun,” he added.

He noted that every day there is a different challenge one needs to face, and for him, not being able to overcome that challenge is a failure.

“Every day I fail,” the humble executive said.

Even in his leadership style, Bismark would give his staff or directors all the rope that they need and when they hang themselves with it that would be their problem.

He gives them room to make mistakes because he believes it is important to make mistakes in order to succeed. “Make a mistake, acknowledge it and learn from it,” he mused.

For Bismark, misfortune is all about perception.

In an interview, he noted that one of his favorite stories in the book is “Maybe or Maybe Not,” which is about how people treat misfortune as negative and fortunes as positive.

“I don’t know if one can be a judge and say that a particular event or sudden twist of fate can be considered good or bad,” Bismark said.

Coming from a broken family, he ended up in the monastery. As a kid, he was overwhelmed by many questions, and he would ask himself why he was so unfortunate to experience this or that.

Looking back, he saw that as a nice blessing because if that did not happen he would not have that opportunity to acquire the kind of learning he got from the monastery.

“Now I never see misfortune as it is. It’s just a question of when do I realize that it is actually a fortune,” he said.

Defining success

MORE than being a genius or having an impressive résumé, determination tops the list of what makes people successful, Bismark pointed out.

He went on to say that, “Success, I believe, is a very personal attribute, and lacks a singular definition that would be acceptable to all. After all, what is success? And who is really capable of judging another’s?”

Does success imply material wealth? Does it mean a rewarding career? Does fame equate with success? Or is a successful life one that is lived in love and service?

With these questions, Bismark is convinced that the definitions of success are as numerous as the number of people and their corresponding viewpoints.

“I find it important and fulfilling to pursue spiritual growth,” he said.

The ancient saying “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” has always resonated in him, and he strongly believes that it’s a feat for a person to a have balance of both.

He was around 18 years old when he came back to live in the city, and what shocked him the most was the general tendency toward inappropriate associations.

It pained him to see many young people leading a life of excess, of indiscipline, and with scant control of their senses. Drug abuse, intoxication, sexual promiscuity, and violence were so prevalent; it was as if, these were “accepted norms” of society.

Moreover, Bismark observed that urgent things normally consume many people today such as paying the bills and earning money.

“The urgent things are not really important if you look at it. The more important things—health and relationship with people—are not urgent,” he said.

As when urgency takes control of people, they tend to depend too much on technology. Bismark argued that there is a need for technology for it cannot be stopped from happening.

“As long as it would not destroy our environment, I’m not really against technology.”

Many people would use the possessions they have—cars, cell phones, or laptops—as a measure of how successful they are. Bismark pointed out that back in old times people used to walk and accept what they had.

“Don’t make it [technology] or the lack of it a reason why you’re not successful. Rip me off with all the flashy technologies available, I can still make it. That’s what it should be,” he emphasized.

Spirituality and business

ACCORDING to Bismark, there is no conflict between managing a business and being spiritually driven at the same time.

It is but any business’s goal to make profits. He argues that by “being spiritual” implies living a life of poverty, is not entirely true.

According to him, spirituality has never meant penury, nor does it imply living the stringent life of an ascetic.

“To be spiritual simply means to be consciously connected with the Supreme in all our thoughts and deeds,” he said. History, he notes, is replete with accounts of sagely kings and rishis who have ran kingdoms on spiritual values. To ignore this case would be inappropriately to assume that a spiritual person has to be poor, just as it would be to believe that every poor person is spiritual.

“A spiritual person may have wealth, and he would know fully well that he is just a container. He is more likely to take just what he needs, and use the resources at his disposal to help others,” he said.

Leading a business

BISMARK said his business philosophy is no way different from his personal philosophy. Every person’s philosophy applies equally to his or her personal and professional lives.

For him, it is not possible to differentiate the two as it would be absurd to live by two sets of differing philosophies at the same time: one governing our personal conduct and the other, our business.

“A leader has to be in constant touch with his inner being. In my opinion, there can be no other way,” he said.

As an example, nonviolence is a philosophy he firmly believes in and this translates into both his personal life and that of his business, as the practice of vegetarianism.

The Qi Group from its very inception has abided by this fundamental rule of all life being sacred and has remained vegetarian in all of its events, be it a corporate lunch, press events or feeding thousands at a convention.

Vegetarianism is not a food choice nor is it a lifestyle statement or even a health preference; it is simply a statement of our philosophy that all life is sacred, Bismark said.

According to him, leadership is all about stepping up and taking charge. To do this, one needs to be clear about the direction he or she needs to be headed in. This clarity comes only from connecting with one’s inner-self, with one’s core values.

The importance of connecting inwards pushes people to realize their potential, in searching for qualities that every good leader must have such as strength, humility, determination, purpose, passion and confidence.

Part of leading a business is the opportunity and responsibility to work with a lot of people. And for Bismark, there are really no “difficult” people but only people who “differ.”

“We tend to judge people as difficult merely because they hold opinions that differ from ours. If a difference of opinion was enough to classify a person as difficult, wouldn’t we be equally guilty of being ‘difficult’ to someone else, by extension of the same reasoning?”

Rather than criticizing the person, he tries to focus on the issue that is being debated upon. By doing so, it helps him to keep prejudices in check and opens doors to finding areas of commonality and mutual agreement.

“It forces us to look at the issues objectively rather than through the colored lens of personal bias,” he said.

Surprisingly, Bismark noted that he has always appreciated people with diverging viewpoints as he feels how they act as sharpening tools to his own intellect. An appreciation and understanding of other’s viewpoints generally makes for good personal and professional sense, he added.

Beyond the dollar value of CSR

ONE of the most striking lines from book reads, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” When asked why is this so, Bismark willingly offered his thoughts.

According to him, gratitude is the greatest virtue because every other core value springs from it. Gratefulness comes from a deeper understanding of the truth of the “Supreme.”

Gratitude results in humility, from which springs appreciation and thankfulness. From humility alone is borne the realization of our blessings and gifts.

Perhaps, humility is one word that never runs out of Bismark’s system as he wrote in the book as a dedication, “Humility is courage.”

A humble man is naturally appreciative of all that he has, and unconditionally thankful for the same. “How else can one be appreciative, if one is not even grateful for what he/she has to appreciate?”

As the front man of a multimillion-dollar company, Bismark believes that corporate social responsibility (CSR) cannot be limited merely to providing resources to the indigent or mitigating the negative impacts, if any, of their business operations on the communities they operate in.

It is the mindset of “social responsibility” that matters, he said.

Funny thing is, Bismark and his company are already into social initiatives even without them knowing that there is an existing term for that.

“We don’t want to be seen by other people as a company who is just there to help a few people and pose in front of the camera, get the photo published and declare we are a socially sensitive company.”

The Singapore-based executive never liked the idea of getting attention in order for people to notice them. But he was advised that it’s a good move for the company to do more initiatives in the future.

Bismark said that Qi’s foundation is very active in helping communities in different parts of the world including his native country, the Philippines.

After the onslaught of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, a dedicated group of company employees extended their help. According to him, the foundation partners with local organizations in the country to carry out their projects.

Bizmark pointed out that respect for all living entities and the absence of a mentality of exploitation is the key.

“The social structure that we operate in is not confined to just people and communities. We share the earth with other nonhuman life forms and we must be mindful of the effects of our actions on them,” he said.

Bismark argued it has been proven that practice of nonvegetarianism contributes toward an unsustainable strain on our ecology and resources. “How then can we claim to be environmentally conscious, yet practice nonvegetarianism at the same time?”

He lamented that an organization must attempt to see beyond the “dollar value” of its CSR activities and focus on the micro impact.

“In my opinion, an understanding and appreciation of the broader issues that concern the societies we live in, would be the first step for organizations toward better corporate citizenship,” he pointed out.

Going back

ALTHOUGH he is based in Singapore where he mainly oversees the company’s business operations, settling in his own native land will always be an option for him and for his family.

As the founding director of the Qi Group, he has the tall task of managing the company operating diverse business lines ranging from e-commerce, direct marketing, property development, telecommunications, lifestyle and leisure in nearly 180 countries.

Given this responsibility, Bismark still flies to the country quite often together with his family as he proudly describes Philippines as a country that has very dynamic combination of talented, diligent people and abundant natural resources.

With the two mentioned assets, he argued that the country lacks the optimum management of these two, which is a key to any economic growth.

“In the coming years, political intent, public will and an attitude of accountability are what will make the tell-tale difference between the Philippines emerging as a powerhouse in Asia or struggling to play catch-up with its counterparts,” Bismark said.

Best Regards,

Rajesh Rao
Public Relations Manager
Office of the Group Managing Director

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Donna Imson – lots of real talent

Time is always going to change. It is up to us how we mould our self to face the change and make our self best in what we do.

Donna Imson started her career in a very young age and was determined to be successful in MLM business. She gave herself time in MLM business and as time passed, she specialized her skills to motivate all the IRS. The motivation has helped the IRS to perform better in the MLM business.

She joined The V in 1998, as a V Partner and from then has evolved with the company and today plays various strong and senior management roles in the QI group.

Her main motive is to help the team {IRS} to change, grow and develop them to perform better and efficiently in MLM business.

Attending her training sessions has helped various people to improve their performance in network marketing, as she has actually helped people to transform from within which have helped them to get success.

Network marketing demands the person to be hard working and have patience to be successful. Patience along with confidence is the key which will lead to success.

Donna Imson is a live example, for those who want to make the best out of network marketing, as she has made the best of her career in network marketing.


Donna Imson has had a peaceful and decent life, and has made efforts to give the best education to her three kids as she is a single parent for them.

She choose network marketing as a career, because she wanted to work for herself as an entrepreneur and at the same time her kids were her priority.

Her dedication and commitment has made her from a common woman to an uncommon woman.

She is also the Trustee for RYTHM Foundation, QuestNet’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, where she pursues her tireless passion for philanthropy.

Examples of her most recent and kind initiatives included, participation in World Vision’s Sponsorship Program, monetary donation to help several autistic children in Hong Kong and giving aid to victims of Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines, where Donna herself personally helped with the distribution.

She is surely a woman with lots of real talent and a real human being with great values.

QNET biodisc is made up of 13 natural minerals

With increasing pressures in one’s life and stress levels rising constantly, it isn’t surprising to find a lot of people complaining of weakness, poor health etc. This needs to be addressed since health is one of the most important things that one needs to look into. If one doesn’t have good health, all the money seems to be immaterial. QNET realized this and came up with a unique concept to make sure that people do not complain of poor health, fatigue etc. In this light, after a lot of research, they came up with the novel idea of presenting the market with QNET biodisc. This is a great product and is loved by all those who use it. There are a number of people who question its credibility and want to know if it really lives up to its promise but in reality nobody for that matter can deny the benefits of this amazing product.

QNET biodisc is made up of thirteen natural minerals that is combined and held together in a cylindrical glass figure with the help of heat fusion. This product is extremely beneficial and has helped all those who have used this in numerous ways. It helps in maintaining the energy levels of the body throughout the day by repelling the negative frequencies from television, computer, microwaves etc. It also is beneficial in detoxifying the body and betters the immune system.

If the drink the bio-energized water from QNET biodisc, it helps in having a fresh and youthful skin that glows. This is a product that nourishes, cleanses and protects the body with the help of solar energy. Apart from all these benefits, QNET biodisc provides monetary gains as well. This is because QNET has some amazing plans of earning fast income to those who do not wish to invest too much of time or efforts in anything and yet earn a good return. There are a number of people who have used this product and have seen a marked difference in their lives. It is one if the best products that the market has seen and one should definitely make use of it.


QNET biosilver has antibacterial properties

Health is one of the most important factors in an individual’s life. It is extremely essential to have a good, healthy lifestyle which is free of germs and diseases. In earlier times, this was not uncommon since every individual led a healthy lifestyle and chances of falling ill were less. Also, due to pollution free environment, it wasn’t surprising to see a lot of people staying fit even in their old age. However, times have changed drastically and it isn’t surprising to see a large number of people falling preys to different germs and diseases and a need to combat the same was strongly seen. QNET took notice of this and came up with one of the best products known as QNET biosilver.

QNET biosilver is the best product that QNET has come up with and this was made after careful research and detailed study by experts. The experts conducted various tests and understood the antibacterial property of silver and made effective use of this property in this product. This is a product that is made with the help of the silver sol property and this is extremely helpful and beneficial to all those who are using this effective product.

QNET biosilver is one product that cleanses the skin thoroughly and completely while ensuring that the skin doesn’t dry up. The nature of this product is to make sure that your hands are completely clean so that you transfer no germs and diseases and you attract none too. This is highly beneficial in times when people are getting prone to different types of illnesses by something as trivial as a handshake.

QNET biosilveris a product that is alcohol free, is gentle and calm on the skin and yet is thoroughly effective, has antibacterial properties and is extremely good for one’s skin. It is not hard and its mild quality makes it usable for those with any skin type. A large number of people across the globe, in over twenty two nations have made good use of this product and the results are beneficial. All those who have used this product have become loyalists and urge a lot many people to use the same product as well.

Vijay eswaran is an eminent speaker

The year 1988 saw the birth of one of the largest conglomerate in the world that is the QNET. Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of this multimillion dollar conglomerate which has spread across the globe. This e-commerce company offers a diverse range of products to their clientele ranging from corporate investment, technology, education and training, wellness, luxury items, watches, telecommunication, leisure, travel and retail.

Vijay Eswaran is a humble and down to earth individual and by putting in a lot of efforts and hard work, he has helped QNET reach the dizzying heights of success it sees today. MLM business has benefitted not just QNET as a company but also a number of other people who got employed, became independent, and raised their standard of living.

Vijay Eswaran ensures that those associated to him also grow while the company grows. To make this possible, he arranges for special training sessions. These sessions help the IRS to know how they can perform better than they already are. He also gets people who have benefitted from MLM businesses in these sessions. This is really beneficial as people learn from the mistakes that others commit and use the tips that they provide to grow themselves.

Vijay Eswaran has created a mark not just as an entrepreneur but is also an extremely renowned writer and speaker. He is known to speak on a wide range of subjects which are as diverse as business and spirituality when he had visited different universities across the globe or has been invited to address a group in different countries. As a speaker, he has addressed a number of huge events too, all of which have been definite successes.

For those who idolize him or are simply interested to know the man behind the big scene, he has penned a book known as “in the sphere of silence”. This book talks about his philosophy and principles which he follows to lead his life. Another book is “in the thinking zone” which compiles his reflections in quotations and this is basically meant to assist the readers to develop a positive attitude while dealing with different situations on a daily basis.