Cricket wiz is QNet product ambassador

SINGAPORE, Sept 30, 2010: Cricket spin wizard, Muttiah Muralidaran, has been appointed product ambassador for QNet, the global direct selling company.


The three-year appointment is the first upon his retirement from Test cricket, on July 22 2010, after making history as the first bowler to take 800 test wickets with the last ball of his career, resulting in Sri Lanka beating India.


“My fitness has always been my secret to playing good cricket. But I discovered that there are wonderful products that could be used to enhance our natural energies. I got hooked when I discovered the QNet range of energy products. And as I began to use each one, I discovered that my energy levels actually improved, so I am more than happy to endorse their products,” he said.


Although Muralidaran declined to reveal the value of the deal, he said it involved endorsing “all the exclusive products distributed by QNet, particularly their wellness and energy range.”


QNet Regional Director for Singapore, Zaheer Merchant, said the company had a significant presence in the region through offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. But the Island State was chosen as the venue to make the global announcement of Muralidaran’s appointment as it is an active cricket playing nation.


“Our national cricket team has been an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1974, and has played in every ICC World Cup qualifier, except in 1995 and 2005.”


“Singaporeis also the regional headquarters for QNet’s travel and lifestyle division, under which our wellness and energy products are categorized. So it is fitting that we announce his appointment here,” he said.


Merchant added, “Murali fits perfectly with our core values which are Service, Teamwork, Integrity and being Results Oriented. Hence, there is a clear synergy between our corporate values and all that Murali stands for.”


Muralidaran’s commitment to his game, goal-oriented focus, resilience, integrity, and ability to smile in the face of adversity are traits that inspired QNet to appoint him as its product ambassador.


Earlier, Merchant also presented a cheque for S$10,000 to SCA president, Imran Hamid Khwaja.


“We will use the money to help fund the training of young cricketers. Muralidaran has inspired a generation of cricketers and we hope one day to have Singaporeans who can meet or even exceed his achievements,” Imran said.





About QNet


QNet is a dynamic wellness and lifestyle company designed to enrich the lives of its customers worldwide through an exclusive product portfolio and a unique business opportunity.

Through innovative lifestyle brands that engender high brand loyalty and satisfaction, combined with local, on-ground support and services, QNet has established itself as a global direct selling company with a strong Asian heritage. By offering a proven ecommerce business opportunity to promote the company’s products and services, QNet represents the potential for additional or sole income for business entrepreneurs.

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QNET biodisc is made of thirteen natural minerals

With the pressures to do exceedingly well in everything that you do, it isn’t surprising to find people leading an extremely hectic life with pressures mounting constantly. We can commonly see people today who complain of fatigue, weakness, poor health etc. All this needs to be checked so that one leads a healthy and fitful life. This problem was understood by QNET and they sought to provide relief to the masses. For this, they conducted extensive research programs and after a lot of efforts came up with the unique and novel product known as QNET biodisc.

QNET biodisc is a product that is made up of thirteen natural minerals, all of which are held today by scalar energy in a round circular disc. The scalar energy can convert it to any liquid form, particularly water. A number of people doubt if this product is as good as it sounds but there are no two ways about this whatsoever.

QNET biodisc helps in maintaining and upholding the energy levels in one’s body by combating the negative energy that one absorbs from television sets, computers, microwaves and a lot of other such goods and commodities. This helps people as they do not feel that stress any more since the negative energy that causes the low phase in one’s life is effectively combated.

QNET biodisc is extremely beneficial since the energized water has a lot of power. Those who drink this power not only feel energetic throughout the day but are also benefitted with fresh and youthful skin that glows. Every individual wants glowing and beautiful skin and this definitely helps in getting the same. It largely helps the immune system and detoxifies the body completely proving to be extremely beneficial. This product has no side effects at all and this energized water can be consumed by pregnant women as well.

QNET biodisc is one of the best products that can be used today. All those who have used it are extremely satisfied with the results and are urging others to try it too. It nourishes your body in a holistic manner and checks problems like that of diabetes too.

Donna Marie glen imson is highly experienced

The world of MLM marketing saw a new entrant in the form of Donna Marie Glen Imson in the year 1993. She later started working with QNET, a marketing network company spread across the globe in the year 1998. She is the founding member of this conglomerate which dabbles in a plethora of sectors ranging from wellness to luxury.

Donna Marie Glen Imson has greatly contributed to the success of QNET which today is spread in over 22 countries across the globe. She is the motivational force behind the IRS. The training session she conducts are highly motivating and transforms people completely enabling them to develop the right attitude and aim for success in the MLM business.

Donna Marie Glen Imson has a lot of experience on her side and this motivates the IRS too. She shares her experience with the IRS telling them how she attended only presentations for the initial three months. She explains that these seminars upped her confidence and convinced her that she could convince her future and potential prospects. These sessions are highly interactive and all those present in the seminars can share their experience, the mistakes they committed so that others learn from it and do not commit the same again.

Donna Marie Glen Imson has overcome every obstacle in her way and has emerged as a true winner. She has raised all three kids of hers on her own and carved a niche for herself in her professional life too. She has thus maintained a perfect balance between her personal and professional life.

Donna Marie Glen Imson is an experienced and renowned speaker and trains others too. She has become a role model for a number of women who wanted to strike a chord between their personal and professional life. A number of women entrepreneurs cite her name as that of their role model. She makes herself accessible to those who need her assistance, advice or tips to become successful entrepreneurs through the developing arm of QNET. Donna Marie Glen Imson is a highly successful woman but is extremely humble and down to earth.  These traits truly make her an entrepreneur in the true sense.

Joseph bismark is a dynamic and efficient leader

The year 2008 was a definite turning point in the history of the QI group of companies which was launched a decade prior to this. It was in this year that the dynamic and efficient Joseph Bismark was elected as the GMD of this vast business group and he has helped to up the position of the company and brought about dramatic changes which have surely set a high standard for the company in the eyes of customers and business associates.

He is truly a man of substance, a visionary thinker, a great GMD and a desired team member everyone would love to work with.  He believes that anyone can do extraordinary things if they utilize the potential within them to the maximum. His leadership skills are said to be as dynamic and unique as the person himself and this has led to him being the sole factor for the growth and rise of this conglomerate in twenty two different nations. He believes that he is good and powerful but only with his team. Without them he claims to be nothing.

It is his sheer dedication and flawless character which is highly spoken about in the business circles across the globe. Joseph bismark is an individual who seems to have his values set right and who knows that it is the spiritual aspect of your which will truly bring solace to you and help you grow as an individual. He believes that your monetary gains are nothing but superficial and you shall keep seeing high’s and facing low’s but it is your spiritual side which keeps you grounded and helps in your personal growth.

For those who wish to take inspiration from the legendary joseph bismark and add value to their life by following his footsteps, you can follow his blog “gems of wisdom” or grab a copy of the book by the same name. His blog is a platform for all those who look up to him to share their views and ideas with him or simply know joseph bismark more as a person.