Joseph bismark is a man of substance

There are a number of MLM’s that are present in the industry today. But one company that was launched a decade ago and has reached dizzying heights of success is QNET. This is because of able and effective leadership, united vision and the will to do something among those who started the company. The employees have also worked endlessly and tirelessly to fulfill the dreams of their employers and to be a part of a company that is known to be the best over across twenty two nations around the globe. One man who has ensured that QNET reach the notable stand that it is on today is Joseph Bismark. He is one man who has worked continuously for the betterment of the company on a whole without worrying too much about personal profits.

Joseph Bismark is a firm believer in group work and he is of the opinion that if any individual is channelized in the right direction and is allowed to spread his wings then even the commonest of people can do extraordinary things. His humility and dynamic nature makes people feel proud of working with him and they do so without any issues. He is a part of their team while working and lends a patient ear to all the ideas put forward and then along with the group’s consensus chooses the best of it.

Joseph Bismark has a strong spiritual side as well that keeps him grounded and helps him see things with a wider perspective. He understands that material pleasures will fade away after some time and it is only the inner peace and satisfaction that one has which will stay. His humility and down to earth attitude is what endears him to friends, family, colleagues and workers alike. He is an inspiration to many and a number of people want to lead their lives the way he does his.

Joseph Bismark is a man of substance and all those who wish to know a little more about this man can do so by following his blog titled gems of wisdom. This gives an opportunity to people to talk to him, share thoughts and ideas and understand his view of life.


QNET biosilver is extremely useful

There was once a time when everything was pollution free and there was no risk of contracting germs and diseases. However, this is not the case any longer and there are a lot of germs and viruses that affects individuals due to the rapidly rising pollution. These days, a general handshake can be a cause of worry for most since it can be the carrier of various germs and diseases which one will unknowingly contract. This can be a major issue and ensuring that this doesn’t persist is extremely essential because if this does not happen it can be extremely disastrous in the long run. And this is something which nobody wants for sure. For this, QNET came up with an effective product that is truly beneficial and this is called QNET biosilver.

QNET biosilver is one of the best products that were made by this brand. It has been made after careful and extensive research by experts who know things right. Researchers and analysts carefully studied various things and realized the antibacterial properties of silver that can be extremely useful. This was a fact well known to our ancestors and these analysts made use of exactly this property in biosilver to benefit all. All those who have used this product have benefitted tremendously and all their complaints of poor and ill health have been quelled completely.

QNET biosilver is not just effective in ensuring that you do not catch any germs and viruses through any medium but also makes sure that you do not transfer the same to others either. This is extremely essential too since one shouldn’t transmit or catch virus that will be harmful in the long run. The best part about this product is that it is extremely mild and gentle on one’s skin and ensures that there is no harm done to the skin whatsoever. This is a quality that is loved by all those using this product since they do not have wrinkled up skin and gets the best youthful skin ever. QNET biosilver has antibacterial properties, is alcohol free and cleanses the skin and pores thoroughly and effectively.

Joseph bismark is an inspiration to many

Every organization needs a leader who is dynamic and thinks of the common good of the company and all those involved in it. A leader should be a visionary who can take the company forward and attain the zenith of success. QNET is a multinational conglomerate which is leading and is above all the MLM companies across the globe. They have established themselves and created a niche for themselves in over twenty two nations across the globe. All this has been possible since they have a strong leader whose main aim is to enable the company to achieve its best. This dynamic leader who has helped the company taste success in the last decade is none other than Joseph Bismark.

Joseph Bismark is the leader people love to work with. He believes strongly in team work and is of the opinion that without team work, one will not be able to achieve anything. He says that he is successful simply because he has a team of dedicated and hardworking people who understand his vision and work towards the common goal. He says that it is the ordinary people who achieve extraordinary feet when they are given the space to let their creativity flow.

Apart from being one of the most renowned faces in the business sector Joseph Bismark is also known for qualities that enhance him as an individual. His character and humility make up his personality. He is completely humble and down to earth for someone who is leading one of the most famous companies across the globe. He understands that it is growing internally and doing so beautifully that is essential. Having materialistic goods is not enough as that might go away.  One has to be grateful for all that they ever had, have and will continue to do so to live a fulfilling life.

Joseph Bismark has a spiritual side as well and follows spirituality closely. He is a source of inspiration to many due to the amazing personality that he is. He writes a blog called gems of wisdom which is a platform for people to discuss things with him, share thoughts and opinions etc.

Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list


Kuala Lumpur, June 25, 2011: Malaysian entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of the QI Group Vijay Eswaran features among the top 48 philanthropists in Forbes Asia‘s annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy in the region. The list features some of Asia-Pacific’s most high-profile and interesting givers to society. Four philanthropists were picked from each of the 12 markets in the region. Vijay Eswaran features as one of the four from Malaysia along side Vincent Tan, Koon Yew Yin and the husband & wife team of Angela &HijjasKasturi.

Vijay Eswaran, who comes from a family of philanthropists, has been deeply involved in a number of charitable projects worldwide through his two foundations – RYTHM Foundation and its Malaysian chapter Vijayaratnam Foundation. While RYTHM Foundation, registered in Hong Kong has been involved in various initiatives globally in the areas of education, disaster relief, children and community development, its Malaysian Chapter, Vijayaratnam Foundation that Vijay Eswaran established in honour of his father is involved in youth and women empowerment, arts & culture, child mentoring and environment protection projects in Malaysia.


RYTHM Foundation has been involved in rehabilitation projects for some of the most devastating natural disasters in recent times such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, the Central Java earthquake in Indonesia in 2006, the Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines in 2010 and most recently the floods in coastal Sri Lanka. Vijayaratnam Foundation is most well known for its projects Footprints, a mentoring program for children in orphanages, Maharani, a series of educational & empowerment camps focused on adolescent girls from under privileged backgrounds and Taarana, a centre for children with learning disabilities.


“ I am deeply humbled by this honour. I come from a family where philanthropy has been a way of life. My parents have instilled in me the value of being in service to others from a young age. And one of my icons is Mahatma Gandhi whose teachings form the basis of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, which led to the inception of the RYTHM Foundation.


The Foundation was conceived not to primarily be a donor or a charity, but instead to be a catalyst to innovate, inspire and implement new synergies that would allow people to stand on their own feet as opposed to looking for aid. Which is why we focus on the time and effort we are able to give people in need, as opposed to the size of the cheque.  This honour is ultimately a recognition of 13 years of being in RYTHM.”  Says Vijay Eswaran on being chosen as one of the 48 Heroes.


“Some are big tycoons, even billionaires, who have a large vision of how best to help society and have donated millions of dollars to back up that vision. Others are little-known citizens who are extremely generous with their limited funds,” said Forbes Asia Senior Editor John Koppisch.


He said the magazine’s goal is not to rank the biggest givers by dollar amounts or percentage of assets, as those figures would be impossible to collect. “Instead, the aim is to call attention to a mix of notable people and causes throughout the region and to encourage more giving,” he added.

Vijay Eswaran in Philanthropy Heroes list


About Vijay Eswaran

Dr.VijayEswaran, the Executive Chairman of the multinational conglomerate, QI Group of Companies, is a successful entrepreneur, a bestselling author, well-known speaker and committed philanthropist. He is the author of the highly successful book In the Sphere of Silence, translated into 6 languages and three other books on life management – In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones and On the Wings of Thought.


A highly respected motivational speaker, Dr. Vijay Eswaran lectures around the world on a variety of subjects ranging from spirituality to business at leading universities, management and business leadership forums. Most recently he was a panelist at the WEF’s East Asia Summit in Jakarta and the Commonwealth Business Forum of the CHOGM in Trinidad & Tobago.


In late 2006, he was conferred with the honorary title ‘Dato’ by His Royal Highness The Sultan of Pahang in Malaysia and is hence known as Dato’ Vijay Eswaran in Malaysia. He is the recipient of the International Excellence in Business award from GOPIO (Global Organisation for People of Indian Origin) and was conferred with an honorary doctorate in management by SMC University in Switzerland.

Vijay Eswaran is an idol for anyone who wants to be a business man

Finding people who have the quality to turn ordinary circumstances into extraordinary events is not something that happens every day. There are a number of people who will follow set examples but those who set an example are rare. One man who has made the country proud by setting an example for millions of people worldwide is Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam. He is not just a celebrated entrepreneur but an orator of immense skill as well. Those who hear him speak remember it for a long time, sometimes for months together. It is this quality that has enabled him to rise to power and set an example that millions on people love to follow.

Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam is the founder of the QNET group and the chain of QI industries. This is a business that was established a decade ago and today is one of the largest businesses across the globe with a strong positioning in over twenty two nations across the globe. This group of industry dabbles in a variety of sectors that include wellness, health, retail, telecom, education, watches, luxury products, technology, corporate investment, training etc. All that you can ever require is produced by this company and they are known to provide the people with nothing but the very best.

Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam has become a figure who has not only established a multinational conglomerate but he is also an individual who fuels the growth of those who work with him. He has been a source of inspiration to many and keeping him as an idol, a large number of people have had the belief in themselves to start out on their own and have gone ahead to make successful business entrepreneurs of themselves.

Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam is an individual with the main motive of providing the best for himself and those who work with him while contributing largely to the progress and development of the nation. His hard work and effort has ensured that he creates a place for himself in the hearts of millions worldwide. He has created a number of employment opportunities and this has been extremely beneficial to a large number of people.

Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam is an inspiration to many

Not every individual turns ordinary situations and events around and makes them extraordinary. It takes passion, perseverance, guts and the courage to do so. Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam is one such man who with sheer dedication and a vision to make something out of himself established himself and created a niche for himself not just in India but in over twenty two nations across the globe. He is known to be one of the most prominent faces in the field of business entrepreneurs and is celebrated as someone who thinks differently and comes up with novel and unique ideas. His words are said to be extremely powerful and is said to impact all those who hear it tremendously.

Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam completed his education and worked in a couple of companies to understand the finer nuances of branching out and setting up your own company. He always wanted to establish something on his own and he thought that understanding how things work is essential before starting up on his own. Once he got a grip of the same, he set up QNET that is one of the leading multinational conglomerates today and has established itself in over twenty two nations across the globe. It has carved a niche for itself in developed countries like the United States also among many others.

Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam started QNET, a multinational conglomerate and this has fast turned into a company that dabbles in a wide range of products. It offers a number of services and has given the market a couple of its best products. It has made its presence felt in various sectors like technology, fashion, retail, gifting, wellness, healthcare, luxury products, education, telecom, corporate investments, training etc. QNET is a known brand in every sector possible, you name it and you find QNET there.

Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam is a dynamic individual with a vision to not just grow individually but to empower others to grow as well. He has tasted success simply due to his dedication and hard work. He has provided a number of job opportunities to thousands of people, thus enabling them to stand on their own feet and has also helped people to set up their own business.

Donna marie imson is a dynamic leader

Carving a niche and breaking free of the stereotypes set by the society, Donna Marie imson set a new trend for women who wanted to make it big on their own and become entrepreneurs in their own right. She set a foot ahead and scaled milestones that proved to be extremely beneficial for women who wanted to break free and create space and stand up for themselves. She was struggling and trying to raise three kids single handedly when she decided to simply pursue her career in network marketing in the year 1993.

Donna Marie Imson is a dynamic entrepreneur and has set high standards for a number of women entrepreneurs. She has a number of skills and these stand out and add to her qualities. She is known to be a great public speaker, an amazing organizer, an excellent trainer, a role model for a number of women across the globe and someone who knows what she wants in the future and has her agenda well planned.

Donna Marie Imson is a self made woman and it is only sheer dedication and determination that has helped her to reach dizzying heights of success.  It is never die spirit that has enabled her to get such a high position in one of the biggest MLM’s in the world today. She has reached the position she is in by understanding the finer nuances of this business. For this she did nothing but went through various presentations that helped her to have a better perspective and enabled her to have a strong foothold later.

Donna Marie Imson is a philanthropist as well and has founded organizations like RYTHM and is extremely passionate about her work and contributions for the betterment of the society too. She is dedicated, focused and is concerned not just about her own growth but understands the need to contribute and make a difference to the society at large as well.

Donna Marie Imson has worked hard to achieve the position that she has today and her leadership qualities enable her to manage all those under her with ease and efficiency.