Vijay Eswaran is a hard working entrepreneur

Everyone has a misconception that entrepreneurs are born lucky and talented. But the fact is just the opposite. They have a dedication and passion towards whatever they do. They also don’t easily bow down before the challenges they meet in life. They overcome every obstacle they encounter. They also convert every challenging situation into a favorable situation. They are innovative and creative. Entrepreneurs who have become successful in life have one common mantra that is having passion for the goal. They may go to any lengths to achieve what they have dreamt of.

Vijay Eswaran is one such person who transforms every impediment into a positive situation. Vijay is famously known as the executive chairman of QI Group of companies. He founded this company in the year 1998. QI Group of companies is an e commerce company which has its base on business conglomerate. QI Group is such a vast conglomerate that it has its presence felt in many sectors. Some of them are luxury products, telecommunications, education, technology, watches, wellness, investment, retail, travel and leisure. With so many horizons, Vijay has proved that it is not impossible to have your hands in so many fields at once.

Eswaran is a very dedicated man. He along with his team has overcome all the difficulties that the company faced. He has structured a hard working IRS team which is very well know for the quality products that they make and the efficient service that they provide. This philosophy is adhered to so that all the customers experience satisfaction through their service and never return angry or dissatisfied.

Not only this, Vijay Eswaran and his team also provide training to new and upcoming entrepreneurs. They encourage these new entrepreneurs and help them establish themselves. They provide them with excellent training, capital and resources. Also as the time has gone by many people have joined their group and many people have established their own successful businesses. His company today is the world’s biggest MLM business marketing company today. His excellent foresight and planning capacity help him achieve more laurels and more feathers on his cap.


Joseph Bismark is a dynamic individual

QNET has seen a huge change since Joseph Bismark has taken over the company as the group managing director. He has helped QNET reach dizzying height of success by working tirelessly and with the single vision of benefiting the organization and the people involved in it. With this noble thought, Bismark has come up with various methods that will benefit all those involved and even those who don’t at large. His focus, vision and efforts have changed the image of the company and have made it one of the leading multinational conglomerates today. It has not only picked up dramatic pace in India but has also established itself in over twenty two nations across the globe.

Joseph Bismark believes in team work and insists that if team work is put together and when people are allowed to show their creativity, every individual has the potential to do something extraordinary. His methods are as unique as the man himself is and he is an extremely dynamic leader people love to work with.

Joseph Bismark is a man not only known for his success in the business sector but is also someone known for his sheer humility and character. His values and principles are extremely high and he is completely grounded in spite of leading such a reputed and leading company. He understands that material goods can give satisfaction only for a while; it is nurturing your inner self that is extremely important so that you stay beautiful and contented within. This will help you be grateful for all that you’ve had in the past, all that you’ll have in the present and all that you’ll have in the future.

Joseph Bismark is actively involved in spirituality as well and is a source of inspiration not only to those working with him or under him but also to those who look up to him, friends, family etc. For all those who wish to know more about this legendary man and understand his thoughts and workings, then can simply visit his blog titled gems of wisdom. This is a platform that enables everyone to share their thoughts and opinions with him and also ask him anything that people want to.

Questnet Expanding In Home Care Products

Questnet is an international direct selling  and marketing company which has announced it would be launching its first home care product, which is the advanced water purifier and energizer called “HomePure” at  its biggest training and conference, which would be conducted at  Malaysia, V- Malaysia 2010.


Water on the earth’s surface easily gets contaminated due to continuous environmental and industrial pollution. Water pollution is a foremost problem in the global context. It has been noticed that it is the principal worldwide cause of deaths and diseases.


Questnet is having its presence in many developing companies where, access to clean drinking water would be difficult. But drinking clean water is necessary. So Questnet has come up with a HomePure, water purifier.


HomePure is a seven in one ultra filtration system, which helps to reduce dirt and bacteria with no condition of recontamination and demineralization. Home Pure makes sure that the water becomes safe, clean, odorless, energized and perfect for drinking.


HomePure, has an automatic seven-filter media Ultra filtration (UF) System, which collectively brings the seven filter stages, together into one single filter cartridge. This is an innovative filtration system that includes a sediment pre-filter which very effectively filters suspended solids such as rust residues, mud, sand larger than 5 pm (5/100 mm) an ultra filtration hollow fiber membrane, which assures removal of bacteria due to having a pore size ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 micron and an anti bacterial silver- lite stone, which helps to prevent the water from getting re-contaminated.


Performance test on the pollutant removal rate of the water filtration system was conducted by TUV SUD PSB, Singapore (Test report 719165835-CHM 10-EKH); KEWWI Sdn Bhd, Malaysia and more “one sample of water filter branded; Home Pure has been tested by SIRIM QAS International Sdn.Bhd. Sample of water after filtration was collected and has been tested for certain elements in twenty-fifth Schedule of food Regulations 1985.For details, please refer to Test report No.2010KL0408 dated 31st March 2010”.


HomePure is available along with the entire Questnet product range, for convenient purchase, by the company’s distributors, along with the general retail public through the company’s web site