QNet got success in its NSS

In the beginning of August, the company QNet started the “Network Seminar Series“ (NSS) in the entire Middle East. This series of events is supposed to give the IRs, as the QNet distribution partners are called, more security. Several times over the last few years, QNet made the headlines since the company looks back on unique successes that caught the interest of different governments in the Middle East. 

For example, QNet made more than half a billion U.S. dollars in sales in Iran alone. Several income millionaires come from the U.A.E. alone, but also in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman or Sudan QNet is currently growing faster than every other business. More than 6 million active IRs worldwide already belong to the network. They are being training through QNet’s partner company The V.
Up until now, QNet had mainly been operating in the Asian-Pacific region and in the MENA region. However, new markets are going to open shortly, among others Brazil and Japan. But with active operations in markets such as Turkey and Portugal, the company is also already targeting Europe. 

Despite many controversial debates, which first and foremost relate back to the general lack of knowledge in regards to network marketing, QNet is undisputedly the most successful company in the Middle East and still produces several income millionaires each year. A growing group of IRs worldwide is earning a seven digit monthly income. But making money is not everything and thus, Pathman Senathiraja, who, based on his position in the company The V, is out of all IRs only being referred to as “Chief“, has decided to offer a series of seminars to enable the best-possible education.

The kick-off of this series of seminars took place in the capital of the U.A.E., Abu Dhabi, where the company’s regional headquarters are located, as well. The “Indian Social Community“ was chosen as event location, and even here the place burst at the seams. Far over 1,000 people followed the invitation by QNet and The V.

Many new products were introduced to the guests and brief product training provided the attendees with a good overview of the new versatile portfolio. Subsequently, the speech of one of the youngest V Partners (a special recognition for successful leaders) followed.

Adly Hassan Hamed shared his experiences in network marketing with the attendees. His brother made him aware of QNet, and in record time he built a team in Sudan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the U.A.E. and Congo. In addition to other speeches a special highlight followed in the end. V Partner and V Managing Director “Chief“ Pathman Senathiraja himself took the stage and spoke for close to 70 minutes about his very personal experiences with and within network marketing. In his very own way he thrilled the audience at the I.S.C. in Abu Dhabi. The ISS kick-off seminar ended with a photo shooting shortly before midnight.

Another highlight however was kept from the public’s eye. A very special interview followed after the official part was over. Michael Sander’s daughter, 11-year-old Felicitas Sander, conducted an interview with Pathman Senathiraja. Felicitas Sander is the youngest author in network marketing worldwide and for a few weeks has also been writing for the OBTAINER. “I would like to write a book on successful people before I turn 14. I can remember we didn’t have it that good when my sisters and I were smaller. But daddy always said that success doesn’t come overnight. I believe that other dads would have already given up for sure. But maybe it is also because we kids always believed in our parents. That is exactly what I want. That children have more faith in their parents and that adults don’t give up that easily. I myself would like to build a hotel in space one day. But there is still time for that. Now I would like to know how other successful people think, and I would like to show the world that network marketing is a way to really do a lot for one’s family“.

You can read more about the interview that Felicitas “Fee“Sander conducted with Pathman Senathiraja in issue 09/2010. One little spoiler in advance… “Chief“Pathman confessed: “I have never been this nervous about an interview before. An 11 year old girl who knows exactly what she wants, and who is already now studying success. I truly that…“