QNET bio disc is a unique product

With the hectic schedule that almost every other individual tries to cope up with, it is not surprising to find a number of people complaining of fatigue or say that they are worn out by the end of the day. It is the most common phenomenon one can come across in today’s times. To combat this QNET has designed a unique product, the QNET bio disc which is made up of thirteen natural minerals and has a circular shape. It maintains its structure since it is struck together with the properties of the heat merging methods. The scalar energy that it uses, can convert it to any form of liquid especially water. There are a number of people who doubt the credibility of this product but it truly is a unique one of sorts.

QNET bio disc combats the negative energy which the body is attracted to by means of cell phones, televisions, microwaves etc. and upholds the energy in your body to the maximum which helps you to remain charged even at the end of a hectic day. The immune system largely benefits from it since it helps in detoxifying your body. Purchasing a QNET bio disc has financial benefits too since you enjoy the binary scheme that QNET confirms too. According to this, if you spread the word about this product and two new people purchase this using your reference, you get commission from QNET. This, of course, is highly appealing to those who have the time and take efforts to invest a couple of hours to make quick money.

One can be completely thrilled with the result they get after drinking the bio energized water as it gives you a fresh and youthful look and helps you to stay energetic all day long. Your skin shall radiate and glow showing considerable difference. It has no side effects which enables pregnant women to consume this water too.

It is a great medium which helps you to take care of your body by cleansing and nourishing it in a holistic way. Stress levels and diabetes have also been effectively managed through this medium.

Cricket wiz is QNet product ambassador

SINGAPORE, Sept 30, 2010: Cricket spin wizard, Muttiah Muralidaran, has been appointed product ambassador for QNet, the global direct selling company.


The three-year appointment is the first upon his retirement from Test cricket, on July 22 2010, after making history as the first bowler to take 800 test wickets with the last ball of his career, resulting in Sri Lanka beating India.


“My fitness has always been my secret to playing good cricket. But I discovered that there are wonderful products that could be used to enhance our natural energies. I got hooked when I discovered the QNet range of energy products. And as I began to use each one, I discovered that my energy levels actually improved, so I am more than happy to endorse their products,” he said.


Although Muralidaran declined to reveal the value of the deal, he said it involved endorsing “all the exclusive products distributed by QNet, particularly their wellness and energy range.”


QNet Regional Director for Singapore, Zaheer Merchant, said the company had a significant presence in the region through offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. But the Island State was chosen as the venue to make the global announcement of Muralidaran’s appointment as it is an active cricket playing nation.


“Our national cricket team has been an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1974, and has played in every ICC World Cup qualifier, except in 1995 and 2005.”


“Singaporeis also the regional headquarters for QNet’s travel and lifestyle division, under which our wellness and energy products are categorized. So it is fitting that we announce his appointment here,” he said.


Merchant added, “Murali fits perfectly with our core values which are Service, Teamwork, Integrity and being Results Oriented. Hence, there is a clear synergy between our corporate values and all that Murali stands for.”


Muralidaran’s commitment to his game, goal-oriented focus, resilience, integrity, and ability to smile in the face of adversity are traits that inspired QNet to appoint him as its product ambassador.


Earlier, Merchant also presented a cheque for S$10,000 to SCA president, Imran Hamid Khwaja.


“We will use the money to help fund the training of young cricketers. Muralidaran has inspired a generation of cricketers and we hope one day to have Singaporeans who can meet or even exceed his achievements,” Imran said.





About QNet


QNet is a dynamic wellness and lifestyle company designed to enrich the lives of its customers worldwide through an exclusive product portfolio and a unique business opportunity.

Through innovative lifestyle brands that engender high brand loyalty and satisfaction, combined with local, on-ground support and services, QNet has established itself as a global direct selling company with a strong Asian heritage. By offering a proven ecommerce business opportunity to promote the company’s products and services, QNet represents the potential for additional or sole income for business entrepreneurs.

To learn more about QNet, visit www.qnet.net

Joseph Bismark has his own blog

The QI group was founded by Joseph Bismark almost ten years ago. He became the managing director of this multimillion dollar conglomerate which has its branches in over twenty two nations across the globe today. He is dynamic, competent and the driving force behind all his team workers. He believes that team spirit is what is highly essential to reach the zenith of success. He says that if people work together in a team, it brings out the best in them and even the most ordinary people can perform extraordinarily. He has advocated and built the conglomerate on this principle itself.

Joseph Bismark is a strong believer of team spirit and he says that those who actually want to take their company to great heights must work together in a team. He ensures that each team member gets equal credit and says that he is also as good as any other team member of his.

Joseph Bismark is truly a man worth everyone’s admiration. He is not just concerned about his individual growth but sees to it that his employees grow with him and the company. He has toiled hard to see the company reach its present position. He has put his heart in the project and treated it like his own child. His employees are encouraged by him in every possible way and he helps them see the larger goal and give their best shot to accelerate their excellence.

Joseph Bismark believes that materialistic gains and not sufficient and to fend for your soul, you need to have an active spiritual side too. This has ensured that he emerge as a strong personality and a number of his friends and relatives draw inspiration from this wonderful man.

He always sees the glass half full and if he ever faces an obstacle, he calmly ponders over it and reaches a conclusion that will benefit the company on a whole. Joseph Bismark has penned his own book known as the gems of wisdom. This book captures his personal growth and his approach towards life. This has provided inspiration to a large number of people who wish to mould their lives like his.